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Someone observing the new moon with a twinkle in their eye.

Minimalism, Moon, and a Mountain

Dear ,

Since June 1 is a new moon, I thought it was a good time to wax minimalistically.  After all, June is about breaks, letting go, and simplicity..at least I think it is, but there's a good chance I made that up. Here's my minimalistic poem, read by yours truly.

New moons are good for new beginnings. Where would one serve you?
What if you let this moon phase be about simplicity? [Just breathe.]
What if you let go of some of that multitasking? [Just say "one thing at a time."]
What if you sit and just listen to a song?  [turn up da volume]
Contemplate the world inside of a simple idea? [Make contemplating noises]

Speaking of being inside of space and simplicity, I accompanied my friend Caitlin to Disneyland on Friday for her birthday. I did it reluctantly - I just lost my mom a month or so ago and my life has been about the art of grief through napping. I didn't know how I'd go 6 hours straight without a retreat under the down... and THEN we rode Space Mountain.

I got to let go... to fully experience the absence of control and just be completely present -fascinated by the lights, the speed, the way your stomach feels when it's in your mouth. The exhilarating rock and roll music's bass guitar beats in your chest at the same rate as the heart.  It was the ultimate contrast of the last month's version of darkness, my sedenatry habits, and the usual routine. Fuel for creativity.

What's your lift-off?  Perhaps orbiting around a Jacaranda Tree, your art studio, a place you live close to and never visit? Here's a little pseudo-experience of Space Mountain... switch on a fan on so you can feel the breeze of riding through space with the top down! Fast forward to 3:05 minutes.

This Thursday, June 4th 5 pm PT, 6 MT, 7 CT, 9 ET
This month's Free Creativity Coaching Call is about Mind Expansion. This is Anti-aging Potion #3 from The Awe-manac will be presented in experiential form - how can you keep your mind fluent in ideas, creativity, and youth?
 I'll also do a short creativity coaching session with someone on the call and talk a bit about the upcoming training. You must be present to be present.
Please join me. Sign up Here.

Rolling around the universe at the speed of smell,
Jill Badonsky



Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training Coming Up

The next Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training runs from
August 26 to November 12, 2009   

KMCC coaches have been trained and certified since January 2004. Come join us and experience a transformation in yourself and a new stream of joy and income. 

"Jill, you said right at the beginning of the course that we would not be the same people when this course was finished...That it wasn't possible.  I have to admit that I took that pretty lightly.  But the truth is that you were right.
  I've read dozens upon dozens of books, given my heart and soul to everyone around me...and through all of this I never really "got it".  I did get some of it...but I was missing a very important part.  That is until now.
So you were right...I am not the same person... There is a real "I" in I now.  If that makes any sense.
You know it has everything in the doing and doing in a small way.
You can "get" something intellectually and that's great but until there is practice, that intellectual understanding doesn't mean very much.
Thank you Jill"

The KMCC training takes place through teleconferences and active involvement in a rich, Internet community, observations of coaching sessions with Jill, and enjoyable, practice coaching with classmates.  You will bond with your own tribe and are supported in a personalized way by Jill Badonsky to discover a new level of your creative self as well as experience the 10 tools that have helped thousands unlock a creative life. Taught by Jill Badonsky with UCLA psycologist, Robert Maurer. More information both here and here and if that's not enough, consult your intuition.

 A  testimonial for KMCC from Chris Dunmire, the creative genius behind the Creativity-Portal.

Congratulations to the KMCC winter 09 class for making it through!
Congratulations to Susan Lee-Pullen and Elizabeth Humphrey for passing your certification requirements!
To be matched up with a KMCC coach email me at jillbadonsky@hotmail.com.

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ants in a fancy hang-out


Consider the big lessons that can be learned in the quick reframing of small thoughts.

Small Thought: I love hibiscus flowers, but there's always ants inside of them.
Refreshed Browser: Ants seem to know the best hang-outs.

Small Thought: Roses are pretty, but the thorns are bothersome.
Refreshed Browser: Isn't it great how thorns have roses?

Try a few yourself.

Make an acronym or acrostic out of the word Simple or Simplicity or Minimal. Send me what you come up with: info@themuseisin.com

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the artist, KMCC coach, writer, Riva

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach Spotlight: Riva Weinstein

Riva Weinstein’s Magic Medicine™ coaching, workshops, blog and book inspire creative journeys of expansive joy without judgment. She is an artist, writer, workshop leader and Kaizen Muse coach who believes that creativity is like the shaman’s journey to alternate realities for healing. Riva creates a safe nurturing environment to explore our creative depths with child-like delight - open hearted, and wide eyed with wonder. She is an annual artist in residence at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.



Visit Riva's Magic Medicine here

Mambo, The Medicine Cat


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Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog (this happens to me every now and then)

 Another example of how music keeps you young - find a partner

A Swan Lake like you’ve never seen it before - don't try this at home

We don’t just have to be sheep! - but you can draw one

Susan Vreeland’s Speech at the San Diego Book Awards - tears

The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder won best book in the Inspirational and Self-Help Category at the San Diego Book Awards! yay me.

I had a reading with this incredibly talented psychic. She reads over the phone, contact her if you'd like a new experience: Sharon Renae: www.sharonrenae.com

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Minimalism, Moon, and a Mountain

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training Coming Up


Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach Spotlight: Riva Weinstein


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Making a print
How I Became a Minimalist Painter
How I became a Minimalist Painter by Jill Badonsky

…and then for motivation, I reviewed the landscapes, abstracts, architectural renderings, intricately detailed surrealisms, the portraits I'd done in the past
I considered my vacillating moods, the meaning of line, dark, shadow, negative space, hue, perspective, value and intensity.

I turned off the TV, ignored, the mess in my car and my refrigerator, plucked my chin hairs, removed cat hair from my blacks, dawned my hat, and made that way Mercury slipped out of retrograde.

I prepared my brushes, my cloths, the canvas, the light, the music, the subject and the sketches…I cleared my calendar for the next week, cancelled my GYN appointment.

And just as I got ready to execute another masterpiece for my portfolio, my cat stepped into the cadmium blue and then onto the corner of my canvas…
I am the one who is odd
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