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January 15, 2010 Volume # 5  Issue # 3

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Since arriving on Delta Groove The Hollywood Blue Flames have been hailed as the true torch bearers of classic blues in the modern age. Their unyielding and steadfast dedication to the art form has set the benchmark standard by which all other musicians must strive towards in order to obtain mastery within the traditional blues genre. The band’s original inception dates back to the early 1970’s with the formation of the Hollywood Fats Band, led by the brilliant, first-rate guitarist Michael “Hollywood Fats” Mann. Their one and only album, the self-titled “Hollywood Fats Band” released on PBR Records in 1979, laid the blueprint for modern day era West Coast Blues and is widely considered a landmark album of the genre.
Following Fats’ premature death in 1986, the band laid dormant until the release of “Mr. Blake’s Blues” on Blue Collar Records in 1997. Released under the banner of Big Al Blake & The Hollywood Fats Band, the recording reunited all four surviving members of the Hollywood Fats Band including Al Blake, Fred Kaplan, Larry Taylor and Richard Innes, along with top-flight guitarists Kid Ramos and Junior Watson. Years later, upon hearing the young emerging guitar virtuoso Kirk “Eli” Fletcher, Blake rechristened the band as The Hollywood Blue Flames and incorporated the blossoming talents of this promising new guitarist. Their 2005 Delta Groove debut “Soul Sanctuary” received unanimous praise and earned a Blues Music Award nomination for Comeback Album of the Year. A sophomore release, “Road To Rio,” soon followed, surpassing critics and fan expectations alike as the band delivered another solid effort, only this time with the inclusion of a bonus disc containing previously unheard live performances of the original Hollywood Fats Band. The Hollywood Blue Flames were again recognized by another Blues Music Award nomination honoring them with Historical Album of the Year. “Road To Rio” also landed the #5 spot on Living Blues Magazine’s Top 50 Blues Recordings of 2006.
“Deep In America” follows true to the formula of the band’s previous two-disc set, “Road To Rio,” once again throwing open the vaults and treating fans to a virtual treasure trove of classic archival material obtained from two different eras of the band. Disc one gathers together a collection of recordings by The Hollywood Blue Flames featuring stellar support from guitarists Kirk Fletcher and Junior Watson, all drawn from various studio sessions over the years with previously unreleased material that includes outtakes, alternates and some newly recorded songs. Disc two contains more vintage live recordings taken from a variety of source materials by the original Hollywood Fats Band, showcasing the amazing talent of Hollywood Fats and the evolution the band was undergoing before his untimely death in 1986. “Deep In America” stands as a testament to the strength and power of a band whose music continues to burn ever so brightly after igniting that very first flame more than three decades ago.
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The Lord moves in mysterious ways.
When Canadian blues icon Jim Byrnes called Vancouver based gospel singer Marcus Mosely on the phone a few years ago to ask if he could round up a few friends to record some back up vocals for a new album, no one could have guessed what would happen next.
From the moment Mosely and his pals, Will Sanders and Ron Small stepped up to the microphone and began singing, they realized that they had something very special going on. When Byrnes dubbed the trio The Sojourners the name stuck and – as they say – the rest is history.
Formative years spent singing in the churches of Mosely, Small and Sander’s hometowns – Ralls, Texas, Chicago, Illinois and Alexandria, Louisiana respectively – give The Sojourners’ sound an authentic edge that only comes with experience. This is real gospel - blessed with a soul that can’t be faked.
While it wouldn’t exactly be right to call the Sojourners a new act – given that each member of the group has been in the music business for around fifty years - the sound, energy and commitment they conjure any time they get together would be the envy of singers half their ages.
Hot on the tail of their session with Byrnes, the Sojourners went into the studio with roots music whiz Steve Dawson to record Hold On, their first solo album in 2007. Two years and many sessions later, Mosely, Small and Sanders have taken all they’ve learned in between and returned to record a second CD simply entitled The Sojourners.
No longer the new kids on the block, the trio had definite ideas of how they wanted their follow up record to sound, and one listen through the songs they’ve captured here shows that they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.
Working again with Dawson as producer, The Sojourners have recreated a classic gospel sound this time around - replete with the warm tones of Mike Kalanj’s Hammond B 3 organ and Dawson’s dirty blues guitar. With Geoff Hicks and Keith Lowe returning on drums and bass, and a soaring cameo from Jesse Zubot on ‘By and By’, The Sojourners have found a band that keeps pace with the power of their vocals.
This is not music that strives to be polite. In the Sojourners’ universe, echoes of doo wop, R&B, country and blues weave together to create a unique sound that has all but vanished from today’s world.
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The difference between authentic intensity and just loud, fast music is sometimes lost in translation. There is no mistaking the real thing with Levee Town, however, who play bare wire blues and exuberant rock the way it was meant to be performed: As if their very souls depended on it. Their self-titled third release is a triumph of timeless songwriting in the classic styles with impassioned vocalizing and instrumental mastery of the highest order. Best of all, it sounds like the ultimate raucous house party guaranteed to disturb the neighbors and bring the cops!

Blues Foundation members Dar and Gerardo Lopez are trying to restart the legacy left behind by the late Don Cohen, a 2008 Keeping the Blues Alive Award recipient.
In an effort to keep the music scene active in South Florida and to keep the memory and legacy of Don Cohen's Riverwalk Blues And Music Festival, Blueatheart Productions and The Downtowner Saloon have joined forces to pull together the 21st Annual Riverwalk Blues and Music Festival.
"It will be more like a small bash with a great name," says Gerardo Lopez from Blueatheart Productions who urges people to collaborate on the recruiting of sponsorships and ad sales. "We cannot do this alone, we need everybody's help. This is not about making money but to keep a Florida tradition running. If anybody knew Don, they know there is no money to be made," says Lopez. “It is encouraging to see the support of the community, from the bands. The Downtowner Saloon is writing the checks to make it happen. Everything helps, from buying tickets online to putting business card ads in the program, it is a labor of love and we are all part of it!”
The RBMF is scheduled to happen February 12-14, 2010, at the back lot of the Downtowner Saloon with performances by:
Grammy Award Winner Sugar Blue Band
Blues Music Award Winner Otis Taylor
Blues Music Award Winner Nick Curran
Blues Music Award Nominee Albert Castiglia
International Blues Challenge Winner JP Soars and the Red Hots
Latin Grammy Nominee Spam All Stars
The RBMF is looking for Sponsorship and Ad sales people, volunteers, and stage hands. The line up is almost confirmed and should be announced Sunday at The Sunday Blues With Dar and on the website. Tickets are now on sale for $10.00 per day or $25.00 for a 3 Day Ticket, these will ship on Dec 15th 2009.
For more information please visit or email

Chicago Blues chose Blue Road’s “Live at Gabe’s Backstage Lounge” for Top 11 CDs of 2009.
What inspires a band to create their own amalgam of songs, style, and sound? Whether the top is down on the bluesmobile, you’re rockin’ and rollin’ on a Harley, or strutting soulfully on a warm summer’s day – you are probably on a “blue road” – American back-roads colored blue on the map. Blue Road’s music reminds you of all this and more…as they put the pedal to the metal with a modern twist on an old-school style.
Blue Road is ready to hit the road, and are now available for festivals and events in 2010.
The Chicago Tribune chose Blue Road's 2009 CD Release party as a "Must-See Show” of the week. The Chicago Sun Times calls vocalist Jimy Rogers "a bundle of dynamite." Veteran bluesman Gary Gand handles the six strings, driving the band with spicy leads and sweet slide guitar; soul sauce flows from Joan Gand’s classic Hammond B-3 style organ and barroom piano, R Kelly alumnus drummer Joel Treadwell cuts a mighty groove, and funk-master Steve Nevets adds tasty bass and vocals.
Blue Road played 50+ dates last year-regulars on the Chicago scene including the 2009 Chicago Blues Festival and on radio across the country, including Greg Easterling's “American Backroads”, Hambone's “Blues Party”, Blues City Radio, WGN’s Secret History of Chicago Music, and WLS with Dick Biondi. They appear in the new “Chicago Music Scene” book by Dean Milano.
Blues Blast Magazine says of Blue Road’s live CD: “I had better be using the cruise control because when listening to a CD like this one, I can’t control myself. You’ve been warned – don’t let your “Blue Road” trip get expensive by “exspeeding” the limit!”
Click on button to hear Blue Road perform "I'm Walkin"  

26th Annual International Blues Challenge
What: Blues acts from all over the world will descend on Memphis January20-23rd in the world's LARGEST gathering of Blues musicians for the 26th Annual International Blues Challenge (IBC), hosted by local Memphis business - The Blues Foundation.
 This collective of Blues acts represents an international search by The Blues Foundation and its Affiliated Organizations for the Blues Band and Solo/Duo Blues Act ready to take their act to the international stage.
Schedule Highlights:
The festivities kick off on Wed, Jan. 20th at 7:30pm with the FedEx International Showcase at the New Daisy Theater on Beale Street.
Seventeen blues acts from outside the United States will perform without interruption, alternating between band and solo/duo acts. (cost - $10 at door.) - see below
Thursday, Jan. 21st: 1:30-3:30pm Parents Roundtable called "My Kid is a Blues Musician! Help!" 1:30-3:30pm at the Doubletree's
DeSoto room.
Thursday, Jan. 21st: 4:00-6:00 pm Semi-Finals Begin at Beale Street Clubs.
($10 wristband allows access to all IBC venues and panels.)
Friday, Jan. 22nd: 10:00-11:30 am Youth Roundtable with Fernando Jones &, Cassie Taylor. Designed for age 25 and under.
Blues City on Beale
Friday, Jan. 22nd: 1:00-4:00 pm Smokin' Bluz Youth Showcases Beale Street Clubs
($15 wristband allows access to all IBC venues and panels for
full day.)
Friday, Jan. 22nd: 4:00-6:00 pm Semi-Finals Begin Beale Street Clubs

From the Blues Foundation -
The Blues Foundation could not put on events like the Blues Music Awards or the International Blues Challenge without volunteers! The Foundation needs plenty of hands to insure the success of these events. Our volunteers work hard to make sure that The Blues Foundation events are the best they can be. We work hard together as a team and have lots of fun. Our dedicated staff comes from all walks of life and from around the world. They range from Blues fans to industry insiders. Most of all, we help promote and preserve the Blues, while making life long friends.
If you would like to be a contributing force to the biggest Blues event in the history of the world, please complete the application here.
Thank you for your support of The Blues Foundation

FedEx International Showcase Lineup set for January 20
The lineup is set for the FedEx International Showcase set for Wednesday January 20 at 7:30pm at the New Daisy Theater on Beale Street. Seventeen blues acts from outside the United States will perform without interruption, alternating between band and solo/duo acts.
The lineup is: Blackburn, Canada; Philippe Menard, France; Nebo & the Downstrokes, Croatia; Georg Schroeter & Marc Breitfelder, Germany; Soulmate, India; Harrison Kennedy, Canada; Mandolin Brothers, Italy; Julian Fauth, Canada; The Twisters, Canada
Theriault-Viel, Quebec, Canada; Blues Machine, Poland; Alain Apaloo, Denmark; Scott McCord and the Bonafide Truth, Canada; Steve Innis & Bill Gunther, Australia; Mo' Blues, Argentina; Steve Grahn & Mattias Malm, Sweden; and the Latvian Blues Band, Latvia. 

Peter Karp and Sue Foley Collaborate on New CD and Tour
Blind Pig Records has announced the signing of U.S. singer/songwriter Peter Karp and Canadian Juno award winner Sue Foley for a joint recording project entitled “He Said – She Said.”
“He Said - She Said” is an inspired collaboration of original songs adapted from correspondence the two shared through letters written over a two year period. These letters started as a casual exchange between two committed performers sharing their common bond of the loneliness of the road, the pain of separation from family and home and above all, the drive to make music. But as time went on, the letters they shared became more poignant, more revealing, more intimate.   An account of the personal struggles and dramatic changes that were happening in their lives, they chronicle a crucial period of time of growth and struggle for them as artists and on a personal level.
Both artists had no idea and no intention at the time that the letters would become an album.  Creatively, the creation of the album was an organic process, as the two songwriters eventually came to recognize that their letters provided the basic material for a series of songs.  Blind Pig Records will release the “He Said - She Said” CD in March.
Karp and Foley have also developed a compelling “He Said – She Said” live performance based on the album.  The show features the interpersonal dynamic that formed the genesis and evolution of the recordings.  The songs represent a meeting of hearts and minds, an interplay of shared artistic purpose and spiritual kinship.
Whether they’re performing as an acoustic duo or with their electric band, the music encompasses elements of folk, jazz, flamenco, and blues, resulting in a show that is moving, literate, romantic, rocking and exciting.  Blues Revue magazine reviewed one of these shows, saying, “‘He Said - She Said’ is a unique, daring idea beautifully executed by two talented, inspired artists unafraid to express themselves in songs of hope, longing, emptiness, love and frustration. A masterpiece.”
HE: Peter Karp is a gifted American troubadour, a master songsmith with an art for spinning true-to-life emotions, humor, and candor. With an upbringing that was equal parts southern Alabama and the swamps of New Jersey, Karp’s music is fueled by the Yankee-Rebel juxtaposition. He established himself on the national scene as a critically acclaimed songwriter, an accomplished guitarist and pianist with the release of his Blind Pig release entitled “Shadows and Cracks.” On the road across the U.S. and Canada, Karp repeatedly transfixes his live audiences. Critics compare his songwriting to John Hiatt and John Prine with impressive guitar and slide licks infused by his love of Freddie King and Elmore James. Peter Karp personifies the amorphous Americana sound, seamlessly blending blues, folk and roots music with a high sense of entertainment.
SHE: Sue Foley is considered to be one of the finest blues/roots artists working today. Born to a working class family, Sue spent her early childhood moving from Canadian town to town with her mother. At 16 she embarked on her professional career. By 21 she was living in Austin TX and recording for legendary blues label Antone’s Records. Her first CD, “Young Girl Blues,” quickly established her unique talents as a blues guitarist and songwriter. Throughout the 90’s she took to the road with her paisley Telecaster and honed her craft working/sharing the stage with such artists as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Lucinda Williams and Tom Petty. After moving back to Canada, Sue won the prestigious Juno award for her critically acclaimed CD “Love Coming Down.”

The second annual Riverside CA Blues Festival & Bar-B-Q is coming up this next Sunday from 2 to 6pm. It is going to be a great show with Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers (including one or two saxaphone players), LiL 'A' & the Allnighters, and lots of special guest musicians.
The show is at the very cool and historic American Legion Hall built in the 1930s which sits alongside a beautiful lake in Riverside's oldest park, Fairmount Park. There will be classic cars (if you bring your classic you will get in for half price), BBQ, and lots of adult liquid refreshments (sorry, no kids allowed). There's seating for everyone so don't worry about buying advance tickets. Admission is $20.00 each. Just show up in your comfortable shoes and be ready to dance the afternoon away.
The first festival was last summer and aside from the extremely high heat, it was such a great time that everyone is still talking about it.
Fairmount Park
American Legion Hall - Post No. 79
7979 Dexter Dr.
Riverside, CA 92501
(951) 788-8635

Educator/musician T.J. Wheeler comes to  Jersey Shore
APP.COM -  TJ Wheeler learned to pick the blues directly from the masters of the genre. For more than 30 years, he's been expressing his gratitude by teaching a message of hope through the blues.  
 The New Hampshire-based guitarist and music educator will bring his acclaimed program to the Jersey Shore for four days, starting Friday, Jan. 15, to coincide with Martin Luther King Day celebrations.
"They asked me to help keep their music alive," said Wheeler of Delta bluesmen Furry Lewis and Bukka White, who showed their wide-eyed protege how to make the strings sing while Wheeler was living in Memphis in the '70s. "I figured the best way to do that was through school programs."
Today, Wheeler has presented his "Hope, Heroes and the Blues" program to more than 350,000 students in five continents. The program uses "the legacy of the blues as an entry point and window into African American realities, past and present," Wheeler said. The message is that "hope is kept alive by heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr. who overcame such obstacles as racism and poverty, and through blues music, a product of the hardest of all times."
Drawing on Wheeler's extensive knowledge of blues and jazz history, the program has been used to teach a variety of school subjects — from music to social studies to mathematics — and has garnered a slew of awards from various organizations recognizing its educational value.
Wheeler, 57 — who makes his living solely from music, aided by the occasional government grant — has been sharing his passion and acumen with Shore residents since the mid-2000s. For years, he has been a mainstay of educational programs for young musicians sponsored by the nonprofit Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation, which also presents an annual jazz and blues festival in which young people perform with Wheeler.
For this latest visit, Wheeler's itinerary will include stops at public libraries in Toms River and Point Pleasant, a retirement center in Lakewood, and the Monmouth County Correctional Institution, capped off by a Martin Luther King salute on Sunday, Jan. 17, at the Middletown Arts Center and a Martin Luther King Day celebration at Lakewood's Strand Theater on Monday, Jan. 18. Wheeler will receive musical backing from two former pupils who have emerged as musicians in their own right - Point Pleasant organist Matt Wade and Jackson drummer Brian Klammer.
Wheeler, who was born in Seattle but has lived in Hampton Falls, N.H., near Portsmouth, since the late 1980s, initially battled resistance from school officials in New England and even elders of the region's African American community to his efforts to present programs on blues music, because of its connotation of suffering. One highly ranking official with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People "told me we were trying to pull kids up from the blues; he didn't want to be reminded of bad times," Wheeler recalled of his effort years ago to bring his program to inner-city Boston-area schools. 
Wheeler, who is white, observes that "I'm in no position to judge other people whose footsteps I haven't walked in, so I understand," even though for him blues music is "a music of hope, not of crying in your beer." While "a lot of negative stereotypes about blues music" still exist today, the attitude is changing, said Wheeler, whose credentials as a performer include working with such big blues names as Big Joe Turner and sharing stages with B.B. King, Muddy Waters and John Hammond.
"People have started to realize in all communities that the blues had its place, not only in the foundation of musical history, but in the struggle for civil rights."
Wheeler's Middletown presentation on the eve of Martin Luther King Day, which is a co-production of the arts center and the jazz and blues foundation, will be "a message of hope for 2010" — and a "celebration of where we've been and where we're going. It's been a very hard year for many of us in the country," he said. "These are very scary times but it's still important to keep the message of hope alive."

This years January 2010 Deep Blues Film Festival is now an official event of the St Paul Winter Carnival. Please join us on Saturday January 23rd and Saturday January 30th for several great films and also a special live performances by some of the musicians featured in the films.
Saturday January 23rd - Films shown at the St Paul Eagles Club 287 Maria Ave St Paul MN
noon - Wayne County Rambling
2pm - Moments and Truths
3pm - The Hand Of Fatima
4:30pm - It Came From Detroit
6pm - The Folksinger
7:45pm - Can't Take It With You When You Die
Live Music - at the St Paul Eagles Club 287 Maria Ave St Paul MN
9pm - Teague Alexy (Moments and Truths)
10pm - Reverend Deadeye (Folksinger and Can't Take It With You)
11pm - Possessed By Paul James (Folksinger)
Saturday January 30th
Films - at the St Paul Eagles Club 287 Maria Ave St Paul MN
noon - NOT TBA - CEASE AND DESIST (7 hours of private collection)
Live Music - at Palmer's Bar 500 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis MN
9pm - Kenny Brown
11pm - Mark Porkchop Holder
They are requesting a $5 donation at the door. Reserved advance admission is available with a Deep Blues Festival Membership $20. You can also help support the festival by purchasing additional memberships for your friends or sponsoring a membership for a musician.
Click for more

FRIDAY - JANUARY 22nd - 8:00 pm
At the Reichhold Center at the University of the Virgin Islands
Curtis Salgado, Trampled Under Foot & Eden Brent
Tickets for the 1st Annual Johnnie Walker St. Thomas Blues Festival are now available at the following locations:
Reichhold Center Box Office
VI Bridal & Tuxedo - Tutu Park Mall
Home Again - Red Hook Plaza
Eccentric Shoe Boutique - Town
Urban Threadz - Buccaneer Mall @ Havensight
Connections - St. John
Please note that tickets are going quite fast so make sure you get yours.
For further information go to
or contact Steve Simon at or at 340-643-6475

Elvin Bishop Releases Benefit CD to help Little Smokey Smothers
.Elvin Bishop has released an album with his longtime friend and musical mentor, "Little Smokey" Smothers to help during a time of need. Smokey has had declining health over the last few years and recently has lost both his legs to diabetes. Elvin met Smokey in Chicago in 1960 while attending regular college at the University of Chicago and "blues college" on the south and west sides. Smokey would have a steady mostly local career in the Chicago blues scene, while Elvin would gain prominence, first with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and then as an artist in his own right. The CD is called "Chicago Blues Buddies" and is produced by blues kingpin Dick Shurman. It features both studio and live recordings as well as an interview with the blues buddies conducted at the Chicago Blues Festival. Elvin paid for this project and all revenues are going directly to Smokey. To purchase this CD click here.

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day With Blues Society Event In McLean
The D.C. Blues Society and other organizations commemorate the birth of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. with an event titled "Embrace the Dream: Exploring Our American Blues Heritage."
The festivities at McLean Community Center include the music of Michael Hill's Blues Mob and a barbecue buffet.
The keynote speaker is Ed Jackson Jr., executive architect of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Foundation, who will give an update on the memorial project. The master of ceremonies will be the Rev. Todd Brown, pastor of First Baptist Church of Chesterbrook in McLean.
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Canadian Blues legend Curley Bridges will kick off the 2010 Spring Blues Series at the Arts Centre, 163 Hurontario Street, Collingwood on January 21, doors open 6:30 music starts at 7 pm.
The series is an initiative of the Collingwood Jazz & Blues Society, sponsored in part by the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts.
The Arts Centre is an intimate venue perfectly suited to present these veteran artists who in addition to their music will relate some of their personal experiences, tall tales and war stories of life on the road in the blues world. Seating is limited.
Advance tickets $10.00 at the Crow’s Nest, 239 Hurontario Street, Collingwood or by calling 705-444-4449.   $15.00 at the door. 
Special pricing for Collingwood Jazz & Blues Society members. 
2010 Society memberships will be available at the concert.
The series continues with Wayne Buttery and blues harp sensation Roly Platt on February 18, Ross Neilsen on March 18, Bobby Dean Blackburn on April 15 and a special appearance by Michael Pickett on May 20.   More information –  or call 705-444-4449.

Jimi Hendrix Fans Have A New Experience In Store
The late musician's half-sister is overseeing the release of a 'new' album of previously unreleased material.
LATIMES - With the exception of James Dean, who made only three films, there might be no pop-culture icon who has done more with less than the late Jimi Hendrix. The ultimate guitar hero released just three studio albums before his death in 1970, but new generations of music fans keep plugging into his amplified legacy.
The volume of Hendrix's music is about to get turned up.
Today, the Hendrix estate and Sony Music Entertainment will announce the March 9 release of a "new" Hendrix album, "Valleys of Neptune," which will feature a dozen unreleased recordings.
The late star's sister, Janie Hendrix, calls the material a "major revelation" about her brother's musical directions at the time of his death, but the project and Sony's intense interest in it also reveal plenty about the modern music marketplace -- namely that proven stars of the past, even the dead ones, are growing more important to an industry facing an uncertain future.
At last week's massive 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sony chairman and chief executive Howard Stringer opened his company's presentation by talking about Sony's Legacy Recordings and its licensing agreement with Experience Hendrix, the Seattle-based company that acts as steward of the estate.
That partnership was first announced last summer, but today marks the real rollout of Sony's venture into the Hendrix vault. The company also will re-release familiar Hendrix albums bundled with new DVD documentaries, take the star into the online sector aggressively and look for synergy opportunities with the biennial Hendrix all-star tribute tour that begins its national run March 4 in Santa Barbara.
"It's an auspicious start in fulfilling a shared vision for the Jimi Hendrix catalog going forward," Legacy general manager Adam Block said.
Perhaps, but it also offers insight into the mind set at the major record labels. There was a major scramble among Sony's rivals to land the Hendrix deal for the simple reason that icons of the past are viewed as a particularly good investment at a time when CD sales of new music are in continued decline and up-and-coming acts represent limited upside amid the shifting profit realities of the digital-download era.
In other words, the rewind button looks like a safer bet these days.
Click for the rest

Photo by Joseph A. Rosen
Eclecto Groove Recording artist Nick Curran has been diagnosed with cancer of the tongue. He is staying in his hometown of Austin, TX for the next two months to undergo treatment and to prepare for his upcoming tour. A full recovery is expected and he anticipates resuming his full touring schedule afterwards. The Feb. 16th, 2010 release date of his new album 'Reform School
Girl' is unchanged.
Curran says, "I think it's one of those life things that happens which reminds you not to take life for granted and help you become the best person you can. I've already changed a lot in a good way and I really think this is gonna turn out to be a positive thing. This ain't what's gonna do me in. I am gonna kick this thing in the ass and then go out and kick some serious ass with my new record! I'm ready to conquer the world."

Editors note: All of us here at the Blues Festival Guide would like to wish Nick a speedy recovery.

Blues For Baby And Me
Residents of a wealthy Knoxville, Tenn., neighborhood are concerned about a local man’s plans to combine a music studio with fertility services.
David Perkins wants to turn his Sequoyah Hills home into a duplex from where he intends to teach music lessons, schedule music performances and run a Jewish sperm bank by coordinating two fertility services, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.
But Perkins’ neighbors aren’t too thrilled about the business plan.
“We are very much opposed to this,” Kingston Pike Sequoyah Hills Association board member Jim Bletner told the News Sentinel.
Homeowners are expected to protest Perkins’ plans at a Metropolitan Planning Commission meeting tonight, contending the duplex would be “out of character” in the single-family home neighborhood and that the businesses would be intrusive to other residents.
Perkins, a musician who plays Klezmer and Dixieland Jazz, said no performances will take place at the residence. Seems neighbors got a little peeved when they saw a photo of the house on Perkins’ MySpace page along with a list of events that included “bamboo flute playing” on Sundays, “balloons, juggling and music” on Mondays and a “family musical gathering and drum circle” on Tuesdays. In response, Perkins said he made the list of events up in order to attract more bookings. He has since removed the list.
Neighbors have also noted that Perkins property has structures that appear to be low-curving benches, much like an amphitheatre.
But Perkins said the wooden structures were originally terraces placed there by previous owners in order to improve drainage, and that he rehabbed them as areas on which to sit and enjoy the grounds.
But musical performances are only one of the neighbors concerns.
Perkins also wants to use the house to coordinate operations for two Jewish fertility services he operates online – and – at the house.
The News Sentinel reports that pretty much functions as the name implies and arranges for Jewish women to donate eggs. As to, the paper says Perkins appears to be the only contributor.
Perkins said he’s operating the services for religious reasons.
“The Torah commands us to be fruitful and multiply,” Perkins said.

CHICAGO, IL – Blue Bella Records is making 2010 its biggest year ever, releasing four varied and exciting new releases on March 16, 2010. Nick Moss returns with his eighth studio album, Privileged, while The Kilborn Alley Blues Band offers up their third release on the imprint, Better Off Now. Blue Bella Records is also pleased to announce debuts by two new additions to the label: Cash Box Kings with I-94 Blues and Matthew Stubbs with Medford & Main. All CDs will be distributed nationally by Burnside Distribution.
For an exclusive new release preview of all four albums, Click here

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The 26th annual International Blues Challenge comes to Memphis for four days starting January 20th. Sponsored by the Blues Foundation, it is the world’s biggest battle of the bands, bringing more than 150 bands and solo performers together. This week, the Radio Hour salutes this great event. We hear past performers, like Susan Tedeschi, Tommy Castro, Zac Harmon, Watermelon Slim, and more. Plus brand new musicians, famous in their neighborhoods, but new to you. There’s also new music from Sean Chambers, one of the greatest guitar players in the blues world today. And a chance for five listeners to win the new self titled album from The Sojourners, a great new gospel/roots trio out of British Columbia.

                     for times and stations in your area.

Click on festival name to click through to festival website.
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Rogue Valley Blues Festival
January 15-17, 2010
Ashland, Oregon, U.S.
Chicago Blues Weekend
January 15-17, 2010
Chicago, IL, U.S.
866-LIVEBLUES (548-3258)
Chicago Blues Tour
Saturday January 16, 2010
Chicago, IL, U.S.
866-LIVEBLUES (548-3258)
Anti-Freeze Blues Festival
Friday - Saturday
January 15-16, 2010
Ferndale, MI, U.S.
(248) 544-3030
26th International Blues Challenge
January 20-23, 2010

Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
St. Thomas Blues Festival
Friday, January 22, 2010
St. Thomas,
U.S. Virgin Islands, U.S.
Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise
January 23-30, 2010

From Fort Lauderdale, FL
to Eastern Caribbean
Holland America ms Eurodam
Lowcountry Blues Bash
Friday- Tuesday,
February 5-16, 2010

Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.
Australian Blues Music Festival
February 11-14, 2010
The National Festival of Australian Blues Music
Goulburn, New South Wales,
+61 2 4823 4492
21st Annual Riverwalk Blues and Music Festival
February 12-14, 2010
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.
Charleston Blues Festival
February 13, 2010

Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.
Broadstairs Blues Bash
Friday-Monday, February 19-21, 2010

Broadstairs, Kent,
United Kingdom
Fat Tuesday - The Fish House's 6th Annual Mardi Gras Celebration
February 16, 2010

Miami, Florida, U.S.
Saskatoon Blues Festival
February 25-28, 2010
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Seia Jazz & Blues
February 26-27, 2010

Seia, Guarda, Portugal
Phuket International Blues Rock Festival
February 26-27, 2010

Karon, Phuket, Thailand
+66 86 682 2639
Costa Rica Blues Festival
February 27, 2010

San Jose, Costa Rica
Blues Blast
Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mesa, Arizona, U.S.
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