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July 2010 * Love the Life You're With * Issue #55 Mary Yoga ENews

Love the Moment You're With

Barely into July, shop windows blared: "Back to School Sale!"

"No!" I protest, "No! Summer 'aint over yet! It's only just begun!" Give us our summer! Give kids their days in the sunshine! Give us this life, this moment, do not hurry it by!

We ourselves are often the ones that hurry it by. Plans for future, sentimental remembrances of past. And, so much of that future is dramatically different from what actually meets us moment to moment.

I fully expected to be in Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley this week for a week's vacation which would include the Wanderlust Yoga & Music festival. My subs are lined up, flights & tickets in place. Instead, the "moment" I'm in includes meetings with orthopedic surgeons for my fractured fibula from a bad acrobatic landing.

Loving my NOW means loving teaching from crutches, grateful for my assistants. It means feet on couch, reading, finally seeing a movie with my husband, teaching my boy how to make me coffee, leisurely analyses of his dreams. Mom home! Precious, all of it, just as Wanderlust would also have been. It is ALL good.

Crosby, Still, & Nash sang: "Love the one you're with!" Sing that with "one" as "moment" and as "life"! Eckhart Tolle agrees, in "The Power of Now". Byron Katie discovers is as the only way to peace in "Loving What Is." Patanjali's first sutra "Atta Yoganusasanam" tells us the same thing Jesus told us, "Don't worry about tomorrow": "Yoga is the practice of Now."

What else is there? Love it. Don't just bear it. Embrace it! What can you do to "love the one you're with": the life and moment that make up your present "is"? You might be surprised how much more joyful you can make "What Is" for yourself and everyone else, embracing this moment as the one you're with. And no, summer 'AINT over yet. Not by a long shot. Not 'til the fat lady sings. Play ball!



Summer Class Schedule

After plenty of June travel, I'm here for my August classes!

Contact me for a guest pass to try Pure East or West. Fab place and fab membership deals!

See also Om Factory's terrific Summer Yoga Club prices. I'm teaching Acro twice a week in August, between Tuesdays at Pure West and Fridays at Om Factory.

Pure Yoga East:
Tues. 10:30 Restorative
Fri. 5:30 Restorative

Pure Yoga West:
Tues. 7pm AcroYoga® *Non-Member Options
Thurs. 8pm Restorative
Fri. 10:30 Yin Yang

Om Factory:
Fri. 7:15 AcroYoga® w/Chris, in August



4 AcroYoga Basics Workshops: August

I'm teaching 4 Foundational workshops near you in August! First, a pair of 3-hour AcroYoga® Basics workshops Aug. 7th & 8th at Om Factory, 10:30-1:30 on a Saturday and Sunday. The two days build upon each other, and you may take each separately, or together with a discount. You may take Sunday separately if you have some prior basic AcroYoga® experience. Email me if any questions!

August 15 in East Northport at Inner Spirit Yoga Center, and August 29 in SoHo at YogaWorks SoHo, are two more AcroYoga® Foundational workshops, so nobody need go far to find theirs!

Don't miss these! No partner needed, and no experience required except for August 8th. Just bring your openness and willingness to play, grow, learn, laugh, sweat, have fun, in community.

All studio links to register or for information are in Links at sidebar lower right! See you in our playground!

8/7 & 8/8 ACRO WEEKEND


YogaFit® & Restorative

I am thoroughly enjoying being YogaFit®'s Restorative Teacher Trainer, and more so with every MindBodyFitness Conference I've taught, traveling to train YogaFit®'s dedicated teachers from all around the country.

Well, all right, yes, the locations have been lovely too! This last one in Palm Springs in July, in 118-degree summer sunshine, I found that I love the dry desert days and balmy nights.

The next MBF Conference in September is right here at home! September 16-19, YogaFit®'s next MBF training conference is just across the Hudson, in Weehawken, NJ. Though the Restorative trainings are generally reserved for YogaFit®'s 200 and 500 hour teachers, I am informed that my teacher colleagues may register as an exception

And - hey - in this issue's photos - my blue jean leggings and Chris' black leggings are from YogaFit®'s fabulous and cross-functional fair trade Yoga clothing line! Their website link has MBF Conference schedules, and you can order apparel at the online shop.




Responses to these ENews are always welcome from my electronic Sangha - my community of sympatico souls - even if I don't immediately write back!

Till then, enjoy the summer, and -

Love the moment you're with!

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

Peace, shalom, salaam.




In This Issue:

Love the Moment You're With
Summer Class Schedule
4 AcroYoga Basics Workshops: August
YogaFit® & Restorative
AcroYoga Festival: October
Thai Yoga: Metta in Motion
Photo Credits

AcroYoga Festival: October

First ever: AcroYoga® Festival, here in the States, this October 8-11! At the beautiful Historic Sweet's Ballroom in Oakland, CA. Come and taste the joyous festivities, as all three ancient lineages that make up AcroYoga® are highlighted and celebrated: Thai Massage, Yoga, and Acrobatics.

Jason and Jenny, plus their personally invited teachers will offer simultaneous classes and workshops in all three traditions, for all levels from beginner to advanced, and there will be performances and celebration times with dance, music, and jams as well!

Be at this historic event, and visit the beautiful Bay area while you're at it! Space is limited and the registration information is all at the link.



Thai Yoga: Metta in Motion

Although I haven't had room in my schedule to take on new Yoga privates this past year, I still do welcome Thai Yoga clients on a per session or 4-pack basis. Thai Yoga, also called Thai Massage, is a gentle exchange of energy designed to balance body and spirit, in which the recipient remains at rest throughout the therapeutic dance. I leave it to my Thai teacher, Jennifer Yarro, to describe it as she so beautifully does, by providing here the link to one of Jenn's websites.

When potential clients' schedules and needs do not mesh with mine, I am equally delighted to refer clients to Thai practitioners that I admire and appreciate.



Photo Credits

Credit for the Bethesda Fountain and Time Square pics this issue: Michael St. Cole of YogArt. Michael scouted locations on a 108-degree July day and shot 3 morning hours in the park and 3 afternoon hours midtown for over 1,000 images, wading into traffic for shots! Check out his YogArt website below.

Additional photo thanks to all my lovely models: Chris Loebsack, Sam Prestidge, Matt Giordano, Naked Cowboy, Frog Lotus studios, Riviera Resort in Palm Springs, and the City of New York.




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8/7-8/8 Om Factory Acro
8/15 East Northport Acro
8/29 YogaWorks SoHo Acro
AcroYoga® Festival October
YogaFit® Trainings & Wear
YogArt Photography
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