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Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers

eLitterae No. 76 - June/July 2010

LeaAnn Osburn, Executive Editor • Andrew Reinhard, Managing Editor 


American Classical League Summer Institute

New Reader - Interview with Author

And the Terry Goes To. . .

Author Marianthe Colakis on Jeopardy!

Jeopardy!-style Games

Special Offer

BCP Throwback Deal of the Month

iPodius - Bolchazy-Carducci Digital Download Store

Comic from When In Rome

Teaching Tips

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Salvete omnes,


I was pleased to see and talk with many of you at the recent ACL institute at Wake Forest University. If you would like to read more about Bolchazy-Carducci at ACL, you will find Andrew Reinhard’s recap in this issue. Also included are links for Jeopardy! fans and if you have not yet heard, one of the co-authors of BCP’s Classical Mythology and More, Marianthe Colakis, was recently on the Jeopardy! show. Colakis’ Jeopardy! experience is the topic of another eLitterae article this month.


In this eLitterae you will also find an interview with Rose Williams about her newest book, A Beginning Latin Christian Reader: De Bonis Cogitationibus, and this book is also on special this month.


Enjoy this outstanding issue that Andrew Reinhard has put together! Talk with you next month.


LeaAnn Osburn


American Classical League Summer Institute

Report of the American Classical League Summer Institute, Wake Forest University, June 26-28, 2010

by Andrew Reinhard


Lou, Marie, and Allan Bolchazy, and Andrew Reinhard attended the recent Summer Institute sponsored by the American Classical League and hosted by Wake Forest University, June 26–-28.


We debuted several new titles and two new services at the conference. The hit of the conference was the new Roman Map Workbook by Elizabeth Heimbach. The book introduces students to the geography of Rome and the Roman world, walking students through each map, discussing the importance of each place-name, and making connections to Roman history and literature.


Catherine C. Keane’s A Roman Verse Satire Reader also found its readers at ACL. Teachers continue to be interested in the BC Latin Readers series (edited by Professor Ronnie Ancona), and many private school instructors are considering using the books for their upper-level classes.


As for new services, the iPodius Agora launched encouraging Latin and Greek teachers to sell their own teaching materials, audio, eBooks, and more on this new platform. For more information, visit


Conference delegates were also very interested in our new eBooks and eBook rentals that will debut later in 2010.


Other popular digital offerings included the new Roman Town computer game and the Athens v Sparta: History of the Peloponnesian War audio CD.


LeaAnn Osburn, Rose Williams, and Andrew Reinhard participated in the Publishers’ Plenary where they talked about the future of Latin for the New Millennium. Andrew and all three Bolchazy family members also took part in Rose Williams’ session on active Latin in the classroom. Andrew also gave a one-hour workshop on Twitter and Classics. Download his handout here: At the awards ceremony, Andrew also presented the winners of the second annual Terence Awards that celebrate excellence in Classics student films.


Next year’s ACL Summer Institute will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We hope to see you all there!

New Reader - Interview with Author

A Beginning Latin Christian Reader: De Bonis Cogitationibus


Master Latin teacher Rose Williams has authored a beginning Latin reader that draws from biblical and Christian sources as well as from some ancient Roman texts. The choices all illuminate A Beginning Latin Christian Reader’s central theme, drawn from Philippians 4.8—“Things which are true, things which are honest, things which are just, things which are pure, things which are lovely, things which are of good report: reflect on these things.” In the fashion of a graded reader, De Bonis Cogitationibus stories are initially short but gradually grow longer and more involved as the student’s skills as a Latin reader grow. A teacher’s guide will also be available.


Why did you decide to do a Christian Reader for students of Latin?

Rose Williams: In the last few years I have been traveling to homeschool conferences showcasing Bolchazy books, acting as visiting advisor to various Latin programs in schools both public and private, and also conducting workshops and seminars for Latin teachers. Many teachers and parents, especially homeschoolers and those involved with private schools, very much wanted a Christian Reader for their beginning Latin students.


What sets this new book apart from other readers?

RW: Extant beginning readers tend, as might be expected, to concentrate on the history and culture of ancient pagan Rome. While such studies are an important part of any student's education, there was a desire for a readers stressing Biblical stories and viewpoints within the ancient framework. Thus A Beginning Latin Christian Reader: De Bonis Cogitationibus was created with this approach in mind.


For what Latin level or age of student is this book best suited?

RW: This book is intended for beginning Latin readers of any age. The stories are simple and coordinate well with the reading method, as some of the strongest demand for it was expressed by users of Bolchazy's self-teaching Latin series Artes Latinae. A gentle approach to grammar is explained in the Appendices. In the main text the readings and their vocabulary are central.


How did you decide on which Biblical selections to use?

RW: The Biblical selections, and the few classical literature selections, were chosen to coordinate with the book's theme adapted from Phillipians 4:8 "Quae sunt vera, quae sunt pura, quae sunt iusta, quae sunt sancta, quae sunt amabilia, quae sunt famae bonae: haec cogitate."


What did you enjoy the most when writing this book? What was the most difficult part?

RW: The most enjoyable part of writing this book, as well as the most difficult, was choosing which stories to use. There were so very many.


And the Terry Goes To. . .

Winners of the 2010 Terence Awards (aka Terrys) that honor excellence in Classics student films were announced at the recent American Classical League’s Summer Institute. Each winning student or group of students received a check in the amount of $100.00 along with copies of Terence's Phormio. Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers and Excellence Through Classics sponsored the awards.


In this second annual installment of the Terence Awards, additional prizes were added to include a Best Picture prize for junior high/middle school (and younger) students as well as extra "Best Use of Latin in a Film" prizes.


And the Terrys go to:


JUNIOR (middle school, junior high school, and homeschool students under the age of 14):


Best Use of Latin in a Film: Romulus et Remus, Dutchess Day School, Milbrook, NY,

Russell Day (teacher)


Best Picture: Prometheus and Pandora,

Emily Salva, Franklin, TN (independent learner)


JUNIOR (high school and homeschool students under age 18):


Best Use of Latin in a Film: Dominus Anulorum, Oakmont Regional High School,

Ashburnham, MA,

Jocelyn Demuth (teacher)


Best Picture: Caligula's Adventures in Wonderland, Masters Academy, Charlotte, NC,

Sherri Madden (teacher)


SENIOR (college and university students):


Best Picture: Panic! The Sicilian Misadventure,

Haverford College, Bret Mulligan (teacher)


Thanks to all who submitted films in 2010. The call-for-submissions for the 2011 contest will be posted in September this year, with awards announced at the 2011 American Classical League's Summer Institute in Minneapolis.

Author Marianthe Colakis on Jeopardy!

Marianthe Colakis, Classics teacher at Townsend Harris High School in Flushing, New York, and author of Classical Mythology and More, put her mythological know-how to work on the June 14th episode of the popular television game show.


“I was thrilled that Final Jeopardy! was a myth-related question, and I was the only one of the three to answer correctly,” Colakis said. “The Final Jeopardy! category was ‘Moons and Mythology’ and the question (or answer) was, ‘This planet is named for a Roman god; its only moons are named for the sons of his Greek counterpart.’” [Mars, ed.]


Although Colakis’ aced the show’s final test, she did not take home first place honors.


“I finished in second place. I knew most of the material, but the champ [Marty Scott] was much faster with the signal button.”


Colakis did not leave the show empty-handed. “I left with $2,000.00, which I won't see for several more months, my picture with Alex Trebek, and some great memories.”


Although the episode aired in June, it was taped live in February. When Colakis told her students that she would be appearing on Jeopardy!, her students were ecstatic.


“The students were really excited. One speculated that I would be ‘the female Ken Jennings’. I was concerned that they would be disappointed I didn't win, but they were very supportive and pleased with the outcome.”


You can preview and purchase Colakis’ four books published by Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers online:


Classical Mythology and More

A Reader Workbook

Marianthe Colakis

xii + 460 pp (2007) Paperback

Student Text: 978-0-86516-573-1

Teacher's Guide: 978-0-86516-747-6



Excelability in Advanced Latin

A Workbook for Students

Marianthe Colakis & Gaylan DuBose

iv + 244 pp (2003) Paperback

Student Text:  978-0-86516-512-0

Teacher's Manual: 978-0-86516-518-2

Links for Classicists

Jeopardy!-style Games

There are lots of free, Jeopardy!-style games to help students review basic Latin. Here are a few places to find them (and to make your own!):


Shawna Franks of the University of Michigan’s School of Education led a workshop on creating fun, educational PowerPoints. You can download her Latin PowerPoint game here:


If you need a tutorial and a template for creating PowerPoint Jeopardy!-style games, James Madison University has what you need: has several free Latin Jeopardy!-style games to play. Explore these shared games created on Quia by dozens of Latin teachers. The Jeopardy!-style games are classified as “Challenge Board”:


If you are stuck for questions to use when creating your own Jeopardy! games, this site has loads of questions from which to choose:

Special Discounts for eLitterae Subscribers
Special Offer

With the publication this month of A Beginning Latin Christian Reader: De Bonis Cogitationibus, Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers is offering a 20% discount to eLitterae subscribers when you buy a single copy of this book.

A Beginning Latin Christian Reader: De Bonis Cogitationibus Rose Williams iv + 84 pp (2010) Paperback ISBN 978-0-86516-750-6 $15.00 $12.00


One copy, prepaid, no returns, not available to distributors. Offer expires 08/31/10.


Make sure to mention that you are an eLitterae subscriber if you place your order by phone or fax. If you place your order via the Bolchazy-Carducci website at, during checkout please enter "No. 76" (without the quotation marks) in the comments field. Your discount will be verified and applied after your order is placed. Special Monthly Offer

BCP Throwback Deal of the Month

With a backlist of over 400 Classics titles, Bolchazy-Carducci has a number of old chestnuts that deserve your attention. We started offering a new monthly special on these oldies-but-goodies in January.


Order by August 15th to save a whopping 75% on a single copy of Bolchazy-Carducci’s Farrago Latina: A Teacher Resource by Gaylan Dubose (includes lots of Jeopardy!-style questions).


Farrago Latina: A Teacher Resource

Gaylan Dubose

(1997) Paperback ISBN 978-0-86516-398-0 $15.00 $3.75


One copy, prepaid, no returns, not available to distributors. Offer expires 08/15/10.


Make sure to mention that you are an eLitterae subscriber if you place your order by phone or fax. If you place your order via the Bolchazy-Carducci website at www.BOLCHAZY.come, during checkout please enter "No. 76" (without the quotation marks) in the comments field. Your discount will be verified and applied after your order is placed.

iPodius - Bolchazy-Carducci Digital Download Store

iPodius is Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers digital download store. Download digital audio, video, and software for iPhones, iPods, MP3 players, Macs, and PCs by visiting We have MP3 files available for all of our CDs. Download a handful of tracks or an entire album to build audio curricula in support of what your classes are reading. Software and MP4 videos are available, too, as is access to password-protected sites to help your students practice their Latin grammar.

New products are added regularly. Enhance your classes with these digital offerings of audio, video, and software from Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers via iPodius.
Comic from When In Rome


Comic from When In Rome, Best Cartoons of Pompeiiana Newsletter

A Better Future Through the Lessons of the Past
Teaching Tips

See the Bolchazy-Carducci web site for classroom tips on teaching Catullus and on using children's books translated into Latin, Christmas carols in Latin, and Latin proverbs to teach grammar.


Catullus: Expanded Edition - ways to review for the AP* Catullus Examination (.pdf - 616kB)


The Key - Historic Novel on Catullus' Life - a guide to using The Key with high-school students (.pdf file 45k)

  • Includes correlation to national Latin standards
  • The table shows the page in The Key where the poem is located as well as the number of the poem in the Catullan corpus.

Labors of Aeneas: What a Pain It Was to Found the Roman Race - Vergil Teaching Tip (.pdf file - 54Kb)


Latin Proverbs: Wisdom from Ancient to Modern Times - for examples of mottos in Latin, use them to start a class, or an example of a grammatical topic. (.pdf - 795kB)


Latin Readings - use Latin Readings for Halloween class, Petronius' Satyricon-Tale of the werewolf. (.pdf file - 480Kb)


O Abies: Christmas Carols in Latin - a lesson plan for the day before Christmas Break. (pdf file ca. 1.7MB)


The Smell of Sweat: Greek Athletics, Olympics, and Culture - Bringing the Olympic Spirit to your Students (.pdf file 36k)


 What Color is it? Quo Colore est? - using children's books translated into Latin to teach grammar (.pdf file 484k)
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers Affiliate Web Sites

Artes Latinae - Detailed information about this Self-Teaching Latin Series


Latin for the New Millennium - Detailed information about Latin for the New Millennium, including a Teacher's Lounge


BC Latin Readers Series - Advanced Latin Reader Series information about current and forthcoming titles in this series


Gilgamesh on-line - Bolchazy-Carducci's all things Gilgamesh


eLatin eGreek eLearn - eClassics Social Network


Follow Your Fates Series - Interactive Fiction Series from Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
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