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Maritime Security in the Pacific Island Region Workshop

Pacific Island Region PhotoLeaders and security experts from the Pacific Island region gathered this week to attend the “Maritime Security in the Pacific Island Region: Securing the Maritime Commons for the 21st Century” workshop. The four-day workshop was held at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies Sept. 13-16.  more...
Click here to read the key note address by General of the Secretary General of Pacific Islands Forum, Tuiloma Neroni Slade.
A Special Day at APCSS
Groundbreaking Ceremony
Breaking ground for a new wing: Dean Lauren Kahea Moriarty, Maj. Gen. Peter S. Pawling, Senator Daniel Inouye, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) E.P. Smith, Senator
Daniel Akaka, Dean of Business Operations & Admissions Mr. Dick Sears.
On Sept. 3 APCSS celebrated three special eventes.  A groundbreaking ceremony for a new wing took place during the commemoration for APCSS’ 15th Anniversary and official welcoming for Ambassador (Ret.) Lauren Kahea Moriarty, APCSS’ new academic den.
Dean Lauren Kahea Moriarty with Sen. Inouye
Established by U.S. Pacific Command on September 4, 1995, the Center was first located in the Waikiki Trade Center. It moved into its current facilities at Ft. DeRussy in June 2000.   more...
Videos of the ceremony available on Youtube.
Dean Lauren Kahea Moriarty greets Senator Daniel Inouye. Her father, David Peters, served as the senator’s chief of staff for many years.
Completed Courses
82 Fellows complete CSRT
Eight-two Fellows graduated August 5 from the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies’ Comprehensive Security Responses to Terrorism (CSRT) Course in Honolulu.  The military and civilian participants who attended the four-week course came from 37 locations, primarily throughout the Asia-Pacific region, as well as other far reaches of the globe.  more...
Largest APOC class to date graduates
In September, APCSS graduated its largest Asia-Pacific Orientation Course class to date with 105 Fellows.  The class was made up of Fellows from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States.
Transnational Security Cooperation Course Completed
Twenty-six senior Fellows who graduate from the Transnational Security Cooperation course in September.  They represent places such as: Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, China, Fiji, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Thailand, Timor-Leste, United States, Uruguay, and Vietnam.
Security Sector Development Workshop
Fellows from the Maldives, Mongolia, Philippines, Sri Lanka shared their national experiences and best practises at the "Security Sector Development: National Priorities & Regional Approaches" workshop held August 16-20.
Other participants or observers included representatives from the United Nations, United States Institute of Peace and the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF)
Student Global Leadership Institute visits APCSS
Participants of the Student Global Leadership Institute at Punahou School visited the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies July 30 to learn more about water security and cooperation.
Participants at the Institute, from four U.S. and four Chinese high schools, had been engaged in an intensive two-week schedule designed to encourage them to work together, considering social responsibility and multicultural perspectives as they approached real-world problems, such as access to vital natural resources. Water, just such a resource, was the theme they focused on, with the students aiming not only to develop solutions to water-related problems in their respective locales, but to hone the leadership skills needed to bring their ideas to fruition.  more...
Other News
Faculty News
Dr. Jeffrey Hornung joined the faculty in September 2010. His area of expertise is Japan and Northeast Asia.
Cmdr. Mario DeOliveria joined the faculty this summer. He is a Navy JAG officer.
Col. Stephen Myers joined the faculty as our first Senior Service College Fellow.
Lt. Col. David Longbine is the new Army Fellow.
Dr. James Campbell and Ms. Jessica Ear participated in the Southeast Asia Regional Pandemic Preparedness and Response Exercise. Co-hosted by APCSS, PACOM, the United Nations, and others, this table top exercise on responding to a pandemic flu outbreak was held Aug. 16-20 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. See Currents (p. 25) for more information
The latest edition of Currents Magazine is now online at
'China Unveils "The Kashmir Card"' is the new article by Dr. Mohan Malik printed in the China Brief. He was also interview in the Hindustan Times in an article "Chinese Whispers on India."
APCSS Professor Kerry Nankevill was interview about the role of Canada in the Asia Pacific on the cable show "Asia in Review."  Other APCSS professors appearing on the show include Dr. Rouben Azizian and Dr. Steven Kim.
From Our Alumni...
We received many positive notes from our alumni as we celebrated our 15th Anniversary. In addition to the well-wishes, they also told us about how they used the knowledge they gained at APCSS to enhance security cooperation when they returned home.  Here are some examples:
A senior Fellow from Fiji let us know that APCSS has helped expand his idea of comprehensive security.  More importantly, he has used his lessons learned about collaboration and interagency cooperation to establish a Border Police Unit and is also collaborating internationally to form a Regional Police Training Academy--this is an example of excellent capacity building and cooperation. 
One of our ASC09-2 alumni is currently on the Mongolian National Security Council. He let us know that he is using his APCSS experience as he takes a leading role in developing new editions of the national security concept and law. 
An alumnus from CSRT10-1 used select presentations and study materials from the APCSS course to complete his Fellows project by assisting in the development of a three-week Counter-Radicalization Specialist Course in the Philippines.  The objectives of the course were to help prevent acts of terrorism and criminality and to isolate the community from the influence of radical ideology.”
"The great value of APCSS and all of the programs is that they encourage dialogue. So, for all of our current leaders and future leaders from the Canadian Forces and the Canadian Navy, it is very important for them to engage in dialogue with leaders of other countries because it allows them to look at the world through many, many different lenses – seeing security situations much differently than they might at home, and it is a very good educative process for all of the officers and representatives from Canada that we send here." - Rear Admiral Tyrone Pile, Canada
"Being at the APCSS center and learning the security aspects in a broader perspective it has given me a great understanding of the whole approach to the security and also the regional based understanding to apply to my institution and our defense force.  As the commandant of the coast guard today, I am still looking at every opportunity to be here. To learn and to be engaged and to get more friends and to get more person to person contact.  I’m fully in the idea of this kind of regional based center. It is very helpful to promote security and stability in the region. 
"And also I think one of the important events of the APCSS is the alumni meetings and alumni workshops that we held.  One in Hawaii here, also in the Philippines, and also in the Maldives this year, which has helped a lot of people around this region to be in one place and to be more friendly and also discuss on the issues of security aspects.  I think these opportunities give us a great time on our leisure time and even to go further and be friends.  So I think definitely APCSS has been playing a vital role to promote peace, security and harmony in the Asia Pacific region. - Brigadier General Mansoor Zakariyya, Commandant, Coast Guard, Maldives
Inside this issue...

Upcoming Events
Interface of Science, Technology and Security Workshop
Oct. 4-8, 2010
Advanced Security Cooperation (ASC) course
Oct. 21-Dec. 10, 2010
Maritime Security and Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia(Russia)
Nov. 8-12, 2010
Comprehensive Crisis Management (CCM) mini-course (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Dec. 14-16, 2010
Senior Executive Asia-Pacific Orientation Course (SEAPOC)
Jan. 12-14, 2011
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Recently, APCSS was pleased to host orientation visits by a number of distinguished visitors/groups. 
  • Amb. Meera Shankar, Indian Ambassador to the U.S.
  • Amb. Kim Beazley, Australian Ambassador to the U.S.
  • Amb. Prahar, U.S. Ambassador to Federated States of Micronesia
  • Amb. McGann, U.S. Ambassador to theRepublics of Fiji, Nauru, Kiribati, and the Kingdom of Tonga and Tuvalu
  • Amb. Huebner, U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa
  • Tuiloma Neroni Slade, Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum
  • Lt. Gen. Wongthai Surapun, Royal Thai Armed Forces, Director of Joint Operations
  • Lt. Gen. Duane Thieseen, Commander, Marine Forces Pacific
  • Maj. Gen. Michael T. Harrison, Commander, U.S. Army Japan
  • Consul Gen Kraikruan, Royal Thai Consuluate General
  • Consul Gen Yoshihiko Kamo, Consulate General of Japan
  • College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University

Alumni Associations & Year Established
1.  Philippines - 2004
2.  Mongolia - 2004
3.  Madagascar - 2004
4.  Thailand - 2006
5.  Nepal - 2006
6.  Russia – 2006
7.  Fiji – 2006
8.  Papua New Guinea – 2006
9.  Bangladesh – 2006
10. Pakistan – 2006
11. Palau - 2006
12. Indonesia – 2007
13. U.S., Hawaii – 2007
14. U.S., Washington D.C. – 2007
15. Cambodia – 2007
16. Vietnam – 2007
17. Malaysia – 2007
18. Republic of Korea – 2007
19. Bhutan – 2007
20. Chile – 2007
21. Peru – 2007
22. Micronesia – 2007
23. Marshall Islands – 2007
24. Vanuatu - 2007
25. Guam - 2007
26. Canada – 2007
27. Australia – 2008
28. Hong Kong – 2008
29. Comoros – 2008
30. Cook Islands – 2008
31. India – 2008
32. Japan – 2008
33. Maldives – 2008
34. American Samoa - 2008
35. Solomon Islands – 2008
36. Sri Lanka – 2008
37. Taiwan – 2008
38. Tonga – 2008
39. Afghanistan – 2008
40. Tuvalu – 2009
41. Lebanon – 2009
42. Iraq – 2009
43. Mauritius – 2009
44. Timor-Leste – 2009
45. Tanzania – 2009
46. New Zealand – 2010
47. Kazakhstan – 2010
48. China - 2010
Pending Associations
  • Brunei
  • Columbia
  • Bahamas
  • South Africa
  • Laos
  • Kiribati
  • Nauru
  • France

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