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Seasonal School of Culinary Arts
A Question of Taste
Volume 1, Number 6 November, 2010

Thanksgiving has tipped off our tastebuds for the holiday season, Christmas is just around the bend. We're digging in the recesses of our minds for recipes to make this season special and different from all the rest. We've tried all the classics, and there is so much on the web it is mind-boggling, and somehow all too vague. We wish we had a fairy godmother (or godfather) to take us by the hand and show us magic tricks to lift our spirits and set us apart.
The good news is: you do! In just 4 days, SSCA Sonoma is poised to lift you off your feet and introduce you to a plethora of new ingredients and ideas, accompanied by some of the finest wines made in our hemisphere.
Get a headstart on Christmas giving, and treat yourself or a loved one to 5 delicious days with Chef Terrell Brunet and colleagues in Sonoma County and environs. Visit the Hog Island Oyster Farms, shuck oysters as you devour them, washed down with local wines, take in the local Creameries and Markets, the Wineries and Bistros, the warmth of the Gulf Stream when the rest of the country is freezing. Cook under the special tutelage of Chef Brunet, in the private homes of local vintners, and taste to your heart's delight.

Sonoma Here We Come!

Sonoma County is a must-see culinary destination, reflecting incredible diversity in delectables such as cheese, olive oil and north coast seafood, varied scenery from its pristine coastline to its rugged peaks, and, of course, its beautiful vineyards and world-class wines.
Join us from December 1-5 to boost your culinary and oenological skills, breathe the fresh sea air, and escape the cold of other climes. You will come away rich with inspiration for a holiday celebrated with wine, and will find ideas for even the most picky palate.
Register now, before it is too late! The schedule is as follows:
Wednesday, December 1~Wine & Welcome, Local Winery
5:00 pm~Arrival and welcome at  Winery
6:00 pm~Overview of pleasures to come, by Chef Terrell Brunet and Chef Director Susi Gott Seguret
Thursday, December 2~Morning Farm Tour, Afternoon Session with Winemaker, Evening Degustation
9:00 am~Meeting for expedition to farm
12:00 noon~picnic or bistro or wine-tasting experience
4:00 pm~Gather at Winemaker’s Home for hands-on cooking with (Riesling/Pinot…)
7:00 pm~Wine degustation with accompanying courses 
Friday, December 3~Oyster & Dairy Farm Expedition
9:00 am~Meeting for expedition to Hog Island Oyster Farm
12:00 noon~free sampling of oysters in the open air
3:00 pm~Meeting for tour of Cowgirl Creamery with Degustation
6:00 pm~Dinner in  Restaurant or Brewery 
Saturday, December 4~Morning Market Tour, Afternoon Session with Winemaker, Evening Celebrational Meal
9:00 am~Meeting for Market Tour
12:00~wine-tasting experience at Siduri in Santa Rosa
4:00 pm~Gather at Winemaker’s Home for hands on cooking with (Cabernet/Merlot…)
7:00 pm~Celebrational Meal
Sunday, December 5~Brunch & Farewells with Chef Brunet, San Francisco

(Schedule subject to last-minute modification, due to weather and other elements)
If you are unable to get away for the full 5 days, don't despair. We offer a la carte attendance, with pricing as follows:
All 4 days: $1000 (lodging and transportation not included)
Morning session only: $120
Afternoon session only: $150
Evening session only: $120
Afternoon & Evening session: $200
For information on lodging and sites to be explored, visit our website.

The Best Christmas Gift

For a headstart in health and happiness, what better way to celebrate Christmas than by feeding the senses with inspiration for the year ahead? As each season brings a different set of elements, the SSCA has offerings to highlight the best of each quarter. If you are drawn in by Sonoma, the best way to continue dreaming and growing is to try our spring session in Paris, our summer sessions in Asheville, and our autumn session in Ithaca. For multiple sessions, contact Chef Director Susi Seguret and find out about our discounted offerings.

Be Daring!

To join us in Sonoma or elsewhere, visit our website before another moment vanishes and sign up online, or call 828-301-2792.
Looking forward to raising a glass in your honor in celebration of this vintage year, and to wishing you...
Bon Appétit!
Susi Gott Séguret, CCP, Director
Seasonal School of Culinary Arts
PO Box 18462
Asheville, NC 28814

Seasonal School of Culinary Arts • PO Box 18462 • Asheville, NC 28814
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