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    Winter 2011  

Spring is coming

Spring will be here before you know it and so will those letter from HOA-s. After we all thaw out, the representatives of Homeowners' Associations will start walking around in the communities and take note of everything they see on your house.
How about beating them to it and have us come out for a free assessment and estimate for the exterior of your home.
You call us now and if we go into contract you can receive up to 10 percent off of labor!


Spring Colors to Brighten Your Home

 Alex Painting LLC
 Color Wheel for Spring!
We recommend these eye popping spring colors for the season!
1) Butter Yellow with White Trim - This just says chabby chic and is perfect for a sunroom, den, kitchen or living room. It's subtle enough to be a neutral color, yet gives it a bright, cheery feel. It also opens the room up and gives it a spacious element to it. Take a look at some examples below:
Our recommendations are Benjamin Moore's:
- Popcorn Kernel
- Callla Lily
- Hay Sack
- Sun City
2) Mint with White Trim - Using a Mint shade is another great option for welcoming Spring & Summer.  This particular color comes in an array of shades and like butter yellow, this really makes rooms feel airy and open.
Here are some great examples.  Perfect for a Bathroom, Bedroom and Living Room:
Our recommendations are Benjamin Moore's:
- Nantucket Breeze
- Crisp Green
- Mint Julep
- Parkside Dunes
3) Dusty Rose with White Trim - A rose colored room is a romantic shade.  It offers warm tones and yet isn't too dark.  Depending on time of day, natural light vs. lamps, the color can change hues.  During the day, you will feel like sitting on a chair reading a book, and in the evening, you will feel like getting cozy on your couch or bed.  Another wonderful way to use the Rose shade is in a bathroom.  It has the perfect tempo to a typically more confined space. It's such a pretty color no matter the tone you choose.  Here are some examples:
Our recommendations are Benjamin Moore's:
- Pink Powderpuff
 - Frosted Rose
 - Romantica
 - Newborn Baby
4) Powder Blue with White Trim -  Blue is a big color. There are so many depths to the shade.  For Spring, a welcoming silver blue is beautiful.  A Kitchen, A Bathroom or Den, make this an ideal choice. While it says your bold enough to make an effort to step outside of your colorbox., it also maintains the characteristics of a calming colortone.  Check out these fabulous ideas below:
Great shades of the powder blue color scheme are Benjamin Moore's:
- Soft Sky
- Sea View
- Lake Placid
- Fairview Blue
5) Almond with White Trim -  One of the more neutral "every room" shade is Almond. An Almond or Coffee colored room is rich looking. The color flows naturally and can be your choice color with offsets of different shades of Almond.  This color can pretty much be the all-around color of any room in your home.  Whether it's your Kitchen, Family Room, Bathroom or Bedroom you cannot go wrong with this shade!  There are so many ways to choose your perfect color, but here are some examples below:
Some great choices are Benjamin Moore's:
- Blanched Almond
- Bridgewater Tan
- Oakwood Manor
- Dellwood Sand
 Sherwin Williams offers some helpful tips to help you choose the perfect color!  Visit their website at:


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