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March 2011

In this issue:

From the Director


Wish List

Dinner Monday March 14th - We've got you covered.

Get your tickets today - order on-line here Flyer/invitation design by Eye Candy Design Spokane Valley WA

Thanks and Accolades

Thank you Shelly, Clayton, and Pizza Factory

ACCOIN Family News

From the Director



As the end of the winter season approaches and daylight begins to overtake the darkness, our thoughts naturally turn to renewal and cleansing.


Spring cleaning is a ritual that not only helps us shed the old, but it makes way for the new.


Sometimes it seems that spring will never come, but it always does.

We have families who are living with a different kind of winter. Not one of earthly seasons, but one born of emotional turmoil.


Their child has been diagnosed with cancer, relapsed, has continuing problems from treatment, or has passed away.

For these families, the hope of spring may seem even more distant. But it is there.


Hope and renewal live in small and tiny moments and in great and grand gestures. Acts of kindness from family, friends, and strangers alike bring light into dark places.

As our thoughts turn to spring cleaning, many long for the luxury of having the time and energy for something this ordinary and simple.


We have recently added help with housecleaning for families who have a child in treatment or who have extensive follow-up care. Sometimes small things can make a big difference.


If you would like to know more about how to support your friends and families during difficult times, click here for some practical day-to-day suggestions.



Mary Anne Ruddis


March 14 - Empty Bowls at Jennys Cafe - 2010


March 27 - Family Event at Bumpers Family Fun Center


April 1 - "Light the Way" dinner/auction. We are currently seeking sponsors and auction items.


June 12 - SAVE THE DATE Deer Park Ladies Golf Club Benefit Tournament


July 23 - Family Event Summer Party


July 23 - Inland Empire Motorcycle Coalition Ride for kids with Cancer


July 23 - Family Summer Party


August 13 - SAVE THE DATE Josh Ashby Memorial Shoot

Wish List

Wish List Items

Dinner Monday March 14th - We've got you covered.



Join us Monday at Jenny's Cafe 5- 7 PM in the Spokane Valley for our 4th annual Empty Bowls Event

Get your tickets today - order on-line here

Flyer/invitation design by Eye Candy Design Spokane Valley WA

Thanks and Accolades

We are a community based organization and we want to thank our community for the amazing support for kids with cancer in the Inland Northwest. We represent families who struggle with some incredibly challenging and sometimes crushing circumstances. Your care and concern make all the difference!

Thank You Ron and Marie Hawkins

Ron and Marie Hawkins became involved in Candlelighters several years ago after reading a newspaper article about Mary Anne Ruddis.   


Since then they have organized two luncheons, sponsored by Moloney + O’Neill, that have raised $30,000.   


This year they decided to put together an online donation appeal and auction to help American Childhood Cancer Organization Inland Northwest and Moloney + O'Neill offered to match up to $5,000 in total donations.


The online auction ran for one week in February and offered men's Gonzaga University basketball tickets, a Red Lion Hotel package, Walla Walla wines, a BrickHouse Massage certificate, and a Northern Quest Casino package, which brought in a total of $1,400.

In addition, they received nearly $4,000 in donations!  The combination of individual donations, the online auction, and $5,000 from Moloney + O'Neill raised over $10,000 to benefit American Childhood Cancer Organization Inland Northwest.

Thank you to all who participated, donated items, and


Thank you Shelly, Clayton, and Pizza Factory

Thank you Shelly and Clayton Schneider for stepping outside of your own struggles and helping others who are facing the same challenges.


Your fundraising efforts for the American Childhood Cancer Organization Inland Northwest are a testimony to the spirit that remains strong through the most trying of circumstances.

Thanks to all who donated items and attendeded. You made this a great success and testament to community spirit.

Pizza Factory fundraiser results

ACCOIN Family News

Click here

Housework be gone


Extending our Hand to New Families

Family Event at Bumpers in Northtown Mall

Spokane Parent Group

Need Help with your bills?

In Loving Memory

Click here to donate on-line.

Mail: American Childhood Cancer Org Inland NW

P.O. Box 8031

Spokane, WA 99203

Candlelighters of the Inland Northwest • PO Box 8031 • Spokane • WA • 99203
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