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August 2011 * Yoga & Nature * Mary Yoga ENews Issue #68

Love of Nature

Today, Sunday, the morning after Hurricane Irene pulled back to just Tropical Storm Irene with a big wet kiss for New York, we watch footage of uprooted trees in Central Park, and of people walking, running and biking, even as police cruisers advise citizens the park is still closed, for safety cleanup.

My little family of three perched up on Murray Hill in midtown east enjoyed a rare snow-day weekend, with books and movies, popcorn and hummus, making omelettes and soba noodles, heating Indian and Mexican entrees from Trader Joe's. I reveled in such disparate film entertainments as "Rango," "Jane Eyre," Russell Crowe's "Robin Hood," Sean Penn's oscar winning "Milk." I who rejoice if I get 2 hours for a movie once in a month! I stayed up with milk and snacks and read 'til the wee hours. I philosophized on the couch with my handsome princely teen. I took a summer vacation.

So we stayed cozy in our modern cave, enjoying Mother Nature's wild dance from our place of creature comfort and warm humanity. The other, equally human urge to be outside with nature showed today in the many people drawn to the wet grass and downed trees. My teen went out at 4 this morning to the East River and ran up and down it to feel the wind and rain, which to him felt disappointingly mild.

We thrive when we reconnect to Nature, recognize our interconnectedness with Nature, whether we dodge her passionate moments with great respect, or walk out, reach out, venture out, to meet her.

Yoga is as much about our recognition of Nature within us as anything else; the elements of all creation residing within us, the water, the earth, the fire, the air of our breathing. Enjoy your yoga this month in recognizing the interconnectedness of the wilderness kingdom within you and outside of you!

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YogaFit~Long Island

YogaFit is Beth Shaw's visionary mission to bring fitness and yoga into every area of our nation & world, and make it welcome and accessible to every population including those who may think yoga's benefits cannot apply to them.

I've been a Senior Restorative Trainer with YogaFit these past 18 months, and am happy to report that a MindBodyFitness Conference is coming to Long Island, New York in September. Those new to YogaFit may apply for 2-day Level 1 Trainings; or, with special permission, for other modules, including my 4-day Restorative training.

Check it out on the web page.

LI YogaFit 9/15-18


January~St. Lucia, Caribbean

I was born in and love a tropical climate. I get grumpy in January huddled under winter coats in New York subways. My husband will be doing the musical "Giant" in Texas over January and February, so I will retreat for 4 days, 3 nights in the Caribbean with my son, over a mid-January weekend.

Our venue is the charming boutique hotel Harmony Suites Resort in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, Caribbean Islands. I have run two retreats in St. Lucia, including one at Harmony Suites. For those who'd like a winter break with me, come along, the rates are reasonable, the food is delish, and I will offer Yoga morning and evening, tailored to the needs of the group. There are a few early registration discounts built in to help me gauge attendance, and a cut-off deadline, as I will simply vacation in lieu of yoga retreat if I do not have a goodly number of guests coming.

The current link does not yet list discount dates, but will have those and content edits updated by early September. Feel free to contact myself or Trish Perkins with questions.

Jan 12-15, 2012 Retreat


Schedule Upates To Come

To keep updated on my class and workshop schedule changes in the fall & winter season upcoming, check my monthly ENews or my web page at any time.

Projected additions are a Pure vinyasa class in October and a 2-hour Restorative Holiday workshop in November or December at Pure.

To watch for any other trainings, classes, workshops or series, check your inbox for my ENews updates.

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Photos; Forward; Reply

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Om shanti ~ namaste,

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In This Issue:

Love of Nature
YogaFit~Long Island
January~St. Lucia, Caribbean
Schedule Upates To Come
Photos; Forward; Reply
September Sweetness~AcroYoga Basics 9/25
YogaFit~AcroYoga 9/17 Long Island
Acro Fest in October
AcroGasm NYC in November

September Sweetness~AcroYoga Basics 9/25

In deference to Princess Irene, my Aug. 28 AcroYoga Fundamentals event was moved a month later, to Sunday Sept. 25, from 2:30-5:30 at YogaWorks SoHo, now entitled September Sweetness!

More time to bring yourself and your fun, playful inner child to experience this basics workshop with myself and friends.

No partner needed, no acrobatic experience needed, just an open spirit for play and exploration.

Sept. Acro Workshop


YogaFit~AcroYoga 9/17 Long Island

At every YogaFit MBF Conference where I teach Restorative, I also lead an evening AcroYoga Fundamentals workshop, attended mostly by trainees and trainers, but open to the local public as well. We always have a joyful crowd, energetic after even 10-12 hour training days, because the playful practice is so restoring and rejuvenating.

If you are near Melville, Long Island on Saturday 9/17, won't you come join us? 7:15-9:30; contact

Acro Melville, L.I. 9/17


Acro Fest in October

Many of you have heard or seen me light up with delight when I mention my love for AcroYoga. I believe it is the inherent inner-child release in the joyful play that brings so many to it. This is the 2nd year of our AcroYoga kula from around the world gathering to share it with the world, and with each other.

The two classes I am teaching are linked below under Teachers and my name, but explore the site for the myriad awesome teachers and workshops at every level of practice, and in all three disciplines: yoga, acrobatics, thai massage!

Register by Sept. 15 for early bird price! A Facebook Group page is set up for travelers to help them find lodging and coordinate travel with others.

Divine Play Festival


AcroGasm NYC in November

Whereas my two September offerings are for beginners, and Divine Play in California is for every level from beginner to master, this 6-city tour by Lux, Jason & Chelsey is for advanced acrobatic practitioners, and they kick off in New York!

Nov 11-13, at the Circus Warehouse in Queens, one stop on the #7 train from Grand Central, train for a full weekend with three of the highest level teachers and acrobats in our discipline. And experience the companionship and support of the New York kula of teachers and practitioners, as well as jedi's from the entire Northeast coast.

Advanced Nov Acrobatics

Pure Yoga New York
YogaWorks New York
Sept 25 Acro Workshop
YogaFit Training Systems
AcroFest Facebook Group
AcroFest Facebook Event
AcroFest Free Pass Contest
November AcroGasm
January Weekend Retreat
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