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August 26, 2011 Volume # 6  Issue # 33

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Ivan Appelrouth : : Blue and Instrumental!
Ivan Appelrouth's first recording as band leader. Ivan has been playing and recording for almost thirty years. The early 80's found him in the New England area playing with some of the areas finest blues band and learning from his mentor Duke Robillard. He later returned to his home town of Richmond, VA and played with a number of groups, including touring and recording with Jumpin' Johnny Sansone & the Blues Party. The 90's found him recording & touring with Li'l Ronnie & the Grand Dukes and the DC based Big Joe & the Dynaflows. While touring the US, Canada and Europe with Big Joe, Ivan had the pleasure of playing with such luminaries as Earl King, James 'Thunderbird' Davis, Nappy Brown and many others.
Accompanied by an all-star band of former and sometime band-mates, the renown guitarist showcases his collection of original blues, swing & jump instrumentals plus 4 choice "covers". These tracks stand, in part as a musical tribute to the plethora of rocking and swinging blues and R&B greats who have influenced and shaped his playing and musical taste.
What you'll hear are fourteen tunes recorded live in the studio over 2 five-hour sessions. None of the tunes had ever been performed on stage as a complete band. At each session everyone essentially walked in cold with no rehearsal except for what was in Ivan's head. "I got a idea" was his blueprint, and they went to work. What they got down and done speaks volumes for Ivan and the cats he was honored to have join him. This is the way it's supposed to sound, not retro or old school, just the way it was meant to be played. You can feel it, drenched in emotion, spontaneous and impeccable.

Johnny Sansone : : The Lord is Waiting and the Devil Is Too
Recorded on the moss covered Vermillion Bayou at Docside Studio in Maurice, Louisiana THE LORD IS WAITING AND THE DEVIL IS TOO was produced by Grammy award winning songwriter and heat seeking guitarist Anders Osborne.
The record features the trio of Osborne on guitar, New Orleans dumming hipster, Galactic's Stanton Moore, and Johnny Sansone on vocals and harmonica.
The three have captured a music untamed and primitive; torn down to the bare kuckled root as if Johnny had been fightig with the devil himself as he wrote 9 of the 10 tracks.  
A roots man, instrumentalist, and songwriter Sansome take you o a journey filled with the loss, heart ache, and broken dreams of a true bluesman coupled with the powerful angst, fight, and determination as he boldly states "you don't have to walk the plank on a sinking ship", a whirlwind of defeat which could make a more common man cry out for mercy instead has Johnny seeking a musical revenge. 

Come celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Blues by the Bay in beautiful Eureka, California at picturesque Halvorsen Park, located on Humboldt Bay. The incredible view from this bayside park will be the backdrop for a spectacular line up of world premier blues musicians. Food and beverage, art and craft vendors, and micro-brew beers from many local breweries will be available.
Seating is first come first serve. Bring your blanket or low-back beach chair. Gates open at 9:30 AM on Saturday and 8:45 AM on Sunday with music starting at 10:30 AM on Saturday and 9:15 AM on Sunday. The festival ends by 7 PM each day so you still have time in the sun to explore Eureka’s wonderful Victorian buildings or the great Humboldt County coast line and redwood trees. So get the family together and come experience Blues by the Bay!
Click for more

Feds Raid Gibson Guitars
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The head of Gibson Guitar Corp. said Thursday that the company is being unfairly targeted after a raid by federal authorities at factories in Memphis and Nashville.
Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Nashville-based Gibson, said at a news conference that authorities didn’t specify what they were investigating during Wednesday’s raids, but have suggested that the use of wood from India that is not finished by Indian workers is illegal.
However he said his company has taken steps to ensure that its wood is properly imported. Guitars and other musical instruments are often built from tropical hardwoods, which are increasingly the focus of tight controls due to deforestation.
Juszkiewicz said the company has been implicated in criminal activity, but not charged, which he said was “plain wrong.”
“We feel totally abused,” Juszkiewicz said Thursday.
Nicholas Chavez, special agent in charge of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s office in Albuquerque, N.M., told The Associated Press on Wednesday that investigators searched the guitar maker’s locations in Memphis and Nashville.
Chavez did not say why they did the searches or what they seized. He said it’s part of an ongoing criminal investigation that began in Texas. When asked about that investigation on Thursday, Juszkiewicz said he didn’t know anything about it.
Agents also raided the Nashville location in November 2009. At that time, Gibson issued a statement saying it was “fully cooperating with agents of the United States Fish & Wildlife Service as it pertains to an issue with harvested wood.”
Juszkiewicz mentioned that raid on Thursday, saying more than a dozen agents with automatic weapons invaded the Gibson factory in Nashville, much the same way they did Wednesday. During the 2009 raid, he said authorities seized guitars and “ebony fingerboard blanks from Madagascar.”
This last time, he said authorities seized “several palettes of wood, electronic files and guitars.”
As with the latest raid, he said criminal charges have not been filed from the 2009 raid. He said the company has sworn statements and documents from the Madagascar government showing the seized wood was legally exported from that country.
Juszkiewicz said a case is pending in federal court to have its property from the 2009 raid returned.
He said the materials taken in the recent raid have hurt the company’s ability to produce. Gibson manufactures acoustic and electric guitars. The company also makes pianos through its Baldwin brand.
Juszkiewicz said Gibson is cooperating with authorities, but hopes to start production again soon because each day of non-production is about a loss of a million dollars.
“We will fight aggressively to prove our innocence,” he said.

Rock Hall To Honor Aretha With Series
NEW YORK (AP) -- Aretha Franklin is already a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but this fall, she'll be honored by the hall once again, as part of its American Music Masters series.
The Queen of Soul will be the subject of a week-long celebration by the hall and Case Western Reserve University. It kicks off Oct. 31, includes an all-day symposium and ends with an all-star tribute concert on Nov. 5. Performers for that show have yet to be announced.
In a statement released Tuesday, the 69-year-old Franklin said she was "thrilled and delighted" to be honored and planned to take part in the festivities.
Franklin returned to the concert scene this year after surgery for an undisclosed condition.
Past honorees include Bessie Smith, Les Paul, Janis Joplin and Woody Guthrie.

Featuring Eddie Money / Mark Wills / Darrell Worley / Cee Cee James 
Crossin' Dixon / Jeffrey Steel / Daniel Christopherson and MANY MORE!!!
NEVER FORGOTTEN is a 36 Song Compilation Benefit CD 
recognizing 9/11 Victims, the Fire Fighters, Policeman and 
Port Authority workers involved, and all branches of our military 
from current conflicts as well as those who have assured 
our freedom at the expense of there own lives in all past wars.
How Do I Buy It?
Visit:  Thank You Heroes (
To purchase the full CD or individual song downloads.
Exactly Who Benefits?
You Choose who you want 100% of your purchase dollars to go to:
What Kind Of Music Is On NEVER FORGOTTEN?
A variety of Rock, Christian, County, Blues and Americana.
A little bit of something for everyone! 
All songs written for 9/11 and Military Appreciation.

Richard Gere To Auction Vintage Guitars
NEW YORK (AP) -- Actor Richard Gere has a passion for American vintage guitars.
Christie's auction house in New York says it will be selling 110 of his guitars on Oct. 11.
Gere says he's parting with the instruments to support humanitarian causes around the world.
Christie's says Gere studied trumpet and is a self-taught pianist and guitarist.
While Gere’s musical background is no mystery—he played trumpet in The Cotton Club and sang and danced onscreen in Chicago—only a handful of vintage dealers and collectors have known about his intense fascination with guitars. Gere hesitates to call himself a collector, but the guitars that he has acquired over the past 25 years are quite impressive, including several landmark historical firsts and iconic instruments directly associated with influential artists.
“I never set out to be a collector,” Gere admits. “Whenever I was in a new town shooting a film, it was always fun for me to find the local guitar shops. I enjoyed being surrounded by guys who don’t give a shit about anything but music and guitars. There’s a generosity of spirit amongst guitarists. Almost every city I’ve ever been in has at least one shop that sells old guitars and has a guy who works there who loves them and has the right vibe. You can just sit there for hours and play with no hurry.
“Whenever I was in one of those shops I would always find that one guitar that just talked to me,” he continues. “I would spend a bit of time with it and maybe come back to the store two or three times before I bought it. It’s like falling in love. You’ve got to bond with it and hear what it’s saying to you. Each guitar makes you play differently. It’s like touching a woman. How does she like it?” He laughs. “I’d always manage to find something that I liked, and the next thing I knew, I had over a hundred guitars.”
Included in the sale are brands C.F. Martin, Gibson, Fender, Gretsch and Epiphone, and guitars once owned by blues guitarist Albert King and reggae musician Peter Tosh.
A selection of amplifiers also is being sold.
The sale is expected to bring $1 million.

New Jersey Festival Cancelled, BluesStock still good to go
Gov. Christie's declaration of a State of Emergency caused
the City of Long Branch to do the prudent thing and cancel
the Long Branch Festival on Sat. Aug. 27th.
The festival will not be rescheduled.
NEW YORK (Up State)
We are very closely monitoring the weather on the east coast, communicating with local meteorologists here at Hunter Mountain. The safety of our guests, artists and staff is our Number 1 focus. We have contingency plans in place in the event that Mother Nature gets the Blues up here and we will reach out to everyone via email, Facebook, Twitter as well as updates on our website if there are any changes. Decisions regarding any changes to our schedule will be made the day before each performance day. BLUESTOCK 2011 is all set to go on as scheduled and we are ready to party!
Sunday's performances (including Buddy Guy) will be moved indoors to The Colonel's Hall in the Hunter Moutain Lodge. Sunday ticket holders may choose to use their tickets for Friday or Saturday's performance in lieu of Sunday's. 

Did you know that I do Custom Comic Strips and Comic Pages as gifts?

And the Reviews are In *****
The Toughest Girl Alive! review
FringeNYC Festival Review
J Jordan · August 20, 2011
With a life as full and varied and strange and Candye Kane’s, it can be difficult to decide where to start. To look at her now, possibly middle-aged, with soft, telling eyes, long brown hair and bangs that make you think of Archie comics, this woman is really something of a mystery. Many of you have heard of Ms. Kane or seen her in her myriad media forms. She has posed in adult magazines and performed in live nude reviews and has been featured in adult films.
These things, however, make up about one percent of who she really is.
Did you know, for example, that Ms. Kane is a musician and singer? That she has performed punk, country and the blues? That she writes her own songs and music? Did you know that she is the proud mother of two beautiful sons? People may claim to know everything about Ms. Kane. They may have made judgments about her based on what little (or in some cases what a LOT) they’ve seen of her, but likely those assumptions are incorrect. Luckily, Ms. Kane has fearlessly decided to share the story of her life and the reasons behind decisions that determined the course of her life to bring her in front of us today.
I didn’t know much about Candye—sorry, just can’t keep calling her “Ms. Kane” and I think she would probably hate that—and thought I might be seeing a drag version of someone inspired by her. I also thought I would be seeing a comedy. And, while much of what Candye has to offer is told with humor, very little of her story is actually funny. Some of what she relays is scary and often violent or degrading, but through all of it, one thing remains clear: Candye is the real thing.
There were times during her anecdotes where I had tears in my eyes, where I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There were time when I wanted to cheer or shout out a “Hell yeah!” but refrained—it’s just not that kind of show. I won’t spoil one moment of Candye’s story—it’s hers to tell and she has clearly earned the right to decide to tell it now, in this way—but I can assure you that Candye will surprise you, and she will move you.
Candye and her fabulous band comprised of Sue Palmer on keyboards (and at one point the accordion), Laura Chavez on guitar, Kennan Shaw on bass and Evan Caleb on drums, perform songs (music and words by Candye) live. The songs are all good, and the collective is succinct and well-timed. If this band hasn’t been playing together for ages it doesn’t show. They seem very tight-knit, happy to be there and engaged in what they are doing. To be clear, this is not a musical. Think of The Toughest Girl Alive! as VH1’s Storytellers series, only more glamorous and with a pulse.
Candye is also joined by two very talented co-performers, Robert Kirk and Bethany Slomka, who also sing (quite well) and who serve as all the people revolving in and out of Candye’s world. The lights, minimal set and sound, all managed by Philippe Bergman (technical director), Annie Chabert (crew), and Heather Mallory (sound crew) as well as Javier Velasco’s subdued direction, make you feel more like you’re sitting on the other side of Candye’s coffee table than 50 feet away from her elevated stage.
And that’s really the key to making all this work. Candye seems more comfortable and familiar with performing concerts than theatrical endeavors, as indicated by her soft voice and timing. None of that matters, and, in fact, makes the show better than it would be if she came off as overly-processed and slick. That’s not Candye at all. Candye is, however soft-spoken she may be, honest and frank at all times, even when discussing experiences that will very likely upset you. And she is anything but timid, as evidenced by her choosing to tell her tale to a live audience and also present political views that are not going to be shared by everybody, including her feelings on abortion and sex workers. The distinctive factor here is that Candye speaks from experience and never gets preachy.
I save the matter of Candye’s voice for last for several reasons. One, you may not expect to experience such rich, robust vocal stylings from a woman who is so matter-of-fact about things like appearing on the cover of Juggs. Two, when you do hear her voice the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up. Her voice is rich and buttery and not unlike the sensation that follows imbibing a hot toddy. Her voice, and her manner, make you feel like you’ve just come in from a blustery winter storm to a soft blanket in front of a warm fire. (You get the picture, right?). Three, Candye’s voice—her singing ability, her musical talent—was always the thing about her people were overlooking; they were too busy summing her up and dismissing her based on her appearance. Well, she won’t be overlooked anymore. Now that I’ve heard that voice I can’t get it out of my head. Thank goodness for CDs.
Opened: August 17, 2011
Closes: August 27, 2011

The Blues are Back In Montgomery Alabama
With all the talk of venues and festivals closing down, we have some good news in Montgomery. I posted last year that the Capitol Oyster Bar here - one of very few, and the most regular, venues that would book touring blues acts - was closing down. The restaurant was, in part, a victim of the BP oil spill combined with the recession. There was a brief outpouring of support after the announcement, but the owner, Lewis Mashburn, did finally
close his restaurant last winter.
The good news is that Lewis has re-opened the restaurant in a new location on the Alabama River, and is booking blues acts again. We recently had Spencer Bohren and Eden Brent. John Primer, Cyril Neville, Denise LaSalle and Bobby Rush are booked for next month, with Guitar Shorty, Candye Kane, John Nemeth, Kenny Neal, Junior Boy and Tommy Castro all coming up in October and November.
Happy days are here again!
BTW, in addition to the restaurant, the site also includes a marina and a dry-docked small river boat. Lewis has plans to add a small outdoor stage. The website is in case anyone would like to check it out. 
Jimmy Jacobs

SBS Beach Bash This Sunday
The members' favorite event of the year is coming up on Sunday August 28 when the annual SBS Beach Bash blasts off at noon. Franc Robert and Boxcar Tourists are hosting the jam this year when the music cranks up around 1:00. Bring your axe, harp, sticks, sax, or whatever you play and be part of the best jam of the year. We will have Yuengling and Lagunitas beer again thanks to the fine folks there and some new surprises too. We have some copies of Ruthie Foster Live at Antone's DVD and subscriptions to Blues Revue magazine to raffle. We will also conduct a silent auction for a $150 pair of VIP tickets to see Joe Louis Walker at Polk Museum of Art's Red, White and Blues so bring your pocket money or check book. Food is pot luck so whip up your favorite dish, even if that is chips and dip, and bring anything special you like to drink. You don't want to miss this party on the beach! Make plans now to join us at the Lions Club Beach House - 9300 W. Gulf Blvd., Treasure Island.

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George Thorogood is back, with a tribute to Chess Records, a CD called 2120 South Michigan Avenue. He chats with Elwood about the influence Chess Records had on his music. Featured artists: Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Rogers, Dale Hawkins, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Bo Diddley, and, of course, George Thorogood. Plus, new music from Buddy Guy’s protégé, the amazing young player (12 years old!), Quinn Sullivan. Meanwhile, here at the website, your last chance to win the Jorma Kaukonen custom Martin guitar. And, there are five copies of the new double CD from roots rocker Eric Lindell. You could win one. Right here.
More on our radio and video streams can be found here.
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Thursday-Saturday, August 25-27
Bean Blossom, Indiana, U.S.
Limestone City Blues Festival
Thursday-Sunday, August 25-28
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Thursday-Sunday, August 25-28
Sierre, Valais, Switzerland
Bean Blossom Blues Fest
Thursday-Saturday, August 25-27
Morgantown, Indiana, U.S. 
Trinidaddio Blues Fest VIII
Saturday, August 26, 27 
Trinidad, Colorado, U.S.
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Friday-Saturday, August 26-27
St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
The 2nd Annual Diamond Teeth Mary Blues and Arts Festival
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Foothills Blues & Arts Festival
Friday-Saturday, August 26-27
Pomeroy, OH, U.S.
Hot August Blues Festival
Friday-Saturday, August 26-27
Hardin, Kentucky, U.S.
Bluestock 2011
Friday-Sunday, August 26-28
Hunter Mountain, New York, U.S.
Jb's at the Limetree Festival
Friday-Sunday, August 26-28
Ripon, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Nanaimo Summertime Blues!
Friday-Sunday, August 26-28
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada 
upton festival 2011
Friday-Sunday, August 26-28
worcester, worcestershire, United Kingdom
Byron Crossroads Blues Festival
Saturday, August 27
Byron, Illinois, U.S.
2nd Annual Johnny Shines Festival
Saturday, August 27
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, U.S.
Long Branch Jazz & Blues Festival
Saturday, August 27
Long Branch, New Jersey, U.S.
Napa's Blues, Brews & BBQ
Saturday, August 27
Napa, CA, U.S.
Summer Blues Fest 2011-The Frontier Culture Museum
Saturday, August 27 
Staunton, Virginia, U.S.
Idyllwild Jazz in the Pines
Saturday-Sunday, August 27-28 
Idyllwild, CA, U.S.
North River Blues Festival
Saturday-Sunday, August 27-28
Marshfield, Massachusetts, U.S.
Port Gamble Rock n Blues Festival
Saturday-Sunday, August 27-28
Port Gamble, WA, U.S.
The Rocky Mountain Music Festival
Sunday, August 28
Littleton, Colorado, U.S.
15th Annual Hot Springs Blues Festival
Thursday-Saturday, September 1-3
Hot Springs, Arkansas, U.S.
tecopa ca labor day weekend bbq&blues fest 2011
Thursday-Sunday, September 1-4
tecopa, ca, U.S.
16th Annual Howlin' Wolf Memorial Blues Festival
Friday, September 2
West Point, Mississippi, U.S.
Budweiser Illinois Blues Festival
Friday-Saturday, September 2-3
Peoria, Illinois, U.S.
6th annual tommy johnson blues festival
Friday-Saturday, September 2-3
terry, mississippi, U.S.
Dusk Til Dawn Blues Festival
Friday-Sunday, September 2-4
Rentiesville, Oklahoma, U.S.
Harvest Time Blues Festival
Friday-Sunday, September 2-4
Monaghan, Ulster, Ireland
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