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ByRegion Healers Newsletter - Oct. 1, 2011
Issue 256 - Oct. 1, 2011   

Chakrawoman Moon
by Paul Heussenstamm

Visit the
Spirit Card Center!


November 6-11, 2011
Sedona, Arizona

Would you like to learn how to conduct expert past-life regressions to help people grow and heal? Join us at the Sedona Creative Life Center for a sacred, life-changing and highly experiential certification course. You will be warmly welcomed and given thorough, loving instruction in every aspect of past-life regression by Mary Elizabeth Raines, a recognized expert and author in this remarkable field. Tuition discounts available. For details, see this website or call 920-867-3900.

Trance Dance & Tantric Shamanism

November 2-12 in Guatemala, on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan
The energy of 2012 is upon us, the time is short and we must prepare for the vibrational alignment that is already taking place. We have seen in 2010 huge natural challenges and changes, some that have shifted the magnetic north of our planet. Are you vibrationally, mentally and emotional ready to ride this wave? Are you a Lightworker that part of his/her mission is to uplift the energy and help people on this planet? If your answer is YES! then you owe it to yourself, come join us for this powerful Intensive!!! For detailed information and pricing see this website or email Ernesto.

The Sacred Geometry
Oracle Deck

Designed by visionary artist Francene Hart, includes a 128-page 6X9 paperback book with 64 full-color oracle cards. See this page for more info or to order.

Herbal Adventures with Motherwort
by Susun S. Weed / Herbalist, Author, Founder of the Wise Woman Center and Ash Tree Publishing
Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) is the herb of longevity to the Japanese, who make it into a wine. Chinese and the Russian herbalists also favor motherwort. Whatever your pain - lower back pain, gas pain, tooth pain, almost any pain - motherwort can relieve it. Women with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia respond strongly to motherwort, with pain relief evident in a few hours to a few days. If you live in the northeast and have a garden, or know of a vacant lot in the city, you probably already have motherwort growing near you. If you aren't already blessed with motherwort near you, plant some: scatter a handful of seeds on top of the earth in the early fall and stand back.

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The Chronic Miasms -
Our Inherited Pre-dispositions to Disease

by Ati Petrov DMH, HD(RHom.) / Registered Homeopath and Heilkunst Practitioner
Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), the father of Homeopathic Medicine and Heilkunst as we know it today, was also the first to observe that there was an underlying disease, a hidden constant disease ("arch malady") that could not be detected by the presenting symptoms of the patient. He also had been confounded by the discovery that patients who were "cured" by appropriate homeopathic treatment would return over time with other complaints and a return of their old symptoms. Where he and his students originally had been treating the chronic diseases as if they were stand-alone diseases, he discovered that they were but fragments of a deeper disease, a chronic miasm.

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10 Simple Shifts In Your Thinking for Amazing Results
by Fia-Lynn Crandall / Intuitive Business Coach
Basically, what you have in your life now is a reflection of your beliefs, thoughts, and expectations. You can create only what you believe is possible. From a different perspective, you attract into your life, situations and events that match your energy. So... if we want to begin to attract a more fulfilling reality, we must begin to develop unlimited thinking and do what we can to raise our energy level to match what we would like to create. This article outlines 10 ways to help shift your thinking and energy to allow your desires to come to you naturally.

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Have you always wanted to take a Cruise and Revive Your Inner Healer while Learning New Skills? Or take Cruise and earn CEUs? Our trainings are offered from Cruise Ports nationwide and feature leading professionals in their fields, training on subjects from Abundance to Wellness and much more inbetween. These unique courses are interactive, informative and can be the life change you need. Cruises include all taxes, port charges, food, 24 hour room service, entertainment, and wonderful ports of call, all for a very reasonable price. Anyone can attend the cruise so bring a spouse, significant other, friend or family members and have a wonderful time.

We only have classes on the days we are at sea so you never miss any of the exciting ports of call. We offer 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 day training cruises to fit your schedule and needs.

Tuition is separate and begins at only $100 for 20 hours of training. If you need CEUs we are approved for APA, NASW, NBCC, CA, FL, OH, OK and TX Boards for Behavioral Health professionals, NCBTMB and the State of FL LMT Board for LMT/Bodyworkers, DC Board of Nursing, CRC, and Substance Abuse Professionals. More coming soon so let us know your continuing education needs.

Come join us on a Sea Cruise - Relax and Revive While Learning New Skills.

For details, go to or call (877) 901-4335.

We will soon offer land based trainings in a locale near you.

The Visionary Art of Francene Hart
Francene Hart is a internationally recognized visionary artist whose work has been widely published in books and magazines and hangs in the homes of art collectors and the offices of healers and seekers around the planet. She was summoned by spirit in 2001 to the Big Island of Hawaii and is now painting, swimming and living her bliss in bless'ed Hawaii.

All of her images, including "Catch a Falling Star" (pictured) are available as Full Color Prints or ArtCards.

Francene says about this painting:
"I have long used images of the Divine Feminine - the Goddess in every woman. Catch a falling star ... hold a part of the Universe. It's about saving up wishes, or miracles."

Please see this page for more information or to order.

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