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Chiropractic Nutrition Solutions
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 Jeremie Pederson D.C., C.C.E.P., C.S.C.S.


In this issue:

Open This Saturday For Marathon Runners.

Doctor's Corner

The Best Houston Wellness Services

Which Detox program is the Best?

Flatter me with Referals 

Open This Saturday For Marathon Runners.

I will be open this saturday January 14th, 2012 from 09:30 a.m. - 02:00 p.m. to treat runners who are participating in the Houston Marathon. 

If you need to be taped, have foot or ankle problems, or need to get rid of that low back pain before you run, come see me. 

If you have a friend or running partner who is experiencing pain have them come in Saturday so we can get them through the race safely.

Doctor's Corner

What Do The Credentials C.C.E.P. Stand For?


These credentials are abbreviated for the title of Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner.  This is a 7 month post graduate certification that trains chiropractic doctors to properly diagnose and treat conditions related to fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, ribs, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and toes. 




Many chiropractic doctors receive some level of training in extremity adjustments, but none of them receive adequate training as to how to properly diagnose the extremity condition so that they know which treatments will work most effectively.  This is what the C.C.E.P. program does best, and it is the reason why most professional sports teams like to work with chiropractic doctors that are C.C.E.P. certified. 




I am proud to announce that I am 1 of 6 total doctors that is C.C.E.P. certified in Houston, and 1 of 25 total doctors who is certified in the State of Texas.




I would like to ask all of you to think of me when you or someone you know is suffering with pain in their shoulders, elbows, knees, wrists, hips, ankles, or feet. 

The Best Houston Wellness Services

1.  The most comprehensive fat loss and wellness gym that I have seen so far is called Washington Gym.  James Dang is the owner and mastermind of Washington Gym and has developed a comprehensive fat loss and wellness program that utilizes advanced assesment techniques combined with practical movements to achieve amazing body transformations.  I have seen the excellent results he has achieved for his clients numerous times and fully recommend his services.  Form more information click on this link @ Washington Gym.

2.  If you are interested in crossfit and want to know what all the hype is about, you should check out P3 crossfit.  John McPherson is the owner of P3 crossfit and has been helping clients achieve personal goals, loose weight, and motivate them to compete in national competitions.  John will ease you into crossfit and push you to reach your best in a group atmosphere that breeds champions.  For more information about P3 crossfit please contact John @ P3 Crossfit.

3.  If Yoga and Pilates are more appealing to you I want you to look at Happy Belly Studios.  Michele Stamos is the owner of Happy Belly Studios and I have worked with her and her clients.  She brings her expertise, happy attitude, and adaptive open minded approach to her classes in order to provide a blissful experience.  If you need to decrease stress, increase flexibility and strength, or just need balance in your life please contact Michele @Happy Belly Studios.

4.  If you work near downtown you need to visit the Houstonian Lite health club.  This club is one of the nicest wellness facilities downtown that is perfect for someone on a tight schedule trying to get into shape.  Great trainers, great classes, and amazing locker rooms distinguish this club from most others.  For more information about the Houstonian Lite health club visit their website @ Houstonian Lite.

5.  If you work or live near Greenway Plaza you have to visit the the Houston City Club.  This place has an amazing restaurant, multiple tennis courts, and great workout facilities.  The Houston City Club is affiliated with the Club Corp organization which gives you access to a variety of amazing clubs throughout the country.  For more information regarding the fitness facilities contact Colleen @ Houston City Club.

6.  I have saved the best for last.  If you are looking for personal training or small group training you have to check out Studio Fitness in the Heights.  This place offers something for everyone with a variety of trainers and group exercise instructors.  This is not a health club, but a training studio, which means everyone in the facility is working with a fitness professional to achieve their goals.  If you live in the heights and want to work with a trainer without having to pay monthly gym dues contact Jose @ Studio Fitness

Which Detox program is the Best?

Many of you have been asking me which detox program is the best one to perform?  There is no one best detox program.  To better help all of you I am going to list the essential items needed for a comprehensive detox program, but the truth is you need to boost up the detoxification systems that are specifically weak in your body.

There are 2 major detoxification phases in the body that should be supported to help keep you healthy.  Both phases require a host of B vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids to work properly.  None of these do any good if you can't absorb nutrients correctly.  Listed Below is a sample protocol of what I would do for my own detox program.  You should consult me or your family physician before starting any detoxification program.

Day 1. Fast = Fast for one full day and night drinking only water.

Week 1 =

1. Fiber - Start consuming a healthy fiber option such as Konsyl, which is gluten free.  Start with one serving of fiber in water one time per day taking it an hour before dinner. 

2. G.I. Revive - Take one serving of G.I. Revive powder two times per day between meals for three weeks.  This will help heal irritated gut tissue, increase absorption, and restore normal digestive function. 

3. Dairy - Remove all dairy products from your diet.  This will help to decrese inflammation as most dairy products tend to make mucous and cause minor inflammation in the body. 

4. Food - Eat small meals every 4 hours.  No fast food, no alcohol.

Week 2 -

1. Fiber - Consume one serving of konsyl fiber two times per day one hour before meals.

2. Amino Acids = consume a protein powder that has a good blend of amino acids, such as Whey Cool from Designs for health.  consume one serving three times per day. 

3. Gluten - Remove Gluten from your diet.  For a comprehensive list of foods that contain gluten search the internet.  Try cosuming as many fresh vegetables as possible. 

Week 3 -

1. Finish the G.I. Revive powder.

2. Start taking a multi vitamin and mineral of your choice, consult your doctor first. 

3. Continue consuming Whey Cool protein powder. 

4. Fiber = increase to one serving three times per day one hour prior to meals. 

5. Food = Add organic vegetables to every meal, making half of your total meal consist of organic vegetables. 

6. Avoid nightshade vegetables, celery, konzo, jimsonweed, and fava beans.  

7. Vitamin C - Add three grams of Potent C powder into a glass of water and stir for thirty seconds.  consume this every day.  Ask your doctor before taking vitmain C if you have gout or kidney stones.

Week 4 =

1. Eat something every four hours. 

2. Never eat fruit by itself, but eat fruit with nuts, seeds, fats, or meats.  

3. use organic butter, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil- uncooked, and raw nuts to eat.  Use coconut oil to cook with instead of vegetable or other oils.

4. Cut out all processed sugars, which means you can only eat vegetables, raw fruits, nuts, seeds, meats, and rices or grains that are gluten free.

5.  Continue the potent C, vitamins, minerals, and fiber with these eating rules for the long term detox strategy.

Flatter me with Referals 

Many of my patients thank me for helping them resolve their pain.  I am always grateful and humbled when people appreciate my services.  If you have used my services and found benefit in what I do please review me on Google or click on Review which should send you to the review page for my site.


Your mission is to give my card to three people you that you think are suffering with aches and pains.  The rest of Houston deserves to be treated as well as you have, but they need someone to tell them who I am.  Keep spreading the word!


Tell them to call Dr. Pederson at 713-526-2225

Chiropractic Nutrition Solutions • 1931 Richmond Ave • Houston, TX 77098
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