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Seasonal School of Culinary Arts
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A Question of Taste
Volume 2, Number 5 Thanksgiving, 2011

Dear Culinary Friends,
In times of want or times of plenty, the best way to both economize and celebrate our wealth is to know how to feed ourselves. This season, the very best present you might offer yourself or a loved one a gift of culinary discovery.
We'd like to extend a last call to join us in Sonoma, land of rolling hills, breaking surf, private vineyards, olive orchards, creameries, verdant farmland, redwoods, expansive thinking and culinary revelry.
Below you will find a series of images from last year's session, to give you an idea of what awaits you this December 7-10. Please forward this message to anyone who might wish to explore with us, and if you are a blogger, please spread the news to your readers, with many thanks from both them and us!
Former SSCA students will be offered a $100 discount for this and other sessions you may choose to attend throughout the year (contact Susi, information below, for more infomation), if you sign up for the entire week. California coast residents may have the option of attending individual days if an entire week is more than you can schedule into your lives at this moment.
As always, we welcome sponsors to help keep your choices varied and sumptuous. If you know of anyone who would be interested in contributing to both the short and longterm well-being of the SSCA, please pass along this link, with our profound thanks!

Vineyards Galore

The largest of the San Francisco Bay area counties, Sonoma folds over 300 wineries into its bosom, along with old-world towns, and new-world luxuries. Become a 'Sonomad", one who embraces the generous variety of Sonoma experiences!

Indoor and Outdoor Feasts Await

This meal is in the tiny coastal town of Marshall, home of Hog Island Oyster Farm. We come armed with wine and shallots and herbs and bacon and roast freshly-excavated clams and oysters over an open fire, softened by the sea breeze.

Fresh from the Shell

Of course they're every bit as good fresh from the shell, which is the beauty of stellar products. Part of our goal is to help you expand your awareness of how to find the best ingredients available to you, wherever you are.

The Richness of Cheese

Goat, cow, sheep...hard, soft, and enticingly aged cheeses await the plethora of wines to be tasted at every turn.

Compare the Robes

Each fold in the Sonoma hills presents a different earth, or terroir, which in turn alters the aroma and robe of the wine produced from its vines. Compare the subtelties by tasting multiple versions of pinot or other varietals side by side!

Culinary Coaching with Terrell Brunet

In winemakers' homes or in his Haight Ashbury villa, Chef Terrell Brunet will unleash his secrets for transforming local and seasonal products into luxurious feasts.

Dip Your Hands in the Sauce!

Equip yourself with a whole new repertoire to navigate the coming holidays, from Christmas onward. And if for any reason you are unfortunate enough to be unable to join us this time, remember, there is always Paris in the springtime, Asheville in summer, and Ithaca in autumn!

Salivating by Candlelight

As the candles burn dim at the end of an evening of culinary crescendos, you may want to settle down with some reading while you dream of your next adventure (scroll down to the end of the list, for the most recent recipes of the season, including Cooking a Rainbow)...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Offer a gift to a friend, and nourish him for a lifetime...Let that friend be you and you'll never have to wonder where your next meal is coming from!
In boundless thanks for all who have, across the years, and who will in years to come join us around the table,
Bon Appétit,
Susi Gott Séguret, CCP, Director
Seasonal School of Culinary Arts
Asheville, Ithaca, Sonoma, Paris

Seasonal School of Culinary Arts • PO Box 18462 • Asheville, NC 28814
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