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Mary Aranas Yoga
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May 2012 ~ Soul Slalom ~ Mary Yoga ENews Issue #77

Sweet Soul Slalom

Life University ~ Yoga teaches that life is a slalom we set ourselves, to learn what we need. Like athletes seeking the next level of challenge to grow, our souls seek their lessons too. Seen that way, can we view each "obstacle" that hurls across our path as our own exciting syllabus? Like the next peak to climb, wave to surf, or next slalom run? After all, what is it that drives us on to newer challenges on the mat? On whatever sport or hobby we've chosen to explore?

I'm viewing my recent computer crashes and audit summons as just such. Last night as I walked my slackline on my rooftop, night fell softly, the Chrysler building gleaming and lighting up the sky. In the magical "sandkhya" twilight, that meditative light before night, the swaying line beneath my feet became deeply symbolic. I recognized all the curves that have ever been "thrown" me as the very syllabus I have chosen, the adventure, the university curriculum.

How exciting! I recognize the sweet cozy partnership over coffee as my husband and I plan our tax review. I enjoy Anne Lamott's line "If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans" each time my son broaches the new surprising topic on his mind just as I have my time precisely planned. I marvel at my new little buddha belly that plants itself on my hard-earned 6-pack abs just as though it has a right to blossom there. And who am I to say? Perhaps it does. I must read up on that... So much to learn...

We are blessed with obstacles. We find them on the mountain; on the slackline; in solo and partner acrobatics; we find them in our own practices on the yoga mat. We find them in expensive faraway adventures. We find them close by: in partnerships; in community, certainly daily in New York City. We can find center, breath, Sattva, balance. And compliment ourselves for our effort and diligence.

Mary's New Website


Restorative Recap

Mother's Day weekend we welcomed a sweet group in Studio 2 at Pure East for my seasonal Restorative Bliss workshop, nurtured by four pairs of loving hands, including myself and two of my recently trained Restorative teacher grads shown here in this graduation photo: Aleksandra (back row, 2nd from right) and Vanessa (back row, far right).

Look for my Holiday Restorative Treat in November or December to welcome the Season of Lights.

Pure Yoga New York


Summer Schedule Update

Here is the update on my schedule for the summer months:

Pure Yoga New York Classes:
Mon 10:30 Slow Flow Meditation, East
Tues 12:30 Restorative, East
Thur 11:00 YinYang, West
Thur 5:30 Vinyasa 1/2, East
Fri 10:30 Chakra Slow Flow, West
Fri 5:30 Restorative, East

Om Factory Flight School:
Mon 5:30-7 Acrobatic Flying Basics
Mon 7:15-8:45 Fly & Thai ~ Open
*In July, the 7:15 class becomes a Jedi 1 Series on The Great Wall Flow

I will also be subbing many AcroYoga classes for my traveling teacher pals, as they will for me, through the summer. I will post any yoga or AcroYoga classes I am subbing on my webpage when I can schedule them well in advance.

My Schedule Online


Make A New Mistake

Again on the rooftop at dusk, kicking up to handstand, a life revelation! "Make a Different Mistake." AcroYoga co-founders Jenny and Jason like to say this when we are trying a skill and failing always the same way.

When we are willing to try making a new and different mistake, we create a shift in paradigm. More often of course, we prefer to remain in place, repeating our favorite mistakes. Does this sound familiar? Is it clear we are not just talking about yoga poses?

Are there places you are able to make a shift to try a new and different mistake, to see if it moves you on past the old one, into your next phase of learning?

AcroYoga Site


Planets in Practice: Pure East

My teacher mentee Rebecca Claes continues her Planets In Practice theme cycle through June at Pure Yoga Eastside, in her Wednesday 2:00-3:15 Slow Flow Community Class. Each week she leads us through class focusing on a different planetary affect on our lives as we explore our yoga practice to manifest our own highest potential.

This delicious class at the beautiful Pure Eastside studio is free for members and non-members, so come in from the summer's heat Wednesday afternoons and enjoy this treat!

"The Luminaries" in Practice


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I regard your privacy as sacrosanct and and do not share email lists. Please feel free Forward, Reply, or Unsubscribe at any time!

See you again in my ENews at the end of June! Have a sweet summer full of soulful adventures.

Om Shanti! Peace!

My New Website

In This Issue:

Sweet Soul Slalom
Restorative Recap
Summer Schedule Update
Make A New Mistake
Planets in Practice: Pure East
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Rangoon ~ World Premiere
Om Factory Flight School
AcroYoga Workshops, Retreats, Immersions
YogaSlackers ~ Slackasana
Photo Crecits

Rangoon ~ World Premiere

In 1983 when I met my husband he was directing ~ yes, we worked together ~ and he has directed off and on over the years in addition to acting.

On May 31 the play he's currently directing opens at the Harold Clurman on Theater Row, 42nd Street, and runs Tues-Sun through June 17, 7 shows a week.

"Rangoon" by Mayank Keshaviah is a world premiere, funny and deeply moving, portarying a family of Indian immigrants confronted with the seductions of American life while trying to keep its heritage alive. Keats said "Beauty is truth, truth, beauty": that is still the spirit that draws me, in art, in yoga, in life.

Rangoon through June 17


Om Factory Flight School

Om Factory, NYC's home of adventurous yoga in the Garment District, with Anti-Gravity, AcroYoga, Yoga Fight Club, Hoop Vinyasa and Aerial Silk workshops as well as Vinayasa, Forrest, Restorative, and Mysore, now opens a downtown location!

Flight School at Union Square dedicates itself to defying gravity, with Anti-Gravity and AcroYoga dominating the schedule, multiple offerings, styles and levels within those disciplines. This adds 8-10 AcroYoga classes a week to New York City! Come check out a first-week pass for $45 or first month for $108, unlimited both locations. My classes are Mondays 5:30 Acrobatic Flying Basics, and Mondays 7:15 Fly and Thai Open in June (in July, 7:15 becomes a Jedi 1 Acrobatic series on the Great Wall Flow).

Om Factory NYC


AcroYoga Workshops, Retreats, Immersions

AcroYoga's soon entering its 10th year of growth and burgeoning worldwide as a practice and as a philosophy! With its mission nothing less than bringing a "higher" ~ akro ~ "union" of connection ~ yoga ~ I'm proud and not surprised to see it saturating the media in all sorts of pictorial recognition, whether in featured stories or simply eye-catching photography.

With all this emphasis on its beauty, we may forget that it is the transformative partner practice that fuels the magic in this discipline. Partner practice that empowers, encourages and heals your partnerships can be a great force for peace and understanding, in your relationship to yourself and your own body, and in communities of all kinds. We encourage your offices, studios, gyms, relationships, to experience a workshop, and see walls crumble, communication vastly enhanced; gentleness, humor and joy exponentially rise!

Workshops may be Team Building, AcroYoga Fitness, Creative Movement, Therapeutic Fly and Thai, Partner Flow and Thai, or an all-inclusive Foundations of AcroYoga. Contact to request a workshop if you have a group interested in one.

For Classes, Workshops, Immersions or Retreats in your area that you may attend, find the listings near you and the offering you seek.

AcroYoga Website Worldwide


YogaSlackers ~ Slackasana

Jason Magness and Sam Salwei are two intrepid yogi adventurers who founded the YogaSlackers circa year 2006. They are a teaching team and also encompass a professional sports team. The team's motto "Extreme Living with Awareness" expresses the joyful expansion of yoga both on and off-off mat that embodies the many physical explorations they teach and undertake.

I am excited to join their teaching team in their second ever YogaSlacker Teacher Training this June in Virginia. For more on YogaSlackers and on SlackAsana, including their Facebook pages and my New York inspiration and teacher Adi Carter, see links at bottom right.

YogaSlackers Website


Photo Crecits

Thank you for photos this issue to: Lindsey Britt for Deven Sisler and me in North Adams quarry, and for Partner Flow hands; Ryan Martin for my Rincon waves and slackline Savasana; Pan Asian Rep for Rangoon; Arielle Caruso for Union Square pics, "Photo" Pat Kuharic and assistant Anita Vasan for Restorative grads; Central Park youth leadership camp friends for Jake Brenner & me in high Hangle Dangle; Monja Mani for Chris Loebsack and me teaching; and "Back To Earth: Artworks" Facebook album via Kat Yogini. Thank you, y'all!!!

Pure Yoga New York
Om Factory NYC
AcroYoga NY Facebook Group
Mary's AcroYoga page
AcroYoga Worldwide
YogaSlackers Facebook Page
YogaSlackers East Coast FB Page
YogaSlacker Adi Carter
Mary Aranas Yoga • * 310 Lexington Ave. • NY, NY 10016
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