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Flops, Failures and Reframes
A Day in June in the Year That Has a 12 at the End of it

Our shortened attention spans make us run from newsletters that are solid walls of text these days. This one is no exception, unless you're a die-hard Muse Flash reader, (in which case, I am pausing in this moment, to do an interpretive dance of appreciation ..../#/[video unavailable] Some of you have been with me since 2005, thank you sincerely).
So I'm going to convey my message simply to appease those with short attention sp...
Foliage Tip for June:
  • You may be tempted to park your car underneath a Jacaranda tree that's dropping it's petals.
  • You may think driving away with a farfare of the purple flying over your windshield will be a swoosh of delicately magical delight. ABSTAIN. Or be stained.
  • Jacaranda blossoms have sap that stick to your windshield with a mind-bogglingly relentless strength that's undetered even after two drives through a car wash while listening to The Doors.
  • Your view will be stained, your poetic intention thwarted, and you will curse trees who really deserve unblemished adoration - because THEY BLOOM IN RADIANT PURPLE BLOSSOMS, for God's sake! (Behold  - just don't park under them).
Creative Metafodder Sapped From the Above:
  • Don't be distracted from the road by the illusions around you. Believe in yourself from the inside out.
  • Some things are worth sticking to, others not so much. You know true friends, they stick together even if they drive each other crazy once in awhile. Find friends that stick with you and make you laugh. Let the other ones fly over your windshield (metaphorically). 
  • Wear comfortable shoes. (Where'd that come from? Random associations are allowed in the creative process. Have a few right now: maple syrup, Spruce, wood you, could you? Allow yourself to connect to something that just shows up and doesn't necessary fit the theme.  Chances are it's your subconscious providing some juicy stuff, take notes - the subconcious is rich with genius).
  • Creativity and Craziness originate from the same place: the letters "Cr."  Don't be afraid to be a little bit of both in the name of living this life to its fullest - You're not here forever. Take your car and run over your fears and hesitations. Floor it!
Okay.. I got carried away with text. Forgive me. If you're still reading, there's a free PDF here for you to download and print out. It's your reward. The trees sent it so, walnut?
Happy June,

Feed Your Creativity: It's Hungry

June 4, 2012 How to Be More Creative: Confessions of a Renegade Muse
Free Teleconference: 4pm pacific, 5pm mountain, 6pm central, 7pm eastern This is part two of an eight part series), but you can drop in for any one of them).
Tips, triggers, creativity coaching, and I have a feelin' I'm gonna to be channelin'a Muse from Jersey on this caul).
$5 for the MP3 recording if you miss the call
$25 plus color PDFs for all eight calls
Sign-up here even if you can't attend. Call information and links to purchase MP3s will be sent. No need to email if you can't make the call.
July 10- 14, 2012 Taos for Electric Skies and Creative Thunder!!!
Join me at The Mabel Dodge Luhan House in enchanting Taos: Take  Advantage of the Special Price (goes up JUNE 5).
Taos is magic in the summer, thunder storms in the afternoon inspire creative electricity. We will be lightning rods!
You will receive:
  • the nurturing, support
  • rich inspiration,
  • time,
  • and comaraderie you need to spill open creatively and stay that way in a non-competitive, beautiful space.
The price of this retreat is lowered this year, one time only, so more people can attend. Be one of them, take advantage of the lowered cost but sign-up before June 5.  For more information or email or email Jill and she will tell you about this retreat on the phone. 
August 15 - November 21, 2012 Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training
Now accepting applications for the August training.
The training is life-changing, ask for references, read the testimonials. 
More information here, payment plans available.
or email 
September 7-9, 2012
Temenos Retreat Center, West Chester, PA (close to Philly)
Kat Kirby, I, and all the cowgirls had a blast in Sedona and have booked four more Cowgirl and Crayons retreats. The combination of SoulCollage(R) and Jill's quirky and crazy creative writing and movement techniques frees all your stabled creativity into wild expression and a whole lot of fun. More information on this page or sign up by emailing
Have a magical and creative summer.

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