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i love creativity
Summer 2012 Mission:
THAT Creativity Project 
You Want to Get to
Here's your mission, should you choose to be fulfilled.
I'm learning to animate my illustrations and as I do, I'm blogging how I use Kaizen-Muse Creativity tools to help me get through the blocks I butt up against, like:
It's free so you would have to feel
like you deserve free stuff.
(Not everyone does.)
I'm on PAUSE for a few days so that my Muse Flash readers
(that would be you), can catch up.
There's no deadline, syllabus, requirements, or grades.
Creative projects are about starting something new and staying with it, forgetting about it and then starting over again, and finding your own pace and style. So just use my posts as suggestions, ideas, and inspiration, use your intuition as a guide.
I noticed I'm more accountable because I post.
You're invited to post comments to help with your accountability.
I send updates to The Awe-manac FaceBook page.
Renegade Muses Publishing House is proud to announce it's first offical release: Chip Chip Chaw: Tales of the Unsane by Alex Bosworth
Excellent summer reading if you love irreverent, laugh-out loud, short stories. (Think Jonathan Winters meets David Sedaris.)
Purchase from amazon or
as a Muse Flash reader,
purchase for a discount for a limited time,
 from me, for $18 including P&O*
(*Inside the U.S--other countries according to PO rates, mileage may vary, not available in any store, moths may fly to the moon, has caused belly laughs in 98% of readers--other 2% were reading the book upside-down.) 

Hunting Watermelon & Other Summer Celebrations

Recent Radio Interviews (To listen to while eating watermelon):
  • Kim Wilborn from Women's Transformational Show, interviewing Jill Badonsky, (that would be me), about Getting Through Creative Blocks on  Beam yourself here
  • Amanda Page from She Writes, inteviewing Jill about Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching That one's here
July 1, 2012 Creativity Thunder Workshop
11:30a - 6:30p Panoramic View of the Ocean, Encinitas 
Writing, Easy Visual Journaling, Energy Opening
All levels including beginners, chickens, and people who have been doing stuff for a long time. Only one space left. More here.
Monday, July 2, 2012 4 pm pacific/7 pm eastern
Free Creativity Coaching Conference Calls
Secrets of a Renegade Muse Inspiration: Teleconference with live creativity coaching, experiences of the creative kind,    
Free live
$5 for the recorded MP3
$25 for the the eight call series
Sign-up even if you can't make it for info about the recordings.
(If you sign-up and can't make it, no need to email me - unlimited sign-up but only 50 people will make the call.) Call sign-up
July 10- 14, 2012 Creativity Retreat at The Mabel Luhan Dodge House, Taos, New Mexico 
Let this be the summer you discover and unleash your creative voice in enchanting Taos. Small, intimate retreat with Jill Badonsky. Gourmet healthy food, writing, process art, the Taos adventure ... thunder storms, quirky camaraderie. A few spaces left. More about Taos here.
August 15 - November 21, 2012 Next Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training
Now accepting applications. "Sometimes I can't believe I'm getting paid for something that brings me absolute bliss!"
Using original creative modailities, coach people who struggle with procrastination, resistance, overwhelm and self-sabotage in any endeavor in their lives. Experience your own breakthroughs. You get to be a creativity coach for the rest of your life.
September 7 -9, 2012 Cowgirls and Crayons: Temenos Retreat Center outside of Philly
Release your bold, creative self through writing, SoulCollage
(R), art, movement, and laughing. With Jill Badonsky and Kat Kirby. Scroll down on this page.
Also in Austin, Sedona, and Santa Fe in 2013. Cowgirl up!


Ready to Rebel?

Ways to Rebel:

1. Refuse to subscribe to anything that doesn't resonate with that quirky part of you that you love. (If you don't know that part, spend more time ALONE getting to know it. When you see it in others acknowledge it in yourself).
2. Don't follow the crowd blindly. Don't be afraid to disagree. Don't watch, listen, join, attend, or be things just because "everyone else" is doing it or you think you're supposed to.
3. Stop worrying what other people think. It's none of your business. (If that's hard, try not caring 5% more at a time).
4. Spend time being creative in the way that makes you happy. Creativity is its own reward.
5. Stop reading about and watching shows about other people, and BE the person you want to read about and watch. Choose to do something creative instead of attending a party or any event that isn't really YOU.
6. Hang with people who GET you. Accept and wave at people who don't get you, but your tribe influences you deeply whether you like it or not. Find people who understand and love that creative side of you that you love.
7. Go see the film Moonrise Kingdom this summer.
8. Don't hold back. It's short, this life.
9. Make up your own Rebel list. (Ignore this one, or blow a big gum bubble so you can't even see it).
The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. ~Albert Camus

The Muse is IN • 3142 1st Ave • San Diego, CA 92103
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