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Why do you Ask?
Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Almost August 2012

Hi ,
  • The simple act of asking questions leads to the often elusive phenomenon of idea discovery, i.e. creativity. But the questions need some conspired gusto and your answer-centers may need some tweaking.
  • Try asking this question: What do I notice about the room I'm sitting in right now?
  • Pause and actually consider the question . . . Go ahead.
  • If you did indeed play with that question, you'll find yourself moving from passive reader to active observer, awake to the possibility in the present moment (where creative connections occur). You might even list room observations in poetry or prose. 
  • And all you had to do was ask a question and consider your own answers. (Answers not in the back of the book this time. . . 'specially cause this isn't a book). Sometimes just asking the question is enough because it motors up the subconscious.
  • Now ask: What does this room notice about me? Whoa. This is not a logical question. 
  • So what? 
  • It forces you into a more poetic or imaginative sphere of thinking and if you are open-minded, like creative people are, you will go there.

  • As Al Einstein said, imagination is more important than knowledge--imagination makes creativity possible; knowledge and logic are fixed (unless you're a wild banshee in the area of free-associations and breaking rules -yay you).
  • So what DOES the room notice about you? Got answers? Look at them.
  • Chances are some of you said say something critical about yourself. Those of you who know the power of NOT CRiTiCiZiNG YOURSELF came up with funny, interesting, poetic, or poignant answers--all more creative than putting yourself down unless you put yourself down in a creative fashion like with performance art or maybe  Jell-O.
  • If you said something critical about yourself (or if you are an adventurer), go back and ask the question this way:
  • What is something funny, interesting, poetic, or poignant that the room notices about me? You might get a richer collection of answers.
The room rolls up its Venetician blinds so I can see a squirrel flying by like a trapeze artist through the canyon back there.. and the sea breeze, the room breathes with the breeeeze. The room is no slouch, it captures every prayer, every tear, every laugh and perserves those treasures in the electric outlets - i plug into their memory to conduct my writing. The room tells me it is small but and invites me to expand with imagination's promise into creative adventure. The room inside me is limitless. Gotta go. Room service is delivering a banquet once again.
I'd love to see YOUR room observations. Email them?
  • Asking questions can make you more creative, IF you design your questions in a way that works for your creative mind.  
  • Questions like "What is possible?" versus "Why am I such a loser?" make the difference between embracing a creative life or punishing yourself with addictive, unsatisfying past times. It's a choice. 
  • When we ask questions, we trigger the genius committee in our subconscious - they connect us to the vast reservoir of experiences and skill inside of us.  Actual x-ray of my subconscious pictured here  (No women are present in the x-ray because I ask a lot of questions about shoes and they are out shopping).
  • BTW, I'm only using bullet points because people are more likely to read this than if I don't.  
  • The kind of questions you ask make a big difference in the inner-workings of the mind where ideally- answers, solutions, and ideas are relayed. Questions can also result in creative blocks so practice asking questions that serve you.
  • We will talk more about how to design questions for ingenuity and liberation on the next free Secrets of the Renegade Muse conference call on Monday, August 7. Sign-up here
See articles below for the next Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training and
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Next KMCC Training and Retreat on the East Coast

August 8-November 21, 2012 Next Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training
Now accepting applications. 
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Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching uses original creative modailities, intuition, play, pampering, and small steps to move people thorugh procrastination, resistance, rebellion, overwhelm and self-sabotage that impedes creating why they want in any area of their lives. Experience your own creative breakthrough as you learn to be a creativity liberation lover.  
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September 7 -9, 2012 Cowgirls and Crayons GOES EAST!!!!: Beautiful Temenos Retreat Center outside of Philly
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Release your bold, creative self through writing, SoulCollage
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We loved this retreat so much we scheduled one in Austin, Sedona again, and Santa Fe in 2013. Cowgirl up!

Dang Trickyleaks! Releasing excerpts of my book ahead of time!

Unfinished Sentences are a Lot like Questions.. Sometimes

Another question that more easily elicits creative thought than a blank page or an empty mind is "How would I complete this sentence?" Starting with half a sentence gets those guys in the subconscious all excited, they volunteer stuff like crazy--often they all yell at the same time. 
I post a daily prompt on Facebook; sometimes it's an unfinished sentence. It's a small simple exercise, really just for the fun, that takes just a minute to do, but we've been doing this for long enough that I can tell my friends are getting more creative and clever because they play regularly... Regularity: Truly a key to being more creative! Otherwise your ideas get constipated. 
  • How would you complete: All my. . .
Here's what some of my friends wrote:
Coral Ann Jyrkas Champer exes live in Texas..
Jennifer Hardy Rinehart lovin', I will send to you.
Melisa Glassford wisdom is a figment of my imagination...
Julie Ann Liens to take myself seriously today dissolved in laughter
Steve Fix Money is in my OTHER PANTS!
Susan Volk life, i have never once fallen out of love with a book.
Jan Mollet Evans family members are strangely quiet -- wonder what they are plotting?
Ed Coonce teeth are real
Lane Rider chickens have come home to roost.
Dale Damron eggs are now in different baskets, as my broker strongly advised. But why does this have to be an easter egg hunt?
Lynda Treger pencils have a different   point of view.
Adriana Pizzia Franc All my thoughts are progressively turning my life into my dream reality, how's that for  energy????
  • How would you complete: Sometimes, when it's quiet ...
Cherie Balowski ‎... I can hear the trees breathe
Bonnie Shapley I can hear my house sighing
Andrew Petersen i discuss economic policies with the evil me in my head.
Lisa Gornicki Bolender I can hear my cat fart.
Dylan Barmmer You can hear other people making love.
Steve Fix I don't mind hearing the others making love. It's just when they take up all the covers...
Marilyn Shapley I hear my dead peoples' voices--murmuring encouragement
Donna Mulholland you realize that all is well in your world
George Schlaughenhoupt  I can also hear Lisa's cat fart.
Irene Sieders The silence is deafening.
Jacki Whitford my soul hears angels singing.
Rick Christensen I can listen
Jocelyn Brown I do port de bras.
Jerry Minyard my tinitus reminds me of being too close to the band.
Jill Badonsky I run down the street yelling, "WHY IS IT SO QUIET?!" Once, i fell in a manhole and was rescued by a fireman. I LOVE those boots.
When it's quiet I can remember the days I spent in Cedar Rapids... only problem is, I've never been to Cedar Rapids.
Create some unfinished sentences for yourself and see what happens. Pull some partial sentences out of a book or find some eavesdropping.


Found Object on Facebook I Kinda Like

Need some structure to get to you

Tom Robbins Quote

How can we be more subversively goofy?
When will you show up for your creative passion again?
What would make it easier? 
What would make it more fun?
Why can't we all get a lawn?
If you need structure to show-up for your creative passion, join me for my complimentary Parallel Universe Times every Friday. Beam yourself here.
Peace, love and fireflies,
Jill Badonsky

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