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Unclutter the Air
Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching September 2012

monkey mindHi ,
Got air clutter?
Does your mind flit from one thing             to
Does this make it frustrating to focus on your creative PASSiON?
I KNOW, right? Guess what? You're not alone, it's an epidemic.
Unless you've protected yourself from the barrage of flashing media and made it a rule NOT to constantly multi-task, and unless you have a well-developed FOCUS-MUSCLE you may have fallen into societal hypnosis which at this point consists of an attention span that is about five seconds long . . . on a good day.
In fact, I've probably lost a good number of you already, but those who know the necessity of staying with an idea or a pursuit for longer than five seconds and want some solutions to monkey-mind, HELLO... read on.
1. Be aware of monkey-mind's grip. Jumping from one thing to the next is not just a bad habit you've gotten into, it's also reinforced by the collective unconscious. Most people are experiencing it, so this mass current of frenetic energy is going to take some concentrated effort to swim upstream against or at least hang on to the dock while others are tumbling over the waterfall.
I'm throwing you a life preserver and pulling you in... focus.
2. The monkey is there to defeat you. Call it the ego, fear, anxiety-elixirs, weak-will, impressionability, mis-directed-rebellion, a story you tell yourself--all of these act against your creative progress. Defeat the monkey. Tell the monkey it can have 30 seconds of your time to flit around; put your distractions on your To-Do list. Notice what happens. In most cases, the monkey no longer jumps; it's no fun when it's not working against you. What we resist, persists. Give up the battle and notice you are free to choose. 
3. The monkey-mind punishes you. Your creative passion is your joy and your monkey-mind is keeping you from it. Do you need to punish yourself? Shame, guilt, martyrdom serve no one - but can keep you down subconsciously if you don't consciously say-"Okay, we're done here." You may have to say it 3,000 times to your old patterns, but say it. Move on. Can you allow yourself to feel 5% more deserving of living a creative life? Make your past, your past--close that book. Begin a new chapter of working for yourself, not against.  
Have a banana.

Associative Wisdom and the Comics

A rich characteristic of creative thought is the ability to consider images and ideas that are already in existence... but think something different.
This includes the skill of Free Association. What words, images, thoughts do you associate with something you see or hear?
I provide a daily opportunity to free associate on my Facebook page and I've noticed the skills of my friends  sharpening and advancing as they partake in this exercise daily.
Herman-Law Translated Kaizen-Muse Style:
  • Don't be afraid to break the rules to get where you're wanting to go.
  • Have a little audacity.
  • Act as if... you're a pizza, an artist, an author, a person truly alive with joy and gusto. Faking it until you make it is a powerful creative principle.
  • Consider how much you are like a pizza, an artist, a creative person...  ALREADY, and give yourself credit... or some Parmesan Cheese.
The Far-Side of Action Translated to Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Terms:
  • When you find what works, keep reminding yourself about it.
  • Repeat it until it becomes a habit.
  • Keep it simple; celebrate small successes. 
  • Use your common sense; wishful thinking alone will doom you.

  • A pod-cast from Smart People guys, has me helping these guys plan an escape from the corporate world as well as explains about some of the Nine Modern Day Muses. Click here to listen.
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