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October 25, 2012

Volume 9/Issue 43

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Show Us Your RFG!!

Reggae Journalist Sheelah Moody Produces a San Francisco Reggae Festival Double-Shot

Hi Everyone!


I captured these photos of two of the nicest, hardest working reggae soldiers behind the scenes at the 2nd Annual SF Reggae Festival, held in San Francisco's historic Fillmore Jazz District Oct. 20. KPOO FM San Francisco  DJ and radio personality Irie Dole and Joy Ayala, Road Manager for Rankin' Scroo and his band.


Happy Autumn Harvest,





Send us a photo of you with the Reggae Festival Guide Magazine! It can be of you at a festival or performance.  It can be of you or a performer.  It could be of you and a performer.  We're interested to see who's hands the Reggae Festival Guide Magazine ends up in......


One Love Ya'll,

Yvonne Varner, Reggae Festival eGuide Editor

News Flash

Luciano To Receive 2012 Pinnacle Award

Brooklyn, N.Y., October 23rd 2012... On Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 the Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music (CPR) will present the Pinnacle Award, its highest honor to roots reggae stalwart, Luciano, fondly hailed as "The Messenger." The presentation will take place at the 8th annual Reggae Culture Salute where 'Jah Messenjah,' Luciano will make his third headline appearance as Reggae Culture Salute honors the message in roots reggae music. Luciano is being recognized for his years of dedication, consistency and commitment to spreading a positive message through roots reggae music. In a statement, the CPR board of directors noted that "this award is being bestowed upon the 'Messenger' at a time when the world is in dire need of his healing music." According to Sharon Gordon, co-founder and chairperson of CPR, "It's a real joy to watch people's reaction when they find out that Luciano is indeed coming to perform in Brooklyn." Fans love Luciano for his high energy performance and culturally and spiritually conscious lyrics. Critics all agree that Luciano's music has never been diluted and his energetic stage presence is a big draw. "It's a really good feeling to know that we are able to honor him for this critical body of work and for being an exemplary artist and human being while he is still alive," Gordon added. As such, fans are encouraged to get their tickets early and come out in thousands to support Luciano on this milestone achievement. The ceremony and concert happens at Nazareth High School Performance Center, 475 E. 57th Street (between Avenue D and Clarendon Road) in Brooklyn.


As demand to experience Reggae Culture Salute has gone global, a Pay Per View internet stream will carry the show live. Log on to to place your order. Tickets for the concert are also available at and in several ticket outlets.


Reggae Culture Salute is sponsored by Dennis Shipping, Kristal Auto Mall, The Door, GRACE, Courts Caribbean, Fountain Pimento Oil and Dragon Stout. Proceeds from the event benefit CPR's Community Conversation Series, a series of forums conducted throughout New York City addressing the creation, development, growth and presentation of roots reggae and CPRLive, CPR's online broadcast platform. The event is open to a general audience. Children 12 years and under are admitted free of cost.


For information call 718-421-6927 or email


Gramps Morgan Launches Pearl Health Systems

Years after his mother's passing, Roy "Gramps" Morgan continues to find ways to honour Pearl's memory in song and most recently, through his new organic based vitamin supplements line, the Pearl Health Systems.


"Seeing my mother suffer the dreadful effects of cancer inspired this initiative for prevention, and the maintenance of our bodies. Typically, I use my music as a means to help heal people; the Pearl Health Systems is another way for me to help enhance the lives of others by educating people about the importance of prevention and taking a proactive approach to wellness to eliminate the need for cures and remedies.


Speaking candidly, Gramps continues, "Today there is a huge war going on that is not in the mainstream media. That war is between the pharmaceutical companies and the homeopathic methods used to maintain health and to avoid diseases and ailments; including but not limited to high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and sexual dysfunctions. Pearl Health Systems offers a natural way of staying healthy; eliminating free radicals from the human body through the proper balance of essential vitamins and nutrients. Our products are not cures for any particular ailment or disease, but rather an alternative to the chemically based drugs called medicine. These organic based vitamins can help to maintain and regulate the body's natural cycle.


Although the line has over two thousand products, Morgan has only unveiled twelve to start, specific to both men and women's health. Two such products are Iron Man - a supplement to aid  with sexual satisfaction, performance, and dysfunction and Virtuous Woman - to help increase energy, endurance, stamina and sexual desire. 


The health conscious Morgan is a multifaceted entrepreneur, who prior to Pearl Health Systems had been developing his own line of food. Expect to see an official launch of "Gramps Farms" next year.  


In the near future, some of Gramps' upcoming performances in this last quarter include The Barclays Centre on November 2 with Morgan Heritage and the Island Company Clothing Launch in West Palm Beach on December 7. He will also give his first solo performance in his home parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica on December 22, before returning to New York City to ring in the new year on December 31 with Sanchez and Friends. 


Finally, his syndicated radio programme, The Gramps Morgan Show now airs every Friday during Linkage Radio's afternoon drive time from 4-6 p.m.


To book interviews with either Gramps contact Teresa Castellucci 416.720.4061 or email .  


For everything else log on to


We Roots Various Artist All Female Vocal and Dub set just released

Full-length CD Now Available! Catch Me Time Records presents a varied set of reggae music from a diverse group of female artists. Recorded at Mystery Man and Rough Sounds studios in Los Angeles and produced by Chuck Foster, long-time host of Reggae Central on KPFK-LA, the New CD features vocals from UniversalSpeakers, Shayna Dread, Jessica Burks, Jordan Mercedes, Zema and Queen Pinna showcase-style with each song followed by a full-length dub. All of the artists brings their own individual background, experience and quality to the mix.

We Roots gathers some of Southern California's finest musicians drawing on Jamaican styles from rock steady to roots and adding non-traditional elements for a unique sound. Women have always made a great contribution to reggae and this  collection brings together a group of artists and styles that keep positive music moving forward in this crucial time. 


Exclusive CD Release Party! Enjoy a Night of Performance & Spirits November 11th, 2012 as Catch Me Time Records presents a varied set of Reggae Music! The event will take place at O'Brien's Irish Pub & Restaurant 2941 Main St in Santa Monica. Plus Special Live Track Performances accompanied by DJ sets from Dub Passe jah& Chuck Foster!

21+ / 9:00 PM / NO COVER!WE ROOTS VARIOUS ARTISTSTo Order using Paypal the Full-length CD through CD Baby!Download MP3s through iTunes &!


Sgt. Remo’s "Life Is For Living" Debut EP Album Now Available!

Sgt. Remo’s debut solo EP album, Life Is For Living, debuts worldwide on Wednesday, October 24, 2012. Born Sergio Ortiz in Juarez, Mexico, Sgt. Remo joins forces with a diverse group of reggae producers from all over North America on this 5-track release. The EP includes five socially-conscious roots & culture smash hits projecting Sgt. Remo into the global spotlight. The Mexican born, self-described singjay, continues to amaze audiences with his rich vocals and reflective writing ability.


The first single titled How Long, an uplifting roots anthem, was released on the Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide compilation album and remains in heavy rotation across the reggae airwaves worldwide. It has been the featured single on Sgt. Remo’s Jango radio station and continues to harvest a growing audience for the artist. The video for the single How Long will be unveiled on the same date. The video was filmed in Florida during a chilly 3 days in February, 2012 by Munda Inc. Productions out of El Paso, TX. The album is a strictly digital release on the Jah Yutes Entertainment label and will be available for download at all all digital outlets and stream sites. Visit Sgt. Remo at the official website Follow him on youtube, facebook, twitter .


Official track listing: 

1. No Man Stranded (Jah Yutes Ent./EA Productions) 

2. Tell Me Who (Jah Yutes Ent./Charlie's Records) 

3. Thunder & Lightning (Jah Yutes Ent./Full Grown Studios) 

4. Marie (Jah Yutes Ent./Hotta Lava Music) 

5. How Long (Jah Yutes Ent./Dread I Arts/Ceremony Studios) 



This is an exciting time for me as I am gearing up to release my first solo EP. Although I have gotten the opportunity to release some of my music before (Mister Kali's Step Fast album [Loving, Loving], Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide Vol. 1 compilation, Brighter Smile Riddim album, Serious Love Riddim album, Dawtah

single release) this is the first official Sgt. Remo solo album. Putting this project together has been a great experience and I am proud to be sharing this with all the Reggae music fans that have supported me through the years. This is my best work to date and I hope it's well received and shared to the masses. I've had the pleasure of working with some great producers on this project and I am thankful for their support and their input on each and every song.


There are five songs, each with its own unique story, and each with a different producer's personal touch...all with my original lyrical inspiration. The songs vary from the haunting lyrics and heavy roots riddim of Thunder & the uplifting dancehall riddim and message of No Man Stranded. You have the hypnotic dub riddim and beautiful vocal delivery of Tell Me Who ... and the unforgettable chorus of Marie (If you don't listen closely you would think this is a love song). All rounded of by the hit tune How Long

...this one needs no introduction...just check it out.


Buju Banton Juror May Have Violated Court Orders: Grounds for a Mistrial?

By Chris Sweeney


Terri Wright, a juror on Buju Banton's federal drug and gun trial,

says she's passionate about law. Wright, who works in the insurance industry and

lives in Tampa, jokes that she would be a professional juror if she could.

But did her passion compromise the outcome of the reggae singer's trial? In an exclusive interview with New Times, Wright says she researched certain aspects of the case to have a better grasp of them when deliberation came around. "I would get in the car, just write my notes down so I could remember, and I would come home and do the research," she says.


Wright mentioned the Pinkerton rule, which the feds used to nail Buju on a gun charge despite the fact that he had no connection to the gun.  Standard jury instructions for federal trials tell jurors to "not attempt to research any fact, issue

or law related to this case, whether by discussion with others, by library or  Internet research, or by any other means or source."  "They give you the instructions not to go online and, you know, make an opinion. I tried to follow that as close as possible," Wright says, followed by a laugh. "I don't think what I found out would have changed how I thought." That may not be her call to make.

Violations of these instructions could lead to a mistrial and open up a new avenue for appeals. "If she's doing that, actually looking up things that concerned the case during the course of the case, that's in violation of court orders," Buju's newly appointed attorney Chockwe Lumumba tells New Times. "That inappropriate behavior can certainly be basis for a new trial. If that's the case, we certainly will pursue it." David Markus, the Miami-based attorney who handled Buju's first trial and retrial but has since moved on, agrees that the revelation could be grounds for a new trial. 


"Jurors are given specific instructions not to do their own research for lots of good reasons," Markus said in an email to New Times. "If they do, there is a strong likelihood of a new trial. A juror doing research may have had an effect on the ultimate verdict, so this has the possibility of being a game-changer for Buju."

Amy Filjones, a spokeswoman for the United State's Attorney's Office that prosecuted Buju, declined to comment on the matter. Buju is slated to appear in a federal courtroom later this month for resentencing on the gun charge. It's expected the judge will add five years to his sentence.



Dubtonic Kru's Adventures of the Journey Tour

When one embarks on a journey, you always expect some amount of adventure… An open minded approach always makes it so much more interesting. 


As for us Dubtonic Kru, the move we made when we decided to Independently start mapping out "The Journey" , to further develop our musical carreer, started as and continues to be a great adventure. "The Journey" 2012 part 2 fell nothing short of that.

With exactly 46 concerts in 42 cities, completed over a period of 9 weeks, traveling over 14,000 driving miles across country, one can only imagine the level of anticipation, adventure and surprises that's been a part of the experience. 


From being billed with and having played alongside some of the Blues legends of Mississippi in the home town of Blues King, BB King, to sharing stage with our counterparts Midnite at the Midwest Reggae fest. The Journey continued to move through popular as well as remote areas of the U.S. 


We journeyed, we slept, we wined and dined, had petty fights but most of all laughed at ourselves.  Here is one instant in which you can laugh. 


We're now in Rock Island Illinois having just arrived from Minneapolis Minnesota, this is the fifth stop on the tour. As we begin unloading our bags, getting ready for check-in at the Holiday Inn, very tired but always thrilled to interact with our fans, we heard a bunch of voices yelled in a passing distance, hey! Dubtonic Kru is here!!! reacting to that, we turned around from unpacking to acknowledge. At first glance, was a group of people sitting across from the hotel at a Pub. Based on their posture, we assumed it was them, especially when among the group was the the image of a woman frantically waving… a bit of a waving frenzy begins..... A few of us proceeded to walk over with CD's as well as our newly released DVD in hand to greet… As we got closer and closer we suddenly realize that our most enthused fan among the group is actually a manequin in the glass window just behind those seated...Can I tell you, "laughing spoil".


The joys of touring.


Jesse Royal Wakes Up World with New Music Video

Catchy and uplifting lyrics such as,‘the world is yours for the taking said a little voice in my head’ and accompanying upbeat lead guitar, recording artiste, Jesse Royal’snew single ‘This Morning’ has naturally become the morning anthem for many, young and old alike. According to Natasha Von Castle, Editor of L3 Magazine, “We all need this song as part of our lifesoundtrack."  Watch Official Music Video    This is what reggae journalists, Kai Von Hillman from Riddim Magazine in Germany and Erik Magni from United Reggae in France had to say about the single:  


“From the first time I heard it I had this little voice in my head that was singing this song all the time,” Kai Von Hillman   


“Jesse Royal is an artist with a cultural and conscious approach, but on his new single he has done something different. This Morning is a guitar lead party track with a strong pop melody spiced with funky vibes, it’s fun and it contrasts nicely to his previous work." Erik Magni   


Many fans, including reggae website, have tweeted that ‘This Morning’, produced by Curt ‘Qban’White (Crash Dummy Prod.), has a west coast feel to it and would be perfect for a movie. 


The video was directed by BiggzDiBoss and shot in  South Beach, Florida.

Jesse Royal, who last year caught the heart of heralded reggae producer, Philip ‘Fatis’ Burrell because of his militant character and profound lyrics recently also released his debut mixtape, dubbed ‘Misheni’(Swahili for  ‘The Mission’) and is currently working with son of Fatis, Kareem ‘Remus’ Burrell on his debut album. Fortunate to be in studio with legendary musicians Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith, Sly Dunbar and Donald ‘Mr. Biggs’ Dennis; Royal has released a slew of singles, namely: Loyal Soldier (ft. Lutan Fyah), Hotter The Battle and Singing The Blues. 



Junior Kelly Fall Tour 2012!!


For more information please contact us.-- 

*Junior Kelly Team*



New Kingston Announces Statewide Tour Throughout Fall 2012

Next Stop is NYC's Brooklyn Bowl on Oct 7 to Support The Green


'Your Turn To Cry' Available Digitally on VP Records 


After a recent stint of shows in Hawaii, New Kingston heads to the mainland for a full-fledged U.S. tour in support of their recent 2-song release 'Your Turn To Cry.' On October 7th, the reggae trio and former Collie Buddz backing band will open for The Green at New York's Brooklyn Bowl and continue to perform in major cities spanning the West and Midwest until the end of November.  For the most up-to-date tour schedule please visit


Known for fusing their reggae sound with modern pop, jazz and r&b music, New Kingston is a young vocalist/instrumentalist group consisting of three brothers Tahir a.k.a. SLIM (keyboards/vocals), Courtney (drums/vocals) and Stephen a.k.a SUKI (guitar/vocals). They have worked with artists like Collie Buddz, Mr.Vegas, Morgan Heritage, Gyptian and Shabba Ranks and toured non-stop since the release of their second album 'In The Streets.' 


Their latest digital only selection 'Your Turn To Cry' is available on VP Records and features the title track plus new single "Waiting On The World To Change."



Snowcone Plots a Reggae Rebirth

Producer Rohan 'Snowcone' Fuller.

Curtis Campbell, 

Gleaner Writer

Produces reggae rhythm in collaboration with Clive Hunt



Reggae/dancehall producer Rohan 'Snowcone' Fuller, is making preparations to release a reggae one-drop rhythm. The platinum-selling producer says the local music industry should be producing more reggae music.


"The rhythm is called the Nuff Love rhythm and it is live lovers rock reggae.  Reggae music needs this. Nuh reggae music nah run di place now, so it's one of those things that pushes difference. I collaborated with Clive Hunt on this project because I believe he is the perfect person to work with. He is very experienced and knows good reggae music," he said.  According to Snowcone, some young producers need to know their roots.  "Nuff youth don't understand that is what we grow up on. They need to research people like Garnet Silk, Beres Hammond, Peter Tosh and dem man deh. We need dem thing deh fi build back wi music," Snowcone said.  The producer explained that reggae has more of an international appeal than does dancehall, however he feels the youth are caught up in the Jamaican spotlight.


"When you go out in the world, it's people like Fantan Mojah and Tarrus Riley that are recognised for the music. But the youth don't understand that, reggae is still 

 very popular and is the mother music, nothing can replace reggae," he said.  

Snowcone remains optimistic about the future of the genre. He believes some local producers are getting the wake-up call.  "Five years time, reggae will be more. If you listen around now, you hear the producers making a lot of reggae. Delly Ranks recently released a reggae album as well as Busy Signal, so that is a good sign that reggae music is going to lift up. Even Rihanna and Bruno Mars do music using elements of reggae. There are a lot of great musicians from Jamaica but many of us tend to overlook them," Snowcone said.


He also commented on American rapper Snoop Dogg's transformation to the reggae singer Snoop Lion.  "Snoop Lion would benefit us if him come to Jamaica and duh some real work with real reggae producers so that it gwaan good. I think if he decides to go and make his own reggae tracks it will not be as good nor have the same feeling as our productions," he continued.  "Jamaican artistes just need to respect the foundation, and if you don't respect the foundation you won't know which route to take in going forward," he said.  


Snowcone is looking to release his reggae rhythm in November of this year.  "We still have it, but the youth just need to take it up serious and don't feed into the hype. Reggae is the only genre that has survived over 30 years, and more and more people are trying to get involved with it," Snowcone said.


New CDs in the Mix

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"Jamaica in My World" with Jah Van I

A SPECIAL REPORT "JAMAICA IN MY WORLD" - During 52 mn we'll enter in JAH VAN I's UNIVERSE , From HYPE TV to Bob Marley Museum ,From Old Harbour Sound System To REGGAE SUMFEST , LINK UP With Bongo Herman,Ras Ashton,Ras Abna, WyleMan, Hezron, Locative, Delus, Rain.....Discover Artist as Shabba Ranks, PopCaan, Bounty Killer,  Tommy Lee, I Octane, Uroy, Leroy Sibbles ,John Holt, Damian"Junior Gong" Marley n many more .... For Web Viewers we separeted the film in 4 parts.  


This is the 1st part of "JAMAICA IN MY WORLD" with JAH VAN I "the New Golden Voice". :


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Ital Statistics

On This Day In Reggae

October 25
1983: Gyptian (Windel Edwards) is born.
1988: Tenor Saw (b. Clive Bright) is found dead of undetermined causes in the street of Houston, Texas, USA. Age 21. Ring the alarm!
2010: Gregory Isaacs passes away after a battle with cancer.
In Jah´s Name We Pray

Explore Your Fears

"Fear is a question: What are you afraid of, and why? Just as the seed of health is in illness, because illness contains information, our fears are a treasure house of self-knowledge if we explore them."

-- Marilyn Ferguson


Reggae Airplay Charts




Jamaica Music Countdown

By Richie B, host – “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM

Oct 26 – Nov 1, 2012 



01 3 18 I’m Just Saying – Ryan Oneil – Foot Stepzz Records (1wk@#1) U-2 

02 5 12 So Mi Tan – Konshens – Daseca Productions U-3 

03 1 15 Back To Life – Vybz Kartel – Adidjaheim/UIM Records (2wks@#1) D-2 

04 2 16 Some Bwoy – Tommy Lee – Young Vibez Production (2wks@#1) D-2 

05 6 9 Dweet Again – Beenie Man – Chase Mills/Jah Snow Cone Productions U-1 

06 7 10 Gyal Sidung – Konshens feat. Darrio – Washroom Entertainment U-1 

07 8 16 Dem A Bawl – Tiana – Sounique Records U-1 

08 9 8 Go Hard – Wayne Marshall feat. Damian Marley, Aidonia, I-Octane, Assassin, Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel – Baby G Production U-1 

09 4 12 Psycho – Tommy Lee – UIM Records (1wk@#1) D-5 

10 12 7 Tan Tuddy – Aidonia – Dre Day Productions U-2 

11 10 14 We Love The Vibes – I-Octane – So Unique Records (pp#7) D-1 

12 13 6 Hold On – Tifa – Washroom Entertainment U-1 

13 11 23 Ride All Night – Nando Griffiths feat. Oxxygen & Paashot – One Jam M|usic (2wks@#1) D-2 

14 14 17 In This World – Mavado – Claims Records (pp#6) NM 

15 18 4 Heels On – Lady Saw – Diva Records U-3 

16 15 17 Stop Sign – Konshens – Subkonshus Music (1wk@#1) D-1 

17 17 21 Summer Wave (When Mi Party) – Popcaan – TJ Records (2wks@#1) NM 

18 22 2 The System – Popcaan – Mix Pak Records U-4  

19 23 2 Money Box – Mavado – Chimney Records U-4 

20 16 18 On A Mission – Various Artistes – JA 50 (pp#2) D-4 

21 19 17 Backway – Cham – Mad House/Cash Flow Records (pp#4) D-2 

22 24 2 Run Road – Aidonia feat. Deablo – Hitcity Records U-2 

23 - New Goat Head – Tommy Lee – UIM Records 

24 - New Here Comes Your Life – David M feat. Beenie Man – BGM Entertainment 

25 - New War Fi God – Bounty Killer feat. Kiprich & Kalado – DreDay Productions 




01 1 22 36 Bullets – Chrisinti – Mightyfull 13 Productions (3wks@#1) NM 

02 3 13 Chill Spot – Christopher Martin – Chimney Records U-1 

03 4 14 In My Arms – Beres Hammond – Fat Eyes Productions U-1 

04 2 22 I Know Better - Romain Virgo – VP Records (1wk@#1) D-2 

05 7 9 Land We Love – Bunny Rugs – Raw Edge Productions U-2 

06 5 18 World Peace – Nature – Downsound Records (pp#4) D-1 

07 9 12 My Story – I-Octane – DJ Frass Records U-2 

08 10 10 Not The Life – Asfa – Jecoliah Entertainment Productions U-2 

09 6 21 My Everything - Nando Griffiths – One Jam Music (pp#3) D-3 

10 11 11 Eagles & Doves – Cherine Anderson – Dancehall Soul U-1 

11 8 29 Help Us – Cat Eyes – Mad Storm Production (2wks@#1) D-3  

12 13 8 Just The Two Of Us – Chris Demontague – Whattage Music U-1 

13 14 7 Any Love – A J Brown – Bass Inna Yu Face Records U-1 

14 12 17 Life Too Short – Gramps Morgan – Dada Son Entertainment (pp#7) D-2 

15 15 34 Just Gwaan – Tony Roy – Whylas Records (1wk@#1) NM 

16 18 4 Strange, I Still Love You – Karen Smith – 4 WEST Arabus Production U-2 

17 16 15 Dream Woman – Tarrus Riley – Chimney Records (pp#11) D-1 

18 17 33 24/7 – Eljai – Jah Mix Entertainment (2wks@#1) D-1 

19 22 2 Don’t You Remember – Romain Virgo – Vikings Productions U-3 

20 19 16 Sweet Sweet Jamaica – George Nooks – GT Muzik (pp#6) D-1 

21 24 2 Heart Affi Strong – King Asar – W.S.P.K.A.S. Production U-3 

22 20 19 Security Work – Jahdore – Jahdore Music Production (pp10) D-2 

23 23 25 Come Over (Missing You) – Busy Signal – Notice Production (pp#6) NM 

24 - New Lies and Tricks – Lutan Fyah and Hefla Nyah – 619 Entertainment 

25 - New Curly Locks – Patrick Buddo – Romero Music 




01 2 9 The Next Chapter – Delly Ranks – Pure Music (1wk@#1) U-1 

02 3 8 My Story – Papa San – Beloved Records U-1 

03 1 11 Reggae Gold 2012 – Various Artistes – VP Records (2wks@#1) D-2 

04 5 6 Rebirth – Jimmy Cliff – Universal U-1 

05 6 4 Tomahawk Techniques – Sean Paul – Atlantic/VP Records U-1 

06 4 14 Krazy Love – Daville – Fashozy/Tads Records (1wk@#1) D-2 

07 9 2 Time – Bunny Rugs – Raw Edge Productions U-2 

08 7 13 Jamaica 50th – Then and Now – Various Artistes – Tads Records (2wks@#1) D-1 

09 8 20 Reggae Music Lives – Gramps Morgan – Dada Son Entertainment (2wks@#1) D-1 

10 10 17 The Ultimate – Various Artistes – Tads Records (3wks@#1) NM 


Numbers in bracket indicate the number of weeks at the No. 1 Spot. Key: U – Upward, D – Down, NM – Non-Mover TW – This Week, LW – Last Week, WC Weeks on Chart, PP in bracket – Peak Position, RE – Re-entry Sources: Sound Systems, Record Shops, Night Clubs & Radio Play 



Reggae Festivals

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Saturday, October 27th

Jupiter Florida USA


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Tribal Fusion Faire IX

Thursday-Sunday, December 6th-9th 

San Luis Obispo California USA


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Jamaica Ska & Rocksteady Festival 2012

Friday-Saturday, December 7th-8th

Kingston Surrey Jamaica


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Monday, December 17th

Wiesen Burgenland Austria


More Info

X-Mas Reggae Lauterbourg

Saturday, December 29th

Lauterbourg 4 Allée des Cygnes France


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