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Chiropractic Nutrition Solutions
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 Jeremie Pederson D.C., C.C.E.P., C.S.C.S.


In this issue:

National Chiropractic Month

Doctor's Corner

Flex Spending Accounts!

Flatter me with Referrals

National Chiropractic Month

October was national chiropractic month.  I want to raise awareness about all the amazing things chiropractic doctors can do for you.  Let's review a couple of facts about chiropractic care:


1. Our training requires 10 semesters of post graduate professional education including anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, pathology, gynecology, pharmacology, histology, biochemistry, rehabilitation, nutrition, chiropractic techniques, and ethics.

2. We are required to pass 4 national board tests as well as a state board test to become licensed.

3. We are the most effective treatment option for low back and neck pain according to current research.

4. We are the lowest cost, most effective form of health care.

5. We are portal of entry providers, which means we can diagnose internal disorders as well as external disorders.  We will refer you to the appropriate specialist if internal disorders are diagnosed.

6. We are covered by all major medical insurance plans and partially covered by Medicare.

7. We are the world leaders in preventative health care.

8. We are the safest form of health care in the world according to research.


Doctor's Corner

What Do The Credentials C.C.E.P. Stand For?




These credentials are abbreviated for the title of Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner.  This is a 7-month post graduate certification that trains chiropractic doctors to properly diagnose and treat conditions related to fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, ribs, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and toes.


Many chiropractic doctors receive some level of training in extremity adjustments, but frequently, they do not receive adequate training as to how to properly diagnose the extremity condition so that they know which treatments will work most effectively.  This is what the C.C.E.P. program does best, and it is the reason why most professional sports teams like to work with chiropractic doctors that are C.C.E.P. certified. 



Use it or Lose it!

The end of the year is near and many of you have been putting off your doctor’s appointments for various reasons.  Your body was designed to move in many different directions in order to meet the demands of daily life.  Unfortunately most of you are stuck sitting at work stations all day long.  Your joints don't like sitting there all day and begin to cause aches and pains in your muscles.  Most of you will ignore those aches and pains until they become so aggravating that they disrupt your ability to sleep, drive, or sit comfortably.


               How do you prevent this? 


Simple, use it or lose it.  Exercise, chiropractic adjustments, and walking. 


1.  Exercise: Perform weight training exercises at least 2 times per week.  This will help maintain bone density and muscle mass.  Resistance training decreases your risk of muscle strains and helps to decrease muscle aches and pains.

2.  Chiropractic adjustments: Adjustments are able to stop small joint aches and pains from turning into major pains.  Remember that irritated joints that are not moving correctly will cause muscle spasms, or could cause muscles to shut down and become weak.  You should come in every 6 weeks (or sooner) for a tune up to help prevent body aches and pains.

3.  Walk: Walk for approximately 30 minutes 5 times per week.  This helps to decrease stress and increase endurance. 


These are the three most effective ways to decrease those pains in order to keep your body healthy and happy. 

Have you walked, had your chiropractic adjustment this month, and worked out lately?  If not get in here ASAP.





Chiropractic for Children

Many of you are surprised when you hear that I treat children and infants.  I am commonly asked what treatments I am able to provide to them. When a parent brings an infant into my office they are usually searching for a cure or treatment to help their child resolve acid reflux, colic, or constipation. 


Can a chiropractic doctor treat those conditions?  Technically we only treat muscle, nerve, and bone issues.  By law I am not allowed to say that I can cure those issues.  In reality, many parents who bring their children in for those conditions are pleased as the child or infant’s condition seems to resolve after I treat them.


How does this work?  Organs have sensory nerve supplies that feed back into the spinal cord so the brain can monitor for any damage to the organ.  The level of the spinal cord is known and listed in all anatomy books.  Those same levels of the spinal cord also provide nerve supply to different muscles and spinal vertebrate bones.  When an organ is irritated, sensory nerves in the spinal cord are stimulated and spread to the same level of the spinal vertebrate and muscles that are related to that level.


What do I do?  I find those irritated spinal vertebrate and muscles and lightly move them to restore normal motions, resulting in happy, calm spinal vertebrate, muscles, nerves, and associated organs.  This is why we believe so many infants and children can benefit from chiropractic care if they are suffering from colic, reflux, and/or constipation.





Flex Spending Accounts!

For those of you that have flex spending accounts you will lose your excess money at the end of the year if it is not used.  If you are not sure how to spend the funds, I have a few suggestions for you that can benefit your health.

1.  If you have not had your yearly blood labs run yet, I will order them for you.

2.  If you have been struggling with allegies, I want you to consider food allergy testing.  I use the Elisa/Act blood test, which has great clinical benefit for those who use it.

3.  If you are having fatigue or chronic colds, I want you to consider nutritional testing.  I like to use Genova and Metametrix labs for this.  We can test fatty acid, protein, vitamins, and mineral deficiencies.  We can also look at oxidative stress markers and DNA damage markers.

4.  If you have not been in the clinic for a while come in and use those Flex spending funds to recieve an adjustment.  I will check joint motion and nerve function from head to toe to make sure you are at your best.


Call my office to set up any one of the four options listed above at 713-557-5736.  I will see you soon.


Flatter me with Referrals

I am always grateful and humbled when people appreciate my services.  If you have used my services and benefitted from what I do, please review me on Google or click on Google, or Yelp.


 You are my marketing team.  If you have seen me as a patient please give my card to 3 people you think might need my help.  If you don't have my cards please give them my office number or website address.  Thank you.

Chiropractic Nutrition Solutions • 1931 Richmond Ave • Houston, TX 77098
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