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November 22, 2012

Volume 9/Issue 47

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Show Us Your RFG!!

New CDs in the Mix

In Jah´s Name We Pray

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Show Us Your RFG!!

The Amandla Band & The Reggae Festival Guide

Took some great shots for the efestival guide...repping ..this band is HOT.. Tuff Lion..Ras Iba...and Toussaint the Liberator ..there are two other singers in the well as a female vocalist ... they have a website..and need exposure.   This band is hot...and its comprised of 3 stand alone artists...   

Tiffany HarmonKZSC Santa Cruz 88.1fm





Send us a photo of you with the Reggae Festival Guide Magazine!


Email it to .  It can be of you at a festival or performance.  It can be of you or a performer.  It could be of you and a performer.  We're interested to see whose hands the Reggae Festival Guide Magazine ends up in......


One Love Ya'll,

Yvonne Varner, Reggae Festival eGuide Editor

News Flash

Early Bird Special on Reggae Festival Guide Magazine!!!

Sgt. Remo’s "Life Is For Living" Debut EP Album Now Available!

Sgt. Remo’s debut solo EP album, Life Is For Living, debuts worldwide on Wednesday, October 24, 2012. Born Sergio Ortiz in Juarez, Mexico, Sgt. Remo joins forces with a diverse group of reggae producers from all over North America on this 5-track release. The EP includes five socially-conscious roots & culture smash hits projecting Sgt. Remo into the global spotlight. The Mexican born, self-described singjay, continues to amaze audiences with his rich vocals and reflective writing ability.


The first single titled How Long, an uplifting roots anthem, was released on the Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide compilation album and remains in heavy rotation across the reggae airwaves worldwide. It has been the featured single on Sgt. Remo’s Jango radio station and continues to harvest a growing audience for the artist. The video for the single How Long will be unveiled on the same date. The video was filmed in Florida during a chilly 3 days in February, 2012 by Munda Inc. Productions out of El Paso, TX. The album is a strictly digital release on the Jah Yutes Entertainment label and will be available for download at all all digital outlets and stream sites. Visit Sgt. Remo at the official website Follow him on youtube, facebook, twitter .


Official track listing: 

1. No Man Stranded (Jah Yutes Ent./EA Productions) 

2. Tell Me Who (Jah Yutes Ent./Charlie's Records) 

3. Thunder & Lightning (Jah Yutes Ent./Full Grown Studios) 

4. Marie (Jah Yutes Ent./Hotta Lava Music) 

5. How Long (Jah Yutes Ent./Dread I Arts/Ceremony Studios) 



This is an exciting time for me as I am gearing up to release my first solo EP. Although I have gotten the opportunity to release some of my music before (Mister Kali's Step Fast album [Loving, Loving], Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide Vol. 1 compilation, Brighter Smile Riddim album, Serious Love Riddim album, Dawtah

single release) this is the first official Sgt. Remo solo album. Putting this project together has been a great experience and I am proud to be sharing this with all the Reggae music fans that have supported me through the years. This is my best work to date and I hope it's well received and shared to the masses. I've had the pleasure of working with some great producers on this project and I am thankful for their support and their input on each and every song.


There are five songs, each with its own unique story, and each with a different producer's personal touch...all with my original lyrical inspiration. The songs vary from the haunting lyrics and heavy roots riddim of Thunder & the uplifting dancehall riddim and message of No Man Stranded. You have the hypnotic dub riddim and beautiful vocal delivery of Tell Me Who ... and the unforgettable chorus of Marie (If you don't listen closely you would think this is a love song). All rounded of by the hit tune How Long

...this one needs no introduction...just check it out.


Prince Alla -- Performing on Legends in San Diego - Touring the Western U.S. - February 2013


Prince Alla is a classic roots reggae artist who has toured extensively in Europe and now, this year, he just toured North America for the first time in June 2012 with Kings Music International backed by IKronik. It was the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival that spearheaded bringing Prince Alla to the U.S. Prince Alla was well received at Sierra Nevada where the local newspaper put his picture on the front page. In Los Angeles he drew a respectable crowd at the Dub Club where he also gave an exceptionally strong performance. Another of his strong performances was at the Shattuck Down Low in Brekeley, CA. At this show he tore it up completely and the crowd absolutely loved him. Prince Alla delivers the true hearted Rastaman chant with an old testament feel. The younger fans were really feeling his energy and sincerity. Prince Alla's debut tour to the western U.S. was a great success.

Sierra Nevada has been the first event to bring many of the great classics to the western U.S. such as the Abyssinians, the Congos, Romain Virgo and many others. Many of the deeper reggae fans and DJ's were really excited to see Prince Alla grace the West Coast stages for the first time.



Heaven Is My Roof (1979) Imp

The Best of Prince Alla (1980)Redemption Sounds, reissued as Great Stone (1984) High Times

King of the Road (1982) Ital International, reissued as Showcase (1984) Vista

Jah Children Gather Round (1996) Jah Shaka

Sweet Sensation Corner Stone

Only Love Can Conquer (1997) Blood & Fire

Lion a Go Bite Yu (1999) Headphone Music

Glory (2000) Jah Warrior

One Bright Day (2002) Back Yard

More Love (2002) Jah Warrior

I Can Hear The Children Singing (2002) Blood & Fire


Contact: Peter Wardle

King's Music International

Phone: (510) 326-8445 or online at

Click Here......


Reggae awaits next SUPERSTAR

Aaron Talbert, VP Records' vice-president for Sales & Marketing, thinks the real problem for reggae music at the moment is its failure to produce a new superstar.

"What's happened to reggae is that we have not broken a new artiste since Sean Paul in 2002," Talbert said to the Jamaica Observer at last Friday's launch of former Prime Minister Edward Seaga's four-CD box set, Origins of Jamaican Music, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.


Sean Paul sold millions of units with his Dutty Rock and The Trinity albums, which were jointly distributed by VP and Atlantic Records.


Dancehall has not had a major figure since The Trinity hit six years ago.

"The problem is not really the market or the love for the music waning. I don't think we have lost the fans of the genre. What's happened is with technology. The medium for communicating the songs, or if there is an album, or this new person coming up is much more fragmented, and doesn't only affect reggae, it's a problem for all genres," Talbert said.


An American, who has been with VP for the past 13 years, Talbert believes creativity is the key to getting music to an increasingly diverse market.  "It takes much more now to make the whole fan base know what's going on. Even for that audience that is committed to the music and the culture, there's a lack of a channel to reach all those people at the same time," he said. "We need to do things with the web, and we will do things with Internet blasts or e-mail and so forth to try to market to people directly. What the CD was, what the album was to people just generally in terms of entertainment 10 years ago, it's just not there anymore," he went on.


Talbert said VP is not concerned about the shifting reggae scene, and the argument that places like California, Hawaii and New Zealand are producing new reggae hits as well as new acts.  He said although a lot of the foreign acts have surpassed Jamaicans in terms of sales and their ability to draw audiences, their advantage is being based primarily in North America, which is still the largest media and music market. 


"There is a disadvantage if you don't live there, and for the artiste based in California, it is like the Jamaican artiste touring the island. So for us, the touring market with Jamaican artistes is particularly challenging, and that's one of the areas we're working on that is going to help drive demand," he explained. "It's going to help us create new business, and it's going to help break new acts in the new year."


Read more.......


Trippin Riddim is Your Newest One-way Ticket to the Latest Roots Reggae Anthem

With such a groovy melody, a bold horn section led by the maestro, Dean Fraser, on point background vocals and catchy roots reggae chords, Itation Records' new release, the Trippin' Riddim produced by Ishi Dube's tuff Riddims, invokes the spirit of yet another roots renaissance. Indeed, in addition to Itation (responsible for United Regae's Best Reggae Riddim of 2008), names such as Luciano, Turbulence, Fantan Mojah, Sizzla, Delly Ranx and Kali Blaxx capture the best of the conscious music movement. Just check "Rastafari Bless" performed by Fantan Mojah which weaves together Fantan's rapid fire deejay flow and signature vocal range for a timeless, plaintive mood. Then there's Winstrong (Suriname), Messenjah Selah (Jamaica), Ras Attitude (Virgin Islands), Jah Sun and Bobby Hustle (United States) who make up the core of the current reggae scene in the Americas. Selah's combination with Sizzla,"We Overcome", offers the best of both worlds--Selah's soaring hooks and Sizzla's conscious dancehall poetics. Indeed, versatility is the name of the game. With eighteen tracks of up-to-the-time reggae vibes, it's easy to trip over the riddim's versatility with over an hour's worth of listening available. Bobby Hustle's "Words To Say" possesses that effortless, and infectious, pop sensibility that many reach for but few attain. Ishi Dube, Gideon & Sweet C and Zareb keep the message in the music alive while Stevie Culture, Ras Indo, Soul Medic, Vidagua and Ras Ijah make sure there is something for everyone including standout R&B, soul and pop contributions. Listen to the R&B-esque "Music Wash" performed by Vidagua where the catchy chorus is day-trippin' on Itation's one drop beat. The Trippin Riddim is your newest one-way ticket to the latest roots reggae anthem out of the Itation camp. Get yours on November 20 via iTunes and fine etailers worldwide.




Junior Kelly's Long Awaited Website is Finally Here


Ace reggae sing-jay, who is currently touring Europe, states that the majority of the commercial revenue earned from Reggae Music is earned by persons living outside of Jamaica and does not therefore benefit Jamaica. He suggested that “the Jamaican business community including musicians and entertainers who are the exponents of our great music, Reggae Music, should seek to fully capitalize on the use of technology to assist in the promotion and sale of our products and services in order for us and the country to benefit in the long run, as it is full time for us to begin reaping what we sow!!!” He further noted that “with technology, music can be sold directly to the consumers from right here in Jamaica, with the proceeds coming back to us right here in Jamaica, no middle man such as a record company or distributor needs to be involved and that’s where the trends seem to be going”. In doing his part to utilize and capitalize on the use of technology in this modern, internet driven age, he has recently hired the services of social media promotions partner, BlastAwayMedia to manage his accounts with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and all other social mediums. BlastAwayMedia has just completed the final touches to Junior Kelly’s official website  WWW.JUNIORKELLYOFFICIAL.COM  which will keep all his fans informed of all the latest news, music, tour dates and will soon have items available for sale such as merchandise, music and memorabilia. CHECK IT OUT!!!


Sean Paul not ready for Hindi songs yet




Jamaican reggae artist Sean Paul says although he has sung two songs in languages other than English, he is still not ready to sing something in Hindi. But it's a case of never say never for him.


"You know I speak in English, broken English from Jamaica and I have done two songs in Spanish and it took me several hours in the studio to get to the song. I was sure that my pronunciation was good. I do have good communication skills even if I don't speak your language. But it would probably take a while for me to sing a song in Hindi, but if somebody calls me, it can be done," the 39-year-old said here in an interview.


New CDs in the Mix

Brand New Single By M-Gee - Back Pocket Hail Prod. by Beat Mania Records

Download Link:Song Download hereOfficial Video Link Download M-Gee - Hypocrite (Happy Time Riddim) Prod. by Hands and HeartRecordsDOWNLOAD LINKSong Download HereDownload M-Gee's Latest Singles HERE More info On M-GEE Contact :GS Music EntertainmentTwitter: @MGeeMusicFacebook: MumaGeePhone : 1-267-886-3296Email: mumageestar@gmail.comBBM: 225EA14ESTAMPEDE'S STREETS CHARTS/ROOTICAL RECORDSKINGSTON,JAMAICATEL:1-876-499-1756 OR 1-876-882-6924


Soon Come Riddim

Blessings fam. We have completed another riddim album which is slated slated to release Sept 10th 2012 via BFM Digital. This one comprises of just 3 artists and it is of a different sort. It is more RnB with abit of Reggae. Its called the Soon Come Riddim. You can get it via the link provided. Feel free to forward it Thanks for your continued support. JahLight Records.



Soon Come Riddim


Roxy Singh Feat Rich Angel - I Miss You

Video Here


Ital Statistics

On This Day In Reggae

November 22
1944: Max Romeo is born Max Smith, the eldest of nine children.
1946: Aston Francis Barrett aka 'Family Man' is born in Kingston, Jamaica.
----: Shimura Hitoshi [Ska Flames; drums] is born.
1973: (or 1972): Patra (Dorothy Smith) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.
1980: DJ General Echo aka Ranking Slackness (b. Errol Robinson) passes away (shot dead by police) in Kingston, Jamaica, at the age of 24. (b. December 8, 1955)

In Jah´s Name We Pray

Work smart, not hard

"The whole secret of freedom from anxiety over not having enough time lies not in working more hours, but in the proper planning of the hours."

-- Frank Bettger

Reggae Airplay Charts



Jamaica Music Countdown

By Richie B, host – “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM

Nov 23 - 29, 2012 




01 1 13 Gyal Sidung – Konshens feat. Darrio – Washroom Entertainment (2wks@#1) NM 

02 4 12 Go Hard – Wayne Marshall feat. Damian Marley, Aidonia, I-Octane, Assassin, Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel – Baby G Production U-2 

03 2 16 So Mi Tan – Konshens – Daseca Productions (1wk@#1) D-1 

04 6 11 Tan Tuddy – Aidonia – Dre Day Productions U-2 

05 5 19 Back To Life – Vybz Kartel – Adidjaheim/UIM Records (2wks@#1) NM 

06 3 22 I’m Just Saying – Ryan Oneil – Foot Stepzz Records (2wks@#1) D-3 

07 9 10 Hold On – Tifa – Washroom Entertainment U-2 

08 8 20 Some Bwoy – Tommy Lee – Young Vibez Production (2wks@#1) NM 

09 10 8 Heels On – Lady Saw – Diva Records U-1 

10 13 6 Money Box – Mavado – Chimney Records U-3 

11 7 20 Dem A Bawl – Tiana – Sounique Records (pp#5) D-4 

12 12 6 The System – Popcaan – Mix Pak Records NM  

13 15 5 Goat Head – Tommy Lee – UIM Records U-2 

14 11 13 Dweet Again – Beenie Man – Chase Mills/Jah Snow Cone Productions (pp#5) D-3 

15 17 6 Run Road – Aidonia feat. Deablo – Hitcity Records U-2 

16 18 5 Here Comes Your Life – David M feat. Beenie Man – BGM Entertainment U-2 

17 14 16 Psycho – Tommy Lee – UIM Records (1wk@#1) D-3 

18 20 5 War Fi God – Bounty Killer feat. Kiprich & Kalado – DreDay Productions U-2 

19 21 3 Shook (Uncle Demon) – Tommy Lee Sparta – UIM Records U-2 

20 22 3 Badmind Dem a Pree – Bounty Killer & I-Octane – MarKus Records U-2 

21 16 18 We Love The Vibes – I-Octane – So Unique Records (pp#7) D-5 

22 24 2 Caribbean Girls – Mavado – JA Music U-2 

23 19 27 Ride All Night – Nando Griffiths feat. Oxxygen & Paashot – One Jam M|usic (2wks@#1) D-4 

24 - New Sleep With Angels – Spragga Benz – 21st Hapilos Productions 

25 23 21 Stop Sign – Konshens – Subkonshus Music (1wk@#1) D-2 




01 2 13 Land We Love – Bunny Rugs – Raw Edge Productions (1wk@#1) U-1 

02 3 25 My Everything - Nando Griffiths – One Jam Music (pp#3) U-1 

03 1 18 In My Arms – Beres Hammond – Fat Eyes Productions (2wks@#1) D-2 

04 5 14 Not The Life – Asfa – Jecoliah Entertainment Productions U-1 

05 6 16 My Story – I-Octane – DJ Frass Records U-1 

06 4 17 Chill Spot – Christopher Martin – Chimney Records (1wk@#1) D-2 

07 8 15 Eagles & Doves – Cherine Anderson – Dancehall Soul U-1 

08 7 26 36 Bullets – Chrisinti – Mightyfull 13 Productions (3wks@#1) D-1 

09 9 26 I Know Better - Romain Virgo – VP Records (1wk@#1) NM 

10 13 6 Heart Affi Strong – King Asar – W.S.P.K.A.S. Production U-3 

11 12 8 Strange, I Still Love You – Karen Smith – 4 WEST Arabus Production U-1 

12 10 11 Any Love – A J Brown – Bass Inna Yu Face Records D-2 

13 14 6 Don’t You Remember – Romain Virgo – Vikings Productions U-1 

14 16 5 Lies and Tricks – Lutan Fyah and Hefla Nyah – 619 Entertainment U-2 

15 17 5 Curly Locks – Patrick Buddo – Romero Music U-2 

16 11 22 World Peace – Nature – Downsound Records (pp#4) D-5 

17 19 4 Do For Love – Ishawna & Specialist – Downsound Records U-2 

18 15 12 Just The Two Of Us – Chris Demontague – Whattage Music (pp#11) D-3 

19 21 4 The Girl is Mine – Morgan Heritage – Gideon Music U-2  

20 23 2 Sorry is a Sorry Word – Tarrus Riley – T J Records U-3  

21 22 3 Free – Richie Spice – Bonner Cornerstone Records U-1  

22 24 2 Me and You Girl – Benzman – Yah Bless Productions U-2  

23 25 2 I Found Heaven – Richie Stephens & Gentleman – Pot of Gold Production U-2  

24 20 21 Life Too Short – Gramps Morgan – Dada Son Entertainment (pp#7) D-4  

25 - New The Next Chapter – Delly Ranks – Pure Music  




01 10 Rebirth – Jimmy Cliff – Universal (2wks@#1) NM 

02 3 8 Tomahawk Techniques – Sean Paul – Atlantic/VP Records U-1 

03 4 6 Time – Bunny Rugs – Raw Edge Productions U-1 

04 2 12 My Story – Papa San – Beloved Records (1wk@#1) D-2 

05 5 13 The Next Chapter – Delly Ranks – Pure Music (2wks@#1) NM 

06 6 15 Reggae Gold 2012 – Various Artistes – VP Records (2wks@#1) NM 

07 7 18 Krazy Love – Daville – Fashozy/Tads Records (1wk@#1) NM 

08 - New Free – Richie Spice – Tads International 

09 8 17 Jamaica 50th – Then and Now – Various Artistes – Tads Records (2wks@#1) D-1 

10 10 21 The Ultimate – Various Artistes – Tads Records (3wks@#1) NM 


Numbers in bracket indicate the number of weeks at the No. 1 Spot. Key: U – Upward, D – Down, NM – Non-Mover TW – This Week, LW – Last Week, WC Weeks on Chart, PP in bracket – Peak Position, RE – Re-entry Sources: Sound Systems, Record Shops, Night Clubs & Radio Play  



Reggae Festivals

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Tribal Fusion Faire IX

Thursday-Sunday, December 6th-9th 

San Luis Obispo California USA


More Info

Jamaica Ska & Rocksteady Festival 2012

Friday-Saturday, December 7th-8th

Kingston Surrey Jamaica


More Info


Monday, December 17th

Wiesen Burgenland Austria


More Info

X-Mas Reggae Lauterbourg

Saturday, December 29th

Lauterbourg 4 Allée des Cygnes France


More Info

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