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March in the Year that ends with a 13

How to Hang Out with Your Creativity

1. First, wash out distractions. They may be lodged deep in the fabric of your habits so don't fret if they don't come out immediately. Just expect 5% less distractibility with each intention to do your creative thing.


2. Hang your creativeness outside your rut, your tired-out routine, hang it outside any convention that keeps you silent, afraid, or superficial.


3. Allow the breeze to wash over the tapestry of who you are. Silence the thoughts that continually play over and over, remove the judgments and the self-torment. It's just static cling. Live for the extraordinary; reveal the brights that have been hiding.


4. And then listen and pay attention. OVER HERE... the wandering mind needs to settle for a moment on freeing the voice inside that's been trying to get through all the chatter and self-torment. It wants to deliver the riches you have been wearing inside your brilliance since you were a child. This may take practice if your mind has been "stain" away from creative matters. Be patient.


5. For Optional Genius-inducing Sheen Beam Yourself Here



The Muse is On (the phone)

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Equal Opportunity Hang-outs


The above article applies to wearers-of-pants as well as those who twirl in dresses.


Check your pockets.


There may be a note.

Just in Case Creativity is Your Thing

















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