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Wisdom Of The Earth

  Spring is Just Around the Corner...

In this issue:

Level I Classes

White Sage

Purple "Words of Wisdom"

Level I Classes


Holly... LaGrange, IL



3/23- 3/24

Sam... Tesuque, NM




Marah... Page Springs, AZ



4/19- 4/21

Leila... New York, NY 917-273-6530


4/19- 4/21

John... New Hartford, CT




Kat... Basalt, CO




Audre... Santa Fe, NM




Sam... Tesuque, NM



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 Video links...


Food Forest... this about the creation of an edible food forest in Seattle, WA... very cool...

Frequency Meditation... focus your thoughts, put on some white sage and journey with this sound meditation...

The Power of the Heart... Davis Icke and Max Igan... love the message but ignore the girl smoking a cigarette...

Level II Sacred Five Day Retreat

     If you have been thinking about coming to Wisdom of the Earth's Sacred Level II Retreat, now is a great time to register.  The early-bird registration ends on March 17th.  We have totally re-vamped the program to allow you to immerse even more deeply into your knowing, your intuition, and your experience with the essences.

     The program is geared toward consultations, protocols, essence families (new and uncommon), and ceremonies that will give you ample time to be mentored in becoming a qualified aromatherapist.  It is a five-day retreat, filled with dreaming and bonding with each other, the Earth and the Essences...truly a delicious time to immerse your learning while in the beautiful Sonoran High Desert of Arizona.  The land here speaks clearly, and your ability to listen will be an asset to go home with, especially with all the changes upon us.

     It is no small statement to say that this retreat is a life changing experience.  There is nothing like being wrapped in the buffalo skins under the starlight, within the sacred circle of the medicine wheel, while the harps and drum sound lightly as you sink into the mother and become one with her.  The integration and deepening of this knowledge is an opportunity to really find your voice and move forward in the world in a brand-new way.

    If the Earth is calling you to respond to this offering, please give us a call and register today.  


If you have taken the course before and would like to audit, give us a ring.  Meanwhile. we are calling all level I students to join us. 

April 17-April 21, 2012

For more information


White Sage

White sage--Salvia apiana 

I have found this deva to be most helpful in clearing the cobwebs in my head and memory.  She aids in clearing the mind, spirit and the blood.  Among the many things that white sage does, like clearing a room of negative entities--I have found, that using her on the back of my head daily (on the occiput), allows me to gain clarity with my thoughts and my remembrances.  So if life is a bit rushed, and you have too much on your mind, a little help from this essences will keep you on track and prevent dementia from settling in.  Try it and see!

Purple "Words of Wisdom"

Watch for our purple "Words of Wisdom" newletter due out later this month... It is always filled with interesting and heartfelt experiences from our student papers and wonderful information about the different essences that we offer.

Wisdom Of The Earth • 2680 N Page Springs Road • Cornville • AZ • 86325
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