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Wisdom Of The Earth

Blessed May Has Arrived!

In this issue:

Level I Classes

Bugs Bugs Bugs!!!

Our New Master Distributor Page

Level I Classes


Audre... Santa Fe, NM




Siddiqa... Glen Mills, PA




Lisa/Craig... Citronelle, AL




Sam... Tesuque, NM




Tresa... Milwaukee, WI




Holly... La Grange, IL




Audre... Arcata, CA




Audre... Santa Fe, NM




Lemia/Josh... Irvine, CA




Sam... Tesuque, NM




Marah... Page Springs, AZ



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 Video links...


Planet Alert May 2013 by Mahala's Astrology... an interesting take on the energies for this month.

The Harmonica Man... a touching story about the human heart.

Non-Comply with David Icke... profound 8 minute Youtuble about our ability to take back our power.

Archons... the war is in the sky and also here on Earth... about an hour long, very interesting.

Barry's latest interview with Gaiam TV... "The Nose Knows"

Tamarak: The Game Changer

 There is a beautiful legend about the Tamarack tree. It speaks of the days when the tall majestic tree had a narcissistic spirit and wouldn't allow the birds to rest on its branches during a ferocious storm. Great Spirit was unhappy with the tree and stripped her of her branches and needles. The Tamarack tree had to learn to adapt and handle the harsh realities (winter) of life. This humbled the tree and the tree was restored when she realized that dropping into her heart and being in communion with All, would bring her happiness. Now, the Tamarack tree looses it's needles in the winter (a reminder) but grows a winter fir to keep her warm.  Beauty, medicine and resilience were returned unparalleled to the Tamarack tree, as that was her natural state, though she was changed and became stronger still.

In today’s chaotic world, with the solar flares and negativity all around us, the message of the Tamarack tree is an important one. It asks us to operate from our hearts and strip down the negative thoughts and beliefs that keep us enslaved through judgment and criticism. These first few months of 2013 have been intense for the planet as well as the individual. We have had our shadows glaring at us so that we could see the truth of who we are as a people and as souls. This has created intense feelings and emotions as we strive to heal our planet and ourselves. We have to strip our egos and face ourselves with truth, as this ascension process continues. 

Tamarack helps us with the process of surrendering to the heart. It helps us choose between the heart and the mind, but beware… you have to choose. Duality is closing fast and we have to pick a side. This tree teaches us to have compassion for others, but this can only happen when we choose the heart and do not judge from the mind. We have to be stripped naked of our beliefs and old tapes that keep us in our ego mind. Tamarack allows us to let go, it is the grand awaken-er and we know that when we are awakened and realize that living in the heart is the only way through—it then becomes the game changer for your life. The heart opens, the compassion fills the space and the grand awakening allows you to become your authentic self. What else is there?

Here's to changing our reality with truth and love,

 Cynthia and the WOTE folk

Bugs Bugs Bugs!!!

Tis the season for our sleepy friends to awaken and make their way out into the world as the weather gets warmer. So here is a tip for making a bug spray for you and your family. Now you know that we believe that layering at the time of need is your best bet, but with traveling and outside activities that is not always possible.

Make sure you use a glass bottle, as the essences will eat away at plastic. Fill a 4 ounce glass bottle half way with water and then add 50 drops of at least 4-5 of the following… Then spray away….

  • Lemon Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint/Spearmint
  • Rosemary, Hi-camphor
  • Himalayan Cedarwood
  • Pennyroyal
  • Indian Lemongrass
  • Laurel Leaf
  • Citronella
  • Cypress
  • Niaouli, MQV

Shake well before spraying! As you know, water & oil don’t mix! :)

Our New Master Distributor Page

We invite you to take a look at our new page on our website, where folks can go to find who is selling our essences and where.  The page created by our web master Rock and looks fantastic.  Let us know what you think.   Take a peek

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