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Believing That You Deserve a Creative Life
The Creativity Realignment Network

Hi There,
Since this work has been so important to me in turning around my own self-sabotage and non-deserving patterns of screwing things up, I'm writing my next book about it as well as offering a network for you to join.
The real key to turning around the subconscious forces of undeserving is to repeatedly be supported in practicing the kind of thoughts and feelings that result in a new belief system. It's hard to do this on our own if we have patterns of self-sabotage. Even with good intentions, once our enthusiasm disappears and old well-worn habits of thought and feeling come back.
Network Options:
This will be an on-going network so because habits that don't serve us only change with repeated practice and support. You deserve to do this for yourself - it's life changing.
  • June 19th and Every New Season -Seasonal teleconference/workshops at the beginning of every season will provide you with real time reminders, a discussion of the tools and how you can apply them, application to common areas of being stuck. Includes a private blog for sharing, PDFs with Jill-art reminders,: $49 for the first one enters you into the network (if you sign up by Monday, $59 after that). Then you are in the network and each seasonal teleconference following that is $29. This is a $550 value. You are not required to take more than one workshop.
  • The Creative Realignment Inner Circle: This is a small  group of just eight people meeting with me for more personal attention with exposure that changes dynamics a little quicker. I'll be taking only those who are highly motivated in a weekly group that meets on Mondays at 4pm pacific/7pm eastern. I will be working with you on your individual dreams. Email me at if you're interested in that. $100/month minimum 3 months.
This network is for you if experience some or all of the following:
  • You are not following-through with your creative intentions because you are procrastinating, not finding the time, resistant, overwhelmed, or feeling immobilized.
  • You set really high expectations and are hard on yourself when you don't meet them. Your perfectionism is immobilizing you.
  • You suspect you may have some underlying dynamic of not feeling deserving because guilt, shame, and/or disappointment was a pattern in your family.
  • You aree want to run a business but have difficulty asking for business and feel like undeserving or uncomfortable asking for money.
  • You're willing to create an easy ritual of change that could take less than a minute daily but make a change for a lifetime (that surpasses what you thought was possible).
  • You're willing to be patient and compassionate with yourself.
Early registration $49
You're invited right now to join Parallel Universe Time: a time where I (or Mitzi) hold the space for you to get to your creativity. It's free and every Friday at 8am pacific/11am eastern. Sign-up
For more about becoming a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach

What The What-The??

Dear Creative Friend,
Are you ready to change your underlying feelings of shame disappointment
I am living a dream that surpasses what I thought was possible for me in every aspect of my life: creative expression, love, health, life's work, peace of mind, joy, security, possessions, friends, hip-hop dancing.  I wish the same for you (but hip-hop isn't for everyone: consult your doctor ;).
It took some tweaking to get here though. I used to sabotage my success each step of the way: I didn’t follow-through on opportunities that fell in my lap, I burnt bridges, I created drama where there didn’t need to be any, set unrealistic expectations, started things I didn’t finish, rebelled against my own good intentions, didn’t make time to engage in my passion, fuzzed out my brain with what I ate, allowed myself to be distracted, showed up for everything except that one deep calling, and when I did show-up – I didn’t allow myself to feel the joy because I never felt it good enough. Yep, I did all of that.
And it was deeply frustrating because I knew I had what it takes to be successful and I wanted so badly to be engaged in my creative passions. I didn’t understand why I did couldn't do these things until I explored the shadows in my life and realized I didn’t feel deserving of success – my upbringing gave me messages of not being enough, guilt, shame, and permission to play small. These dynamics weren’t in my conscious awareness but it was clear from my actions that they drove my life.
I’d like to share with you what I discovered and invite you to partake in a workshop and possibly a network that will help you adopt a ritual that changed my life. These are the same tools I teach in a the KMCC certification training but the price is set so I can share this with many people.   The key is: It won’t work unless you do it and it requires patience, repetition, support, self-compassion, and especially awareness. 
Join me on June 19th, your choice of two times for your convenience:
  • 11am pacific, 12pm mtn, 1pm central, 2pm eastern OR
  • 5pm pacific,  6pm mtn, 7pm central, 8pm eastern
  • This is a value equivalent to at least four creativity coaching sessions ($550) for $49 if you sign-up by June 17, 2013
  • $59 after June 17, 2013 
  • $39 for KMC3 members
Invite a friend for additional support and a receive free "So-What" Mug for both of you.
  • Entrance into the Creative Realignment Network - (Discount of $20 on continuing Seasonal Reminder Calls and the perks for each season. This program works best if you get continual reminders.)
  • The most effective reminders sent to you weekly (takes 30 seconds to read) as Jill Badonsky's art-PDFs to print for your journal if you like.
  • The actual real time workshop and an MP3 recording to replay.
  • A  follow-up call for support and reinforcement on July 22, 2013. (MP3 recording if you can't make it).
  • Eligibility for Jill's Creative Realignment Inner Circle
Early registration $49

The Muse is IN • 3142 1st Ave • San Diego, CA 92103
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