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    Issue #26                    GRANDPARENTS                      NOV./DEC. 2013
The holidays- whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa- are often times when families gather. As we enter this holiday season, we thought we'd celebrate the special connection grandparents develop with their "grands." And as always, we have three wonderful giveaways for you to share with your classroom, children, or your own grandchildren!
GRAND Children And Books
Father Goose sharing a special moment with his granddaughter, Charlotte Rose
by Charles Ghigna (also known as Father Goose)       
It's no wonder we call them GRAND children and they call us GRAND parents!  From the moment they arrive, they transform us into the grandest we have ever been and ever will be. They give us new names, and we are never the same. They fill our worlds with love and wondrous gifts of GRANDeur.
The first time my sweet Charlotte Rose called me "Gooooose," short for Grandpa Goose, a derivative of Father Goose, I knew I had been anointed.  Oh the smiles and giggles and stories we share, so full of joy and endless inspiration.  
That inspiration often comes during precious spontaneous play times when we allow our silly selves to lead us into imaginative play.  One of those recent creative times resulted in a new character in one of my stories.  
Charlotte Rose and I were playing in my tree house.  She likes to sit on my desk surrounded by my little geese miniatures and other little toys. Charlotte picked up the tiniest geese miniature and asked, "What's her name?"  I asked if she would like to name it for me.  Without hesitation, her eyes lit up and she gleefully said, "Lucy!  Lucy Goose!"  
Thanks to Charlotte Rose, Lucy Goose now appears in several new stories.
Charles Ghigna is a prolific writer, poet, and generous friend to Talking Story readers. He is giving away an autographed first edition copy of Animal Tracks: Wild Poems to Read Aloud -a great read aloud!  Check out his advice to parents and grandparents on the importance of reading. His twelve latest books are dedicated to his two grandchildren!
Featured Illustration
This fun illustration is from the book,
by Joyce
Grandparents often have unusual habits and quirky personalities. Invite students to share something fascinating about one of their grandparents with the class. Then do one of the following.
1. Using Mike Emberley's illustration of grandparent and child crossing the street (see article above) have students create their own picture and caption showing how they would babysit their grandparent.
2.  Share three grandparent picture books with the students. (Or read grandparent passages from three novels.)  Ask the students to choose one of the grandparents from those books and write about one of the following:
  • Compare and contrast one of the grandparents in the story to their own grandparent.
  • Pretend their grandparent meets the one from the book they chose. What advice would the student's grandparent give to the book character? Would the real grandparent and the book grandparent get along?  What kind of trouble might they encounter together?
Turn the finished project into a grandparent gift by making a book or mounting it on attractive paper or card stock and decorating with stickers, ribbons, or other ephemera.
3 Brothers Introduce 3 Grandparent Books
by Abram, Wilson, and Landis Hunsberger
Abram                  Wilson                   Landis 
by Roald Dahl
Recommended by Abram - age 12
In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie, his parents, and his four grandparents live together in the same house, because his grandparents are too old to live alone. Charlie wins a ticket for two to tour a mysterious candy factory owned by Willy Wonka, and Charlie chooses to bring his grandfather along. In the Factory, Charlie and his grandpa have an exciting adventure together with many mysterious surprises.
by Gertrude Chandler Warner
Recommended by Wilson- age 9
When four children’s parents die, they run away instead of going to live with the grandfather they do not know. The children learn to stick together. They find out that their grandfather is not like they had imagined and they learn to trust him. If you like reading this book, there are lots of other books in the series.
by Eileen Spinelli
Recommended by Landis - age 6
Thanksgiving at the Tappletons’ has lots of funny parts. My favorite part is when the turkey slides out the front door. At the end, the grandma reminds the family to be thankful because they are together.
Abram, Wilson, and Landis Hunsberger live in Holly Springs, North Carolina where they attend home school. Thanks to each of them for their delightful introductions to 3 books about grandparents.
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In this issue:
Guest Giveaway
by Charles Ghigna
Send us an email and we'll enter your name to win one of these three giveaways. Enter before November 18 (Or better yet, enter right now!)
Giveaway #2
    by John Micklos
Giveaway #3
by Gretchen Griffith
Albert Whitman & Company
From this poem, you can tell how much "Papa Goose" loves being a grandparent.
Little sunny
funny face 
you hold my heart
in a hiding place
far beyond the moon where angels sing and cherubs swoon
where grandpas play with teddy bears
who kneel to say their nightly prayers
you take my heart 
and breath away--
miss you kiss you 
every day 
(Charles Ghigna)
Recommended Books
by Richard Peck
Heidi by Johanna Spyri
by Nancy Hope Jones
by Kimberly Greene Angle
Windblowne by Stephen Messer
Mare's War by Tanita Davis
Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt
by Patricia St. John
adapted from books by Laura Ingalls Wilder
by Gertrude Chandler Warner
by Laura Numeroff
by Sally Loyd Jones
by Jean Reagan
by Audrey Wood
Giveaway Winners
Congratulations to our winners!
Mryna Strickland and Ann Einstein each won a copy of Comfort.
Mryna Strickland won a copy of Because I Can
by Janet Oberholtzer.
We Welcome Young Reviewers!
Do you have a middle school or high school teen who loves to read? We'd love to hear from you with name and contact information. We ask reviewers to read three books and write brief introductions.
This is a great opportunity for your son, daughter, or student to get writing experience.
Please email us if you know someone who would be interested! Thanks.
Thank You!
A big thank you to:
*Charles Ghigna, Gretchen Griffith, and Boyds Mills Press for books.  
*Michael Emberley for sharing an illustration.
*Abram, Wilson & Landis Hunsberger for reviewing books.
*Joanne Hunsberger  for proofreading.
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