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Wisdom Of The Earth
November Update
In this issue:
Level I Classes
Leila.. NY, NY
Tresa... Greendale, WI
Lemia/Josh... Mexico City, MX
Audre.. Santa Fe, NM
Marah... Page Springs, AZ
Leslie.. Huntington Beach, CA
Holly... La Grange, IL
Audre... Santa Fe, NM
Siddiqa... Chadds Ford, PA
Lisl... Canton, CT
John... New Hartford, CT
Breathe Deeply
"Be honest with yourself. Breathe deeply your love. Be kind with yourself. Breathe deeply your light. Be true with yourself. Breathe deeply your beauty. Be compassionate with yourself. Breathe deeply your greatness. Be positive with yourself. Breathe deeply your magnificence. Be and breathe. Be and breathe. Be and breathe. Be and breathe. Be and breathe. Be and breathe."
~Michael Teal / The Ancient One
Dancing Trees

Ascension Rising...
Loving Greetings, WOTE Family!
     There has been much chaos in the lives of so many and I would like to encourage us all to take some deep breaths, stay grounded and to remember to take time to go into Nature.
     This past weekend I spoke at the Ascension Rising Conference at the Sedona Hilton, and desired to share some of the powerful information that was given.
1)   Remember that we are Sovereign Beings!
2)   We are the computers and the consciousness necessary to evolve past  the controlling agendas... Religion, Media, Big Pharma, Big Business, Gov’t,   ChemTrails, Monsanto and Mind Control etc.
3)   Earth is a living entity “upon whose back” and “within whose heart” we currently reside. We are overcoming the trauma of the Earth and the trauma within ourselves, to get back into alignment with the Galactic Plane, the doorways and gateways, that are now available for our evolution and ascension. (Asheana Deanne)
4)   As Earth beings we must release the programming, get past the fear and release the negative ego that keeps us in duality. We are to get control over victimhood, addiction, and superficial connections to anything outside of ourselves.
5)   “We are made up of archetypes, dimensions, earth and sky. We have to return to the Mother/Father where the balance is held, by discovering the inner unity that is encoded within us.” (Laura Eisenhower)
6)   We must come back into balance with our feminine and masculine natures. This requires that we think with our hearts. 
     So you can see that the information is right in line with the Self Love teachings that we at WOTE have been emphasizing to all who will listen. If we are to get past this horrendous agenda, we must take 100% responsibility for our lives and actions and start to love ourselves and see the beauty that exists in all things. The more we give away our sovereignty, the more control others have over us. We have to do the work to set ourselves free.
     The essences are our allies. In their purity, they are the lifebloodof the Mother Earth. The more you use them, the more authentic and balanced you will be. Here is a list of a few essences I believe will help bring us to the very center of our beings, so that we can once again be in Union and in Harmony with all that lives in, and around us.
Cypress, Blue or Emerald: The Cypress tree is the shape of thePituitary gland and is the lens that opens the Anja center ( third eye) at the top of the head. She helps with clarity on an intuitive level.
Hyssop: The Forgiveness Deva; Ancient powerhouse for purification; Blood purifier on all levels; brings up core issues for healing and re-writing DNA codes; a shape-shifter of the Light who assists us to remove negative energy from our being, and protect us from negative energyattaching. Carries the energy of the Violet Flame
Frankincense: Christ Light; Christ Consciousness; Calls the Angelic Realm; crosses the blood/brain barrier, which physiologically permeates your cellular structure: heals on the quantum, DNA level. Frankincense helps us to grow during changing circumstances, and remain true to our Higher Self. Chaos balancer, releases emotional and spiritual issues.
Myrrh: Ancient, gorgeous Deva who reminds us to purr and be playful with our spirituality: stop taking ourselves so seriously. Washes away negativity or residue from negativity; helps put aside ego in order to give selflessly from our hearts. Protection against low vibration energies.
Spikenard: Precious and rare; able to address anything; high vibration; grown at a high elevation. Increases our capacity for awareness. Helps us tune into other frequencies. Works in concert with Hyssop; entity and fungus removal; works with the dreamtime; Opens 3rd eye; facilitates psychic abilities.
Tansy, Blue: Opens the third eye; Gateway to consciousness; Direct link the third eye, pituitary, amygdala glands and the hippocampus, creating a pathway to the spirit center and the ancient brain.
Palo Santo: Creates euphoria, bends time and space, takes you into the ethers to commune with your higher self.
     There are so many that I could recommend, and I did not include the heart openers in this grouping. You can always call the office if you need additional guidance and one of us will be happy to assist you.
     I will continue to write on my learning as the months go by. If you have the opportunity to do your inner work and release your demon/shadows, you will help the earth reach her transformation and ascension much sooner. After all, that’s why we came.
With so much love,  Cynthia and the WOTE Folk
Shining Sun Essential Thoughts

 Audre sends out a periodic e-mail sharing thoughts, tips and insights regarding the incredible world of essential oils. They are short, sweet and memorable.  If you would like to be on her e-mail list, please contact her here.   Shining Sun Aromatherapy
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