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Wisdom Of The Earth
Heartwarming February News
In this issue:
Level I Classes
Lemia/Josh... Irvine, CA
Siddiqa... Chadds Ford, PA
Audre... Santa Fe, NM
Siddiqa... Chadds Ford, PA
Lisl... Canton, CT
Sam... Tesuque, NM
Holly... La Grange, IL
John... New Hartford, CT
Audre, Barry, Cynthia
Level II... Page Springs, AZ
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Level II in April

We are taking registration for our WOTE April 23-27, 2014 Level II Experience.  We have a few spots left. Are you interested in deepening your relationship with Mother Earth?  This is an incredible opportunity to learn about the unusual and uncommon essence that we carry.  This 5-day Advanced Aromatherapy Retreat will bring you more deeply into the use of the plant and tree essences for healing and transformation. There is time for rest and reflection to enhance the deep immersion into exploring our beloved essences in new and different ways.
If you are interested, contact Cynthia @ 928-649-9968
Great Articles...
This is a great article on the healing benefits of Forest Bathing. The technique comes from Japan and is called Shinrin Yoku Forest Therapy.
This is a documentary about the consciousness of plants and how intelligent they really are.  The video is 52 minutes long but worth the view.
Celebrate Love!
You are longing to be seen, but are you willing to first see yourself?
You are longing to be held, but when will you hold near your own precious aloneness?
You are longing to be touched, but have you allowed your sadness to touch and flower inside you?
Your lovers are everywhere and are looking for you, though they will come at times as special grace in disguise, to reveal your wholeness in ways you never imagined possible.
 ~Matt Licata
The Very Bad H1N1 Flu
What a season of illness this has been for so many.  If you have escaped the flu season and are looking for ways to fortify your immune system, you might consider using a combination of any of these essences: 
  • Arm yourself with Laurel Leaf, Lemongrass, Curcuma Zedoria and Eucalyptus Gully Gum. 
  • For a sore throat, use Curcuma, Clove Bud and/or True Sage topically, or you can gargle with it.
  • Drink a half to a teaspoon of Black Cumin daily. 
If you have been plagued by the flu for way too long, you might want to try this heavy hitter inhalation. Leonardo, Audre's husband, saved many a soul from going to the hospital with the following protocol:
  • Use 3-5 drops of each of Kanuka, Frankincense, Spikenard, Eucalyptus Gully Gum, Eucalyptus Blue Mallee Cryptone, Inula and Helichrysum Immortelle, and 1-2 drops of Rose, in a cup of hot water.  Then, put a towel over your head and breathe in.  If you can, drink the water when it cools as it is good medicine.  A few sips will do. We know that this protocol works and it is so worth the money to get yourself back on your feet.
I also like to use Hyssop and Eucalyptus dives, on my chest to quell a cough.  It works so well. 
We know that the Earth is going through changes and we must stay connected, grounded and healthy...if we are here to make it through:).
I hope these tips will help you get through this flu season easily and effortlessly. 
Be well dear friends,
Love, Cynthia and the WOTE Folk
Using Essences on Animals
Here is some great advise on using essential oils on animals from Tresa Laferty/Speak to the Earth, one of our fabulous teachers who is also an animal communicator.


Smell/diffusion/inhalation(best, easiest option): Diffuse into air; oxygenate brain
Topical (dermal) absorption: Apply to skin or hair/fur
Internal/ingestion: Start very slowly. You can add certain essential oils to the food and water. Be sure to get the guidance of an aromatherapist specializing in animals to get you started.
Take extra care when introducing the essential oils to animals. They have a very accurate memory with scents so making sure they have a positive first experience is key!
Smell – best option for the hyper sensitive noses of our animal friends: Open bottle slightly or fully in the room (for smaller animals – put in center of the room so they can move closer or leave the room if they don’t want to be that close).  Put on hands, tissue or cotton ball:let animals smell (do not force right under nose) Put on bedding or towel:let animal choose to be there Spritz bottle:distilled or spring water, 3‐5drops of essential oil. Shake and spritz.  (Diffuse: cold air diffuser – do not heat oils)
If the animal is jittery, you can apply calming essential oils to yourself first .  Let the animal become accustomed to the smell.

Let the animals “Choose”

Give them respect and start slowly. Give animals a choice – put 2, 3 or 4 out and let them select. Once you get to know them, you’ll understand their “yes” and “no” indicators. Do not put an oil on and leave the animal – have initial experiences be calm & enjoyable. Start with “calming” oils before trying to “treat” with oils.
Remember: if they don’t like a particular essence today, that doesn’t mean they won’t like it tomorrow. Vice versa is true. So if they “choose” an essence once, it doesn’t mean they will always like it. Animals are very intuitive and will always select the best essence for them – even if it doesn’t make sense to us. Trust them!
When treating a smaller animal, you can put them in a carrier – preferably one with closed sides. Additionally, you can drape a cloth over the carrier exposing only the opening. Put your essential oil of choice in a cold water, ultrasonic diffuser. Point the diffuser into the crate and turn it on. If this animal is new to essential oils, turn on for 1‐2minutes. Turn off and observe. You can extend it longer as you see how the animal is reacting. Always get the permission of the animal before doing any form of treatment. If they are unable to give their consent, then ask their “higher self” if this form of healing will be accepted.
Topical:  (not in eyes, ears or “sensitive” spots)
You can apply the oils to the fur or feathers. These act as a wick and pull the essential oil into the body. You can also apply them directly to the skin, but be sure to observe any reaction the animal may have.
Multiple oils/layering: when first using, start with one oil, wait and observe (10-­‐15minutes). If all is ok, then  apply any additional oils in same manner.
Spritz or spray bottle: for large, open wounds or hard to reach areas
Feet: The pads of the feet are very sensitive and many dogs/cats have an aversion to having their feet touched or handled. I don’t typically apply essential oils to the feet unless that is the area of injury.
Ears: On edges (can apply to your hands first the run on animal's ears) but take care not get oils directly down the ear canal.
Other areas: Base of spine or along spine, shoulders, chest, under tummy, under chin – where ever needed.
Eyes: I use the hydrolets of Rose and Helichrysum for eye issues. I dilute 50/50 with saline solution and do a “test” in my own eyes first. If they burn my eyes, they will obviously not feel good in your animal’s eyes.
We will continue next month with her advise on cats.  To reach Tresa go to
Wisdom Of The Earth • 2680 N Page Springs Road • Cornville • AZ • 86325
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