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February 14, 2014


Morning peers like a periscope into midnight 
watching for the electric flashes of the new day.

She observes the new day wearing a hat 
made of seven sun rays. 
All the rays are the size of Africa. 

Morning blinks.
She sees the new day arguing with yesterday 
because yesterday forgot to take the garbage out 
and has left muddy footprints on Wednesday's carpet.  

5 am brings the end of the argument 
and then 
yesterday and the new day make love. 

The argument ends with a
a periwinkle
and dawn.

The new day 
is now all over the eastern horizon and 
gestures for the morning to begin its routines.
collecting long shadows of trumpet shells, 
fading the stars,
nudging the flight of great blue heron.

Morning is alive now because
the new day gave her life all over again.
She simmers with the miracle of this perpetual return. 
The new day delivers morning to noon. 
But noon, 
is out to lunch.

Creativity Coaching Department: Three Ways to Love the Process

Okay, that wasn't a love note. It was a poem about the new day. But I loved writing it.
1. Love is also a process.
When I approach the process, aware of what I love about it instead of pressuring myself about the product,
I keep coming back. 
2. You tried loathing yourself and it didn't work. What about Love?
Some of us, I won't point fingers,  aren't showing up for our creative passions ... 
This is kinda a form of punishment -- think about it. You LOVE writing, painting, cooking, building a business, song writing, making people laugh, and/or etc... but you're not doing it. You are withholding pleasure, process, and peace.
I'd have to get the flow charts out to explain my theory on that.... 
or just look in some of my old journals because I've been known to deny myself my passion too, but the question is:
When will you love yourself enough to allow time for your passions? ASK.
Self-love is required for the creative process. 
Why would we want to express ourselves if we didn't like who we are?
3. Proceed with Lowered Expectations
What step can you take related to whatever creative pursuit has chosen you, in a five minute period of time with purposely lowered expectations?
Lowering the pressure = easier.
Easier = showing up.
Showing-up over and over = preseverance.
Perseverance = Progress, practice, completion, self-respect, love.
And it started with kindness... another form of love.

Break it down even smaller, simply imagine what it would feel like to be engaged in that feeling of creative flow. What would it look, feel, sound, smell like?
That is a little creative foreplay... it can lead to procrastinating on those things that replace your creativity. 
Thanks for reading. All rights reserved. All lefts were released. go make stuff. 
love, Jill

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