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Chiropractic Nutrition Solutions
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 Jeremie Pederson D.C., C.C.E.P., C.S.C.S.
In this issue:
Vacation Schedule
I will be out of the office Wednesday July 2nd to Saturday July 5th.  I will be open Monday June 30th and Tuesday July 1st so call now and get in before the holiday.

Pediatric Sports Injuries
The most common injury I see in children during the summer is inversion ankle sprains.  The average parent will take their child to the pediatrician for an x-ray, compression wrap, and ice.  Although that is a good start that is a very incomplete treatment protocol that will result in chronic weakness and instability.
Proper treatment of an ankle sprain involves adjusting and restoring motion to the talus bone, which becomes locked in a medial or lateral position causing excess swelling, pain, loss of motion, weakness, and instability for years after the sprain if not corrected.  Adjusting the talus bone immediately after a sprain has reduced swelling up to 50% within a few hours.  Breaking up scar tissue and then rehabilitating the ankle have to follow the adjustment.
New Skin Cancer Treatment?

Summer is here and we are all being exposed to more intense sun when playing outside.  Besides using sunscreen you should load up on vitamin D supplementation and general antioxidants to help avoid damaged cells from mutating and turning into skin cancer.  Sun spots, freckles, or moles that are changing shape, color, or size should be examined by a dermatologist immediately.  If you don't have a dermatologist I recommend Dr. Heather Richmond at 713-528-8882

Skin cancer treatments:
Traditional treatments for skin cancer involve removal of the affected area and biopsies of surrounding lymph nodes if it spread. There is some evidence showing you can use an eggplant extract cream that will help eradicate abnormal cancer cells that are lingering. The great news is that this cream has no side effects and can be used as a preventative measure as well as a treatment option in conjunction with your dermatologist’s treatment recommendations. The most researched product out there now is anti cancer cream. Do your own research and ask your dermatologist about this as a medical dermatologist in England has done the primary research on this.
Surviving The Heat

Summer is here and all of you need to stay safe when playing outdoors to avoid heat exhaustion, dehydration, or heat stroke.
Heat exhaustion signs and symptoms:
Cool clammy skin, headache, dizziness, rapid pulse, cramps, dark urine, slightly elevated body temperature
Treatment: Get into air condition, drink water, and watch for symptoms of heat stroke
Heat stroke signs and symptoms:
High body temperature, no sweat, rapid pulse, difficulty breathing, possible seizures or coma.

Treatment:  Move to cool area, call 911, and use ice to cool them down.
Watch your children and running buddies closely to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke.  Drink water before you get thirsty instead of waiting until you feel thirsty. 
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