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ACFN Newsletter July 2014 
ACFN is Growing
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ACFN Welcomes 7 New Franchisees!!
June 2014 Class
Congratulations and best of luck to:

Rob & Robin, S – NC 
Andrew, I – PA 
Rodney, A & Cynthia, S – NY 
Michael, A – FL 
Bill & Judd, L –CA 
Scott, F – MI 
Michael, A NY
ACFN – resetting the bar and achieving new highs

Four months ago we secured an opportunity to have a conference call with a VERY large company that represents the potential for a game changing branding opportunity for ACFN. In preparation for that opportunity we prepared an entire new approach to marketing our program centered around the value of branding. After the meeting, which resulted in a request to circle back in the second half of this year to continue that particular conversation, we realized that the branding features available with the new ARGO could represent significant non-monitory value to large corporate operators.
We modified the proposal to center around the concept of “We Promote Your Brand” and submitted several proposals to see if we could get the attention of some large national operators. Almost immediately we entered a serious conversation with a company that operates 500+ locations in 28 states. We had a prior connection that brought us to the table and helped open the door but our proposal was compared to others and was selected which bodes well for our new strategy in other similar situations going forward.
Since this is breaking ground for us our first goal was to secure an agreement to run a 90 day trial at varied locations to assess the economics. We received a list of 17 locations and reviewed the opportunity with the respective franchisees - the feedback was an impressive 100% positive!! VP of Marketing Jim Diltz and VP of Operations Gershon Yakir traveled to meet key executives at the Host corporate office and toured 10 of the 17 locations to survey and confirm important details. When they returned to headquarters the feedback was once again 100% positive and On June 30th we received a signed agreement allowing us to move forward and install our ATMs at the 17 locations identified for the trial.
There are a total of 7 franchisees involved in the installations and service of the first 17 locations, all ATMs have been shipped and we are full steam ahead hoping to get all 17 installed between July 10th and July 20th. If you are one of the seven you have already been at the site and are well aware of all pertinent details. Obviously the stakes couldn’t be higher so we are all relying on you to live up to our motto “in the pursuit of excellence” and go beyond the call of duty in all aspects related to this key relationship. Once we have transactions data and assuming the numbers meet our expectations we hope to immediately enter negotiations to secure a term agreement for all 500 locations. Host goal if results are satisfactory is to start full scale deployment on October 1st – stay tuned!
We Promote Your Brand
 For your reference our new approach includes highlights of the following features:
  • Large 12” color screen – up to 7 high quality graphics rotating on the screen
  • Engage your customer – QR codes on receipts to interact with end users
  • Full body wraps and custom signs – using the outside of the ATM to promote Host corporate image     
Sample flyer below:

Important note: new fee from Visa/Plus
We were notified by Worldpay that Visa/Plus will start charging a $1 misdispense fee as of August 1st 2014. This means that when an ATM has a partial dispense if the network supporting that transactions is Visa/Plus there will now be a $1 fine charged to the ATM owner/operator. The good news is that the new software version used with ARGO ATMs has been enhanced to notify users when the ATM does not have enough money to complete the transaction. This software version then offers the remaining funds instead which will help prevent the fine. The better news is that all RL2000 and RL5000 models will also have this enhancement once upgraded to EMV. For older units the risk remains but obviously with proper management partial dispense events should be very rare anyway.  
Work Hard – Work Smart – Do It Now!
Jeff Kerr
CEO & President
Franchisee Review |Small business with a multimillion dollar staff handling all your business needs.
Having retired after 30 years from a lifelong business in the large auto franchise arena with all the heavy brick and mortar, large personnel and operational headaches one could handle, I was ready for something that would bring me back to a simpler time and lifestyle. That meant a simpler business model that I could run with just one employee, that employee being me. I wanted something that I could grow to a size that I could be comfortable with and still justify the income based on the work load. In other words, life, business and income simplified.
I, like you, was considering an ACFN franchise and after meeting with Jeff Kerr and the staff at ACFN I quickly became a franchisee. Like you, I was full of doubt and anxiety in regards to the viability of this business and was wondering if partnering with ACFN was the right way to go. I can now say, emphatically, the answer is Yes!
It will be almost two years since I signed my franchise agreement in San Jose, Ca. Now, I can truly say that without the ACFN franchise relationship and support I would never have been able to survive let alone prosper in the ATM industry. I believe this would be true for all but a very select few individuals. The credibility and experience that Jeff Kerr and his ACFN franchise brings to the table is impossible to duplicate on your own. Without ACFN's support there is no way that I would have been able to land the quantity or quality of locations that I have today.
No matter how hard I might have worked, I could not have had this success. I credit ACFN's marketing team led by Kristen and Jim. These guys make it all happen for the franchisee. You prospect and they close the deal. After we visit prospective locations and approve them they [ACFN] handle everything including; setting up the initial meetings, negotiating the deal, writing the contracts and getting them signed. All the franchisee has to do is smile, shake a hand or two and say thank you and then collect your income stream. To me this is a no brainer.
I would be remiss to not mention that without the talented and patient tech support team led by Gershon and Juanita, I would have been lost. I am sure, like me, most new franchisees would never have gotten out of the gate without these guys.
To top it off, you have ACFN's accounting department to handle all the details in regards to your
basic book keeping and accounting, watching out for SEC and banking issues, filing your comvelopes, keeping you current on new regulations, handling your orders for ATMs and parts, getting you a month end statement, getting you your year-end 1099 and so much more. All, you the franchisee really has to do is get your income check, oh by the way they handle that for you too. Not to mention that they get a correct check out to your locations on time as well.
So basically, if you put all the ACFN parts together, you the franchisee gets a small business with a multimillion dollar staff handling all your business needs. It took me twenty years to put this together in my past business life. This is what makes your individual brand so professional and legitimate. This is why you will be able to get those quality, high paying locations. In my humble opinion, it just doesn't get better than this. If you don't see the value here, you need to find another business to get into.
I quess by now, you are wondering how I have done? Well, I spent the first few months making what seemed like endless prospecting drops. Six months in and I had three quality locations. Today, not quite two years as a franchisee, I will be installing location number twenty.
By the way, I have no secret formula, no special connections and no past experience in this industry. I rely strictly on the ACFN’s formula. I keep it simple. I make drops and keep looking for new opportunities and I think outside the box when exploring potential locations in my areas. Some of my best locations are not hotels. Let your franchise partner ACFN do their part. Jeff and company has a proven formula in the ATM business that is truly golden.
Like all things in life, it’s what you the individual make of it. I work hard two days a week and enjoy a very good income. I let ACFN be my "ace in the hole". With ACFN I found my simpler business life. I wish all current and future franchisees the best of luck in achieving their individual goals in the ATM business.

Pete B
ACFN Franchisee
ACFN • 111 West Saint John Street, Sixth Floor • San Jose, CA 95113
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