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Rain Hummingbird
Soul to Soul Newsletter
Dear ,
Happy Summer! It's gorgeous here in Western North Carolina with the gardens overflowing and life buzzing all around.
This newsletter includes tips for summer safety for your four-legged companions. Also included are  announcements for some fun workshops that I'll be hosting at my home in September & October, including an Advanced Animal Communication class and a New offering - Shamanic Journeying. I hope you will be able to join me. In the meantime, may you and your beloved animal companions have a fun and beautiful season.
Wishing you joy and many blessings,
Stress-Free Summer Fun For You & Your Animal Companions
Stay Hydrated. Bring water along on any excursions regardless of length of time since unexpected delays can happen. Some signs of dehydration include: lethargy, loss of appetite, sticky gums and decreased skin elasticity. Signs of heat stroke include excessive panting; unsteadiness; noisy breathing; collapse; bright red gums; swollen tongue; vomiting. Animals with kidney disorders, cancer, diabetes, elderly, or pregnant animals are more susceptible. The higher the humidity, the more difficult it is for dogs to shed heat.
Pupsicles & Catsicles.  A fun way to cool off and stay hydrated: combine equal parts water with chicken stock; or combine the liquid from a tin of sardine or can of tuna (packed in water) with 1/2 cup of water; pour into ice cube trays, freeze, serve in water bowl.
Keep On The Grass. Blazing sun causes sidewalks and roadways to really heat up. If the pavement hurts your bare feet, then it's too hot for sensitive dog paws too. Walking on the grass is the best option. If you live in an urban area, choose the shady side of the street. Early morning or late evening walks offer cooler temperatures as well.
Buckle Up. It's tempting to let your pup sit on your lap while driving; yet this can be distracting and dangerous. Hit the brakes and Rover could come hurling forward and be injured, as well as the driver. It's safer for all when dogs are safely settled into the back. Depending upon your dog's personality and temperament, consider a partition, crate or perhaps a body harness that buckles into the seat belt. I used the latter with my dog when driving my convertible. She enjoyed her ears flapping in the breeze and I felt at ease knowing she was perfectly secure.
Quell The Queasies. Some dogs get car sick; symptoms range from vomiting or diarrhea to whining, pacing, panting or drooling. Depending upon the duration of your trip and severity of your dog's reaction, consider Flower Essences for calming or talk with your vet about other car sickness options.
No Ticks Please. Lyme disease is a painful and chronic condition for animals as well as people. Whether you choose the natural route or use conventional tick prevention medications, it's important to keep you and your animal companions protected. Set an alarm in your phone or mark your calendar to stay on top of regular treatments.
Enjoy the Summer!
In-Person Animal Communication Workshop on September 20 & 21
The Deepening - Advanced Level
September 20 & 21, 2014
Saturday and Sunday
10:00am to 5:00pm
Asheville, North Carolina
This workshop is ideal for anyone who wishes to deepen and broaden their intuitive abilities for animal communication as well as in all aspects of life.
What You Will Learn:
- Deepen your animal communication knowledge and experience.
- Learn to strengthen and trust your intuitive knowing.
- Explore a deeper spiritual connection with nature. 
- Understand and shed misconceptions that can inhibit intuitive flow and expand your receptivity.
- Travel into realms often unnoticed by humans.
- Enhance your awareness and communion with all life and enjoy the beauty of this soulful connection.
Relax and connect in this small, supportive group environment at my home just outside of Asheville in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.
We will do exercises, meditations, and discussions designed to help you become more grounded and centered; open your heart and deepen your connections; broaden your receptive channels; increase your telepathic abilities and awareness of animals and nature; feel energies as well as enhance your knowing of the information, guidance and telepathic messages that you receive.
Sign Up:
Cost: $250 for early registration by August 15; afterward $275. Space is limited so please contact me directly at 828-337-4686 or to indicate your interest in registering for this workshop.  
Participation in this workshop requires a basic level of animal communication understanding and skill. Anyone who has taken my Learn To Communicate With Animals Workshop or mentored with me qualifies to participate in this workshop. Anyone who has taken a Basic Level Animal Communication Workshop with any other qualified animal communicator is also welcome to join. Others with interest, who have not taken an animal communication workshop, will be considered on an individual basis.
Directions and a list of what to bring will be provided after your registration is received.
What Folks Say About This Workshop:
“I feel a stronger sense of trust in my abilities…I absolutely got what I hoped for and so much more….Excellent exercises which really opened up the channels for communication as well as being great personal skills…Rain, you are very good at holding space and teaching with respect and consideration for where each of us is on the path." BA--Hendersonville, NC
“Thank you so much for the phenomenal weekend you hosted. The workshop was a wonderful experience. I appreciated the supportive environment and exercises. You did an excellent job of establishing a setting that felt safe and trustworthy. The smallness of the group helped in that regard, too. … [I discovered] that doing animal communication can enhance my life and cultivate my spirituality. I also appreciated the reverence for Nature that you modeled. It was a joy to learn from you and from the other participants…a delightful group…a remarkable workshop….I sincerely hope to see and learn from you again" C.C.-–Black Mountain, NC
“I enjoyed the workshop immensely… I received more confidence in my ability to communicate with animals and nature… being able to share that kind of energy with a group was a wonderful environment in which to learn… Your willingness to answer any and all questions made the experience that much more valuable and helpful." DG--Greensboro, NC
“The workshop was very informative, relaxing yet challenging - in just the right sort of way. [I received] more self-confidence, more trust in my intuition, more inner peace, clarity. I got what I had hoped within the first few hours…the rest was just bonus."
T.E.--Advance, NC
NEW! Shamanic Journeying
Saturday, October 4 
10am to 5pm
At my home just outside Asheville in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina
For those who wish to explore the wisdom and power of Shamanic Journeying, this gathering will help you access and stay in spiritually aware energy. Open to everyone; no prior experience necessary. You will have the opportunity to journey with a Power Animal as well as a soul journey for yourself. There will be ample time for questions and sharing while we are in ceremony together. Please join me for this day of spiritual expansion!
Sign Up:
Cost: $135. Space is limited so please contact me directly at 828-337-4686 or to indicate your interest in registering.  

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Mentoring: Offering personalized mentoring to deepen your intuitive abilities. Also Reiki training. 
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