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ACFN Newsletter August 2014 
ACFN is Growing
230+ Franchises and growing!
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Sixth Floor
Community Towers
111 W. Saint John Street
San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: (888)794-2236
The ACFN Team
We've come a long way !
Being here since day one I am impressed at how far we’ve come.

When Jeff and I started this company in 2003 there were two other people helping us - Bob Ledesma (still in our Marketing Dept.) and a part time receptionist. Our office was about 2000 sq. feet and we did almost everything we do now except on a (much) smaller scale.
We now occupy a 12,000 sq. foot office with 35 employees and 235+ Franchisees all over the US and Canada.
Getting new locations for our franchisees used to be quite a task as no one heard of us outside of California. ACFN is now viewed as the “Rolls Royce” of the industry which helped in making us the largest ATM provider to hotels in the US.
It has turned into a very successful “turn-key” operation where every month we have new Franchisees coming in and in a relative short time we help them build a viable business – all they have to do is follow our lead.
We have built many success stories over the years and each one is unique. There are those who wanted to quit their jobs and do this full time or others that simply wanted to earn an extra salary working a few hours a week – we have provided for both. Our top 5 earners in 2013 made an average of $176,923. Average for top 25 was $107,950 and average for all Franchisees active 12+ months was $36,937
Our first franchisees are now reaching the end of their first 10 year term with ACFN and are all renewing for another 10 years which is quite impressive and a testament to the great job we do.
We have found a way to help people secure their future – which is what we set out originally to do.
Avi Blankroth
Executive Vice President
Franchisee Review | I am very happy with my franchise

After being a professional athlete for eleven years, I searched high and low to find a business that fits my personality type and allows me to utilize my cash safely and efficiently. I initially gravitated towards real estate - studying for and earning my real estate agent’s license and later, my real estate broker’s license. I used these licenses to do just about everything imaginable in the real estate field (listed homes for sale, represented buyers purchased homes, flipped fixer-upper deals, held rental properties, provided property management services to landlords, etc.).
After selling my real estate management company in 2012, I got heavily into the financial markets (stocks, futures, forex, options, etc.). I found this really exciting but I could not find a consistent way to make safe, reliable profits. While searching for business opportunities in the summer of 2013, I came across the ACFN opportunity. I researched the industry and contemplated getting involved in the business directly (without ACFN). After speaking to several ATM ISOs, it became clear to me that it would take a herculean effort to make the business work and that I would have a steep learning curve. Instead of wasting time learning the long hard way, I decided to purchase an ACFN franchise and the journey began. I took the training in San Jose with two awesome gentlemen (current franchisees). The training alone was worth the price of the franchise fee. After leaving training, I knew I had made the right decision. If I had attempted to start this business without the training I received at ACFN, it would have taken me ten years to learn a fraction of what I learned in three days! The entire training session was interesting, fun, and informative. Each instructor knew their area of expertise extremely well and did a fabulous job of transferring some of that knowledge to us franchisees. From my perspective, this business has three distinct phases - 1) Learning / Growth Phase, 2) Service Phase 3) Completion Phase. My goal is to spend two to three years in Phase 1, seven to eight years in Phase 2, and depending on where I am at that point in my life, continue with Phase 2 (by renewing) or move on to Phase 3 (by selling or discontinuing).
I attended training on November 20th 2013 and by the end of this month, July 2014, I will have a total of thirteen ATMs in operation (seven via acquisitions and six organic/corporate leads). My goal was to have ten ATMs by the end of the year so I am more than happy with the growth thus far. I have followed the system to the letter! When making drops, 95% of the time, the people are happy to receive the information and are willing to at least consider our services as an option. Whenever I’m doing drops or servicing my locations, I always wear one of my ACFN shirts, comfortable slacks, and non-tennis shoes. I want to look and feel professional and I think my clients view me that way as well. I like servicing my locations early in the morning - before the traffic (both auto & human) picks up. I use an app on my smartphone called “Road Warrior” to optimize my driving routes each time I head out of the door (for drops and servicing). I want to be sure I’m being as efficient as possible when traveling.
I am very happy with my business and wouldn’t want to be in business with any other group of men and women. Thank you ACFN - LETS TAKE IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL!!!
Steve A
ACFN • 111 West Saint John Street, Sixth Floor • San Jose, CA 95113
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