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Dr. Laurie Moore
Your Newsletter (OCTOBER) from Dr. Laurie Moore 
The Love Climate Offerings
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In This Issue:
Sessions with Dr. Laurie Moore
 Current and Upcoming Events
Video and Book Theme of the Month
New Gratitude Shares
Contact Info
Sessions with Dr. Laurie Moore 
Sessions are the way to get highest quality one-one-one time with Dr. Laurie to address your personal human or animal needs, transformations, desires, understandings, shifts, changes, and releases. 
Dr. Laurie specializes in emotional, spiritual, relational, mental, life connected to soul changes.

Please read about human transformational sessions, human and animal readings, and intuitive healings at the website: 

Current Events
Love, Money, and Miracles / FREE Virtual Summit
Host: Cyndie Silbert
Speakers: Dr. Laurie Moore and 22 others!
Want to create more Love, Money & Miracles in your life? Open yourself to total transformation as the Masters reveal their secrets. Join us for our Virtual Summit!
Free registration:
Photo: Want more Love, Money & Miracles in your life?  Open yourself to total transformation as the Masters reveal their secrets...Join us for our FREE Virtual
Akua Lono TV Show Videos and Live Stream
Dr. Laurie answers personal human questions, animal questions an universal questions from people and animals all over the globe. Shift, awaken, and heal Tuesdays nights at 7 p.m. Pacific on Streaming for the Soul Television Online or any time for your convenience. 
Watch Akua Lono live free on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Pacific

Watch Videos of Akua Lono with Dr. Laurie Moore anytime.
Be a guest on Akua Lono TV Show
Would you like to ask Dr. Laurie about a personal question about yourself, an animal question, or a universal question? 
Email to participate in Akua Lono TV show. Skype callers and live visits in the Los Angeles Streaming for the Soul TV California, USA studio are welcome. We schedule months ahead so inquire today.

Request to be on the television show here.

Transmission Pulse
Receive a 30 minute online group transmission to awaken, 
shift live circumstances, experience positive changes.

Next session: October 12 (Sunday), 1pm PST (California, USA)
Read about Transmission Pulse here.
Upcoming Events
Special One Time Event: Return to Lemuria
Soul Rejuvenation and Inner Nourishment
December 2-6 (Tuesday-Saturday), 2014
This is a seminar for you who desire to be deeply fulfilled in life's love and joy while manifesting yearned for realities in any areas of living: service, awakening, love, family, relationship, fulfillment, abundance, passion, career, etc.
You who participate will be given transmission for maintaining awareness in the higher realms with deepening and expansion. 
Return Heaven on Earth to your soul, yourself, your environment. You will be offered transmission of heart, soul, universal heart and soul, temple, Lemuria.
Video and Book Theme of the Month:
Surrender into Soul-Actions
New Gratitude Shares
(Some of the names below are changed for confidentiality)
More gratitude to spread!  Read here.                                                                             

Talks, Interviews and Telesummits

Latest Talks, Interviews and Telesummits:
Contact Info
Dr. Laurie Moore 

Dr. Laurie Moore  |  41 Conference Dr.: P.O. Box 102  |  Mt. Hermon, CA 95041  |
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