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ACFN Newsletter September 2014 
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ACFN Welcomes 2 New Franchisee!!
August 2014 Class
Congratulations and best of luck to:
Bob R - NY
Matt S - CA
Franchisee Review | Organically Grown My Business

I started my ACFN franchise journey back in Feb 2012, with a phone call and then a flight to San Jose for training.  And let me tell you it was an exciting beginning and I am still learning.  I came back to Oklahoma with my 1 ATM purchase, and a location (bowling alley) in mind that Jim and his Marketing Department closed. So, my first location was installed about March 15, 2012, and I have organically grown since then to 18 locations.
Now mind you, Southwest Oklahoma doesn't fit the normal model ACFN is used to, so I had to get creative and go after some other types of businesses. The best advice I can pass along is to keep your eyes open, and look for locations that have  a good volume of traffic and don't have an ATM.  Ask the employees at those locations if they have any calls or inquiries as to an ATM.  My best locations are Convenient Stores, Tag Offices or DMV, I have 1 Truck Stop that is cash only, 1 Hospital, 1 Motel, and the rest are Sports Bars, Restaurants, or Clubs.  I am working on my local City Services for new locations such as Animal Control Services (Dog Pound) is cash only and they are building a new facility, so that is a possible ATM location.

            So, drop your Lead packets and keep in close touch with Jim and his Sales department, and you should build a nice business.
Jerry W
SW Oklahoma 
Value of a Self-Generated Lead

ACFN has always emphasized the importance and value of a leads, as well as franchisee involvement in self-generating some of their own leads. The Market Research Department calls and reviews tens of thousands of new leads that are imported into our system constantly. As a franchisee living in your area of operation, you have direct access to all the local businesses some of which may have not come through our lead generating directories yet and could be a valuable lead for your business. Also within your area, you have access to local area attraction papers and magazines, which point out hot spots for nightlife within a particular area. Using these tools leads and this information to the Market Research Team will expand your business exponentially.
After reviewing years of data, crunching numbers, and reviewing franchisees portfolios ACFN develops more and more insight on the importance and value of franchisee generated leads. Here are just some amazing examples of Franchisees working with ACFN over the years to help generate new leads and create success in their business by doing so:
2009 - We ran a competition and rewarded franchisees who were proactive and worked with ACFN to put in some footwork and generate leads for their area of operation. The winner that year had only been a franchisee for 5 months and his 1 month of hard work in generating leads for his business lead to 5 new installations and 2 additional contracts for upcoming installations the following month.
2010 – The end of 2009 ACFN had started the Dream 100 campaign. The Dream 100 is a list of 100 locations a franchisee would love to get an ATM machine placed within their area of operation. In August of 2010 we had a wonderfully motivated franchisee that took the dream 100 to a new level and came to the training class with his Dream 233! After being a franchisee for only 4 months his hard work paid off and he already had 6 new installations.
2011 –After seeing how well the previous years went, in 2011 ACFN ran another franchisee contest. Rules were similar to previous years, however this year the franchisees had to self-generate at least 25 of their own leads to qualify in the contest.  The winner of this contest worked as hard as they could and ended up generating 94 qualified leads resulting in 10 installations that year.
2012 – We had a franchisee come from a very remote and lower populated area of operation. The market research team worked day and night to find qualified leads for this area, and we asked the franchisee for as much help as he could provide in addition. This franchisee kicked into high gear and every month sent as many leads as he could to ACFN to be qualified that year his franchisee grew by 6 installations, and the after effect of all his hard work both personally and in collaboration with our team lead to another 18 installations in the year and a half to come.
2013 – By September 2013 ACFN was receiving 3 a consistent flow of franchisee generated leads each month ACFN was able to secure 62 installations for franchisees with the leads they sent in for qualification. Resulting in 22.5% of ACFNs installations in 2013 coming from Franchisee self-generated leads!
Our numbers have increased since last year, and in the same amount of time ACFN has secured 80 installations from Franchisee generated leads. Those franchisees that have seen the success of getting involved continue to do so year after year and are reaping the benefits of their hard work. My goal is to encourage all franchisees looking to expand that just a little bit of hard work can go a long way!
Kristen Kempton
VP of Market Research
ACFN • 111 West Saint John Street, Sixth Floor • San Jose, CA 95113
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