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ACFN Newsletter November 2014 
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ACFN Welcomes 6 New Franchisee!!

November 2014 
Congratulations and best of luck to:
Bruce & Mark - MO
Carin & Jeff - TX
Keat - HI
Ernesto - TX
Chae - CA
Deepak - CA
Franchisee Review | Positive Growth

Since 2008 we have experienced very positive growth with our ACFN business and we continue to grow. After placing our first ATM we kept trying to place more ATMs by following the recommendations from ACFN’s staff and franchisees. Servicing our locations on a weekly basis we have noticed that a lot of our competitors are servicing their locations with money management and as a result the locations are very often OUT OF ORDER especially on the weekends.
After collecting a few OUT OF ORDER pictures and contact information from these locations we provided that information to Jim Diltz (VP of Marketing) to start the conversation.
Jim immediately contacted the controller for these Travel Plazas and within a few months he had a CONTRACT IN HAND, adding 5 super high volume accounts to our portfolio. Always keep an eye on your competitors and when you identify service issues team up with ACFN’s sales team and watch your income grow!!!
A note from our President Jeffrey Kerr:
The 5 locations discussed in the article above just completed their first full month in August with the following results:
Location 1 – 1,672 surcharge transactions
Location 2 – 1,586 surcharge transactions
Location 3 – 1,313 surcharge transactions
Location 4 – 1,221 surcharge transactions
Location 5 – 1,016 surcharge transactions
I am adding this information to get your attention and make a point. We would not have gotten this contract without the local efforts by the franchisee. This is a perfect example of a “Dream 100” process paying off BIG. The franchisee was aware of these VERY BUSY travel plazas and was monitoring the service provided by our competitor. They identified the deficiencies provided the information and then Jim did a GREAT job securing this business but this would not have happened without the type of local monitoring and investment in the growth of their business that only a franchisee can do. As a result of the time they invested they added 6,808 transactions in August. They get 50% of $2.95 on this deal so after the comm. fee their take home in just August was $9,641. I hope you are asking yourself - what locations in my area should I be keeping an eye on?
Let’s work together to do A LOT more of this. Don’t think “this won’t happen to me”. If you have your dream 100 list make sure you visit and call often to identify the problems that can help us replace those competitors (service, ADA, no cabinets, old equipment). If you have been postponing putting together your dream 100 list let’s get it done. There is no guarantee you will be the next franchisee to write an article explaining how your income just increased by 100K per year but I can guarantee you won’t be that franchisee if you don’t do the work.
Angelo & Mario - NY
Let’s get it done and let’s do it now.
Note: You can watch new franchisee videos here.
Year End Reminder From Accounting Department
Wow, this year seemed to fly by faster than most, and here we are already in November! Since we are heading into the calendar year-end, I have a couple of important Accounting reminders:
  • Any changes to your company status (i.e. changing from a sole proprietorship to a LLC or corporation) must be done by submitting a new (signed and dated) W-9 no later than December 15th.
  • With your January 8th, 2015 commission checks you will be receiving a 2014 Income Statement. Please review this statement carefully and make sure it agrees with your records.
    • Be especially careful to note that the amount should match the totals for all 12 of your monthly statements received during the 2014 year (covering November 2013 thru October 2014) and not your actual check totals for calendar year .
    • If you had deductions and/or late charges taken from your checks it will not reflect in your gross earnings from ACFN. Thus, you must match the Earnings Statement with your Monthly Statement amounts only.
  • If there is a discrepancy or you have any questions please contact me directly BEFORE January 20th, as the 1099’s will be issued the following week .
  • All sole proprietorships, LLC’s and Non-Corporations will receive their 1099’s during the last week of January 2015. Corporations are not required to receive 1099’s.
I would like to express a note of gratitude to all of our franchisees for a much improved return and accuracy on installation reports being submitted!  It really is an important piece of our record keeping and I would like to encourage everyone to keep up the good work!  The Accounting department is always here to assist you in any way possible, so please feel free to contact anyone in the department for any questions or issues you may be having. If we can’t assist you directly, we will get you to someone that can.
As always, have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving and holiday season from the ACFN family to yours!
Susan Castillo
Accounting Department Manager
ACFN • 111 West Saint John Street, Sixth Floor • San Jose, CA 95113
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