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Ellyn Dye's Lion Magic
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The View from Here. . .
September/October 2014
Happy Anniversary, Tunnel Vision!
One year ago this month, I held my breath, crossed my fingers, and sent out the first issue of my Tunnel Vision newsletter. It was the latest in a long series of small steps taking me more and more “out there,” out in public, spreading my message, and shining my Light. I am so grateful to all of you who have been on this amazing ride with me, and I hope you have found something in each newsletter to make you think, to inspire you, or, at least, to let you know you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing.
Each month, I write about a theme that has presented itself in my life, and together over the last year we’ve delved into so many issues, like letting go (of everything!), death, beliefs and creating our reality, peace in our hearts and our world, forgiveness and gratitude, patience and divine timing, wanting to get others to change instead of changing ourselves, and just wanting to drop off the face of the earth, because it’s all getting to be pretty hard at times! 
We are all in this together, and it only makes it harder if we are fighting amongst ourselves over ego-driven needs. Even though this Shift can be challenging, hard, and often painful and terrifying, and it’s so much easier when we all hold hands and help each other. One thing I’ve really learned over the past year is that our stories have great power. As we move past our shame, blame, and fear, and share our stories, our vulnerabilities, and ourselves with each other, we free ourselves, share our hard-won wisdom, and help others do the same.
These days it helps to remind ourselves that we cannot find out how much courage we have unless we are doing something that causes us to shake in our boots, until we face our fears and move through them. We cannot find our deep strength until we do the thing(s) we never thought we could. In these transition years, we will have plenty of opportunities to test—and find—ourselves. And as we do these things, and find our courage and strengths, as we share our stories, we realize that our differences are few, and our similarities are many.
We are all members of the Human Race, and we all want the same things. We are all struggling in one way or another. We all want peace, joy, love, and abundance. We may have different beliefs, different lifestyles, different jobs, different hair, different skin, different tastes, different ways of loving, but under all that, we are all the same. As Shakespeare pointed out in The Merchant of Venice, if we are cut, we will bleed. Each and every one of us. We are all One. The more we focus on our similarities and embrace (or ignore!) our differences, the sooner we will all have those things that we all want in life.
Thank you all for being with me on this amazing journey! I have appreciated every comment you have sent me, and I hold you all in my heart in deep love and respect!
It will be interesting to see what this next year brings. We will continue to have energy blasts to help us along (or totally disorient us!), and energy portals to move through, just like the Equinox, and, yes, we will continue to have to let go of things as we refine and re-define ourselves… and, no matter what it is, we will do it together! 
As we said in the 60s: Keep the faith, Baby! 
Are We There Yet? (No.) 
Last year’s debut issue of Tunnel Vision featured an article, Let Go or Be Dragged, about how these Shift times are squeezing us all like a tube of toothpaste, forcing us all to let go of anything and everything that does not actively serve us; anything that saps our joy; anything (or anyone) that undermines us or holds us down; and anything that holds us back or limits our ability to live our lives to the fullest and to love ourselves. How’s that been going for you? 
Think about what has changed in the past 12 months. They flew by, didn’t they? And yet, last September also feels like it was 5 years ago—or another life entirely—because so very much has happened in our lives. The “speeding up” of time is funny that way: It seems to fly by, but so much is packed into each hour and each day, that we feel like we’ve lived a week's worth of experience and growth in every day, a month in every week, a year in every month. And this will only increase!
So in the past 12 months, what kinds of things have you released, and what kinds of losses have you undergone? What people, things, beliefs (etc.) have you been forced to let go of? Or voluntarily let go of? Remember: We really are being forced to re-invent ourselves (or find our true, authentic selves) and, in addition to jobs, homes, relationships/loved ones, and material possessions, many of us have let go of some of our ideals, expectations, self-identifications, ways of being in the world, and beliefs about ourselves and others.
Have you recovered from that releasing and those losses and moved on to more joy? Have you realized that those things that you were desperately holding onto were, in all probability, weighing you down and draining you… and now you feel freer and lighter than ever before? Or are you still grappling with, or holding onto, the pain and grief of loss? Or, worse, are you being dragged (OUCH!), because you are still fighting the process, holding on for dear life to things that are showing you—through your increasing pain and misery—that you need to let them go, even while your ego/mind justifies why you should continue to hold on to that thing that keeps biting you and making you miserable??
This is not a quiz. And no, you don’t need to answer these questions out loud! It's just a reminder to pause, take a breath, and review all that has changed in your life—and in yourself—in the past 12 months, and look again at anything that you are still hanging onto that is causing you distress and not serving or supporting you. In so many cases, it is the fear of the unknown that holds us back, and letting go of that fear is not only the biggest, hardest hurdle, but also the path to freedom and joy. Walking through our fear is the “trial by fire” that we’ve all heard so much about, and never thought we'd have to undergo.
Remember that we’re not done yet! (Sorry!) If you still have things to let go of, fears to stare down, and changes to make to move you toward more joy, you still have plenty of time, and plenty of energetic support. As we all know—and as we would often like to forget—we are in the middle of a huge Shift, an unparalleled transformation of humanity that has never happened before on planet earth in this way, and it's going to take awhile.
Shifts of Ages have occurred before, but they were usually accompanied by (or accomplished by) massive earth changes and purges of humanity and other life on the planet. This time, the group of souls incarnate on the planet (that means US!) decided to make this transformation “in place.” Rather than having massive deaths, with all the souls reincarnating at a higher vibration in order to create the necessary transformation for the next Age, we decided to stay here in our bodies and transform physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually while going about our daily lives.
Despite our collective deep fear and horror at the idea of massive earth changes and wholesale purges of life on the planet—from our deep, vague, veiled memories of having actually gone through that—I have a feeling it was actually a whole lot easier that way!
What were we thinking? Why didn’t someone talk us out of it???
Who knows? Maybe we got bored? Remember, we are Divine, Powerful Beings, only pretending to be limited and scared in human bodies, and we’ve “been there, done that” many times, whether we remember it or not. For whatever reason, we decided collectively to go on this wild ride, and we’re just getting started. So, just like at the amusement park, fasten your seat belt, sit back, and enjoy it! And yes, screaming is allowed!
This huge, challenging, painful, turn-our-guts-inside-out process isn’t going to happen overnight. As evidenced by the first “salvo” of this great Uranus/Pluto cycle—the conjunction in Virgo 1964-1967—the effects of the individual, internal changes wrought by those two planets manifested in the external world over the 10 years after the conjunction was over!
Think about it: the conjunction period ended in 1967; protests started escalating in the U.S. and France, Apollo 7 and 8 were launched, and the first bra-burning incident occurred in 1968; the “summer of love” that changed everything was 1969; the Kent State and Jackson State killings occurred in 1970; the U.S. military finally withdrew from Viet Nam in 1973; and the Roe v. Wade decision was handed down in 1973. These are “transpersonal,” evolutionary planets, and they affect us all on deep subconscious levels. And, like any deep transformation, the changes occur internally first, and then the external changes in the outer world follow.
And yes, there is always backlash and conflict as the new energies make their presence known and "authority" begins to feel control slipping: 1968 alone saw the Tet Offensive; the My Lai massacre; the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in response to the Prague Spring; Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy were assassinated; and the Democratic Convention protests were met with an unprecedented level of brutality from police.
So where are we now? We are in the last phase of the first Uranus/Pluto square, the first strong aspect of this transformational cycle following the conjunction in the 1960s. The first exact “hit” of this square was June 2012, the penultimate exact “hit” of this square is coming up in December, and the last exact “hit” will be March 2015. And then the “real fun” begins!
As we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox and the beginning of Autumn this week, it seems a good time to hit the “Pause” button, take a deep breath, review the changes and losses over the past year(s) and what we have voluntarily or involuntarily let go of, and begin the process of grieving any losses that we have not yet grieved. This can also include un-grieved losses from the past, as well. Many of us need to catch up on our grieving, because our culture does not value the expression of emotional pain, especially grief and anger.
Our emotions are energy, and if we stuff that energy down and don’t express it, we will “wear” it one way or another, and it will covertly affect our lives, possibly in the form of a future illness. That, and any other suppressed emotional energy, will—and must—come out, one way or another… and we must let it move out, or we will never be healthy and happy. If you find yourself suddenly crying “for no reason,” you might be doing some of that. You can't identify a specific reason, because you have so many reasons: a lifetime's worth of pain and loss that got put aside, stuffed inside, to be dealt with "later." Well, "later" is here! Just let it out, and thank yourself for the purge, for the release of that suppressed emotional energy.
In the Autumn, we can reap and assess the “harvest” of the situations we have been in, and move on. The farmer does not mourn the “death” of the plants at the end of the harvest. He lets go of any of the crops that went bad or are not suitable for consumption, he forgets how hard the work was, and he celebrates the crops that will see him through the winter. He takes to heart any lessons learned through that planting, growth, and harvesting cycle that will help him in the future. In the Autumn, we are reminded of the continual, natural, and endless cycle of change: death, birth, and renewal.
And part of that cycle is grief and dealing with losses as things move out of our lives to create space for the new. And grief really isn’t a bad thing, unless we refuse to go through the process of honoring or acknowledging what we had, finding the gifts it brought us, and then letting it go and moving on. In October, we have All Hallows Eve, followed by All Souls Day, or the Day of the Dead. As we watch the trees voluntarily shed their leaves, even Mother Nature shows us how to let go of the old, let go of what’s gone, and begin the internal process of grief, rest, and introspection that will prepare us for wonderful new beginnings and creation in the spring, once the Light returns to the world.
The key is to remember that we are in the process of creating a new world, and we will create whatever we are consciously focusing on. Remember that your conscious attention is a powerful creation tool, so be careful where you point that thing! If we focus on the losses and the pain, we will feel more of that. If we focus on all the conflict in the outer world—which is all just evidence of the old energies (and the old powers) trying to hold on for a little bit longer, even as they die away—we will get more of that.
Let’s collectively withdraw our attention and energy from the conflicts in the world and in our lives, and stop feeding them and making them stronger! Instead of playing someone else’s game, and feeding it, let's create our own game, and make our own rules.
Let’s focus on, and take steps toward, what we want to create: a life and a world where we, and everyone else, has enough; where everyone has a real, equal chance of peace, love, joy, health, and prosperity.
We are Powerful Creator Beings, and we really do send out a strong creative force with our energy, thoughts, attention, and intentions, whether we believe it or not. And Love is the most potent, unstoppable, Creative Force there is! (Wield it with wild abandon!!)
It's the end of the world as we know it... and I feel fine!
All content © 2014, E.B. Dye
In this issue:
And the Beat Goes On: October is Filled with Opportunities
By now, we should be used to portals and gateways and energy blasts, as the planets  do their dance through the heavens and send us all the energetic help we need to blast us out of our comfort zones and our complacency, and get us ready for the new. And because humans cling desperately to the known, no matter how awful that might be, because we hate change (even if it will be better!), we need all the help we can get! Are we feeling flexible yet???
October brings us the last of the year's Mercury retrogrades (see article) on October 4, a lunar eclipse in Aries on October 8, and a solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 23. On October 6, Mars moves into trine with Jupiter and Uranus, which have been trined since mid-September, to form a Grand Fire Trine. The lunar eclipse joins the party, turning the trine into a kite formation the 11th to the 14th.
Yet again, these are big doings in the skies. And as always, they provide energies and opportunities to move us along. Those who actively use the help of these energies fare better than those who resist and cling to the status quo. It seems that these energies will assist us in new starts and creative endeavors, but as is always the case, any opportunity for breakthrough also brings the opportunity for breakdown. It is up to us to use or resist these powerful energies.
Astrologer Marina Macario at Darkstar Astrology sees a link between this Grand Fire Trine and the Grand Cardinal Cross that flattened a lot of people last April: perhaps with healing and resolution of situations that started or occurred back then.
We Don't Die Radio
I had a wonderful time being  interviewed by Sandra Champlain on her "We Don't Die" radio show in early September, about why I KNOW we don't die! Sandra is the author of the #1 bestseller, We Don't Die; A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death. 
Here's a link to the shows on Sandra's website or you can download or listen to the show free on iTunes (if you like it, please write a review and mention me by name). On either site, you may have to search by my name or Episode 025, or scroll down the list, as new interviews are added.
Sandra is fantastic, and she's on a mission to get the word out to everyone! She has some wonderful interviews posted already, and she keeps adding more! There's quite a lot of "juicy" listening on her site.
Working with the Energies
Most of us have experienced the buffeting or battering that comes when the Universe, our Higher Self, and the energies are urging us to change, change, change, and we just resist, resist, resist! The harder and more stubbornly we cling to something, the more we get buffeted, to shake us loose. Most of the time, it isn't pleasant, and it isn't pretty!
The good news is that after the dust settles, we can usually see why it was a good thing, and how necessary the change was!
So how do we actually work with these energies of change? How do we surf the waves, rather than being pulled under and dragged along the bottom?
Turning off the nightly news is a good first step, because all that bad news drags us down, keeps us in fear and despair, and holds us in dis-empowerment and victim mode. Most of us cannot solve the problems in the world, and that's not our job, anyway. We have to focus on problems we CAN solve!
Is there a situation or person that works your last nerve? That drives you crazy? That you wish would just change or go away, because it's all their fault?
Those are the situations that are trying to tell you something. It is almost guaranteed that if something is holding you in misery, that is something that you are being prompted to let go of or change. We cannot change others; we can only change ourselves. And we have to be willing to do that.
The problem is, we often have to be really bold, or take a really big leap of faith to change those situations. That is exactly what we don't want to have to do, and that is exactly what the Universe and our Higher Selves are trying to get us to do!
In some situations, we have to either change how we view and experience them (i.e., change our attitudes and reactions), or we have to leave. And quite often, our rational ego mind gives us so very many reasons that we simply cannot leave... and usually a big reason is financial. Our logical ego minds just love to "do the math" and then say "NO!"
Whenever a situation or person continually makes us crazy or miserable, it is a sure sign that something needs to heal in us and change. What that is differs with every person and every situation. But that's where we all start: Identify those situations and have a talk with your Higher Self, your guardian angels, your guides, or your God. ASK what the situation is trying to tell you... and then LISTEN for the response.
The answers are always there for us, and we need to learn to recognize them when they come. Then, we have to decide what to do with the information! 
I can tell you, whether we like it or not, in these times of radical change, resistance is futile! But it really is true that making that necessary change will set you free (but you won't know that until after you bite the bullet and do it!)
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I bring this knowledge and connection to my clients and audiences, along with over 30 years’ accumulated wisdom and understanding of metaphysics, life on earth, and Who We Really Are.
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