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 The View from Here. . .
  January/February 2015
It's 2015... Are You "There" Yet? 
Another year has flashed by, feeling in some ways like it only lasted 3 or 4 months, and in other ways, like the beginning of last year was actually 5 or 6 years ago, if not another lifetime altogether! So much experience, and growth, and change, and Shift has happened in the last year—and in the last three years, since the beginning of 2012—that people have trouble wrapping their heads around it. We are all still catching up and waiting for the dust to settle; yet, oddly enough, there also is a constant refrain of people asking, “When will the changes start? Why aren’t we done yet?”
No, we’re not done yet. Like it or not, this is a long-term overhaul process that will go on for many years, with everything and everyone going at their own pace. But a great amount of Shift and change truly has occurred, and 2015 will be a year of actually starting to notice the changes in a much bigger way. That's the changes for the better, too, and not just more of the same devastating changes that we've all experienced. We will really start to feel and see progress in our own lives and in the world this year, if we look for it.
Many people have been waiting patiently (or impatiently!) for some kind of “outside intervention” (Divine or otherwise)—for someone or something to turn things around and make it all better, whether some big event, God, a Savior, ETs, or the Government—to no avail. And many have become depressed and despairing as they begin to believe that outside help will never arrive, that nothing will ever change for the better, that “those people” will never wake up, and that everything will just keep getting worse.
Waiting for outside intervention (or for others to change) is not only futile, it is counter-productive. The Shift will not happen in the overt, fast way that many people seem to want:  No one will come in, smite the oppressors, “clear the decks” of all obstacles, and lead the world to universal peace and prosperity. It won’t be God. It won’t be the ETs. And it certainly won’t be any of the world’s governments, corporations, or wealthy elite! It simply will not happen that way!
Just like the American and French Revolutions, which occurred the last time Pluto was in Capricorn (where it's been since 2008), this transformation, this consciousness revolution, will—and must—be created, initiated, moved ahead, and completed by the People, by the grass roots, from the ground up, rather than from the top, down. There may well be politicians, corporations, and wealthy elites who will sense the change and climb on the band wagon for their own gain—or even, perhaps, for altruistic purposes due to their own consciousness change—but they will not actually create and manifest the Shift, because they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo that serves them so well. The Shift can only come from the rest of us.
We must stop being petulant, spoiled adolescents, waiting impatiently for Mom or Dad or Big Brother to throw cash at the problem, bail us out, and clean up our mess.  We must take responsibility for ourselves, start being real with ourselves and each other, snap out of our apathy and distraction, pull our heads out of our cell phones and all that celebrity gossip, step away from the drama, and do the work to bring in this harvest.
That does not mean that each of us is responsible for solving all the problems in the world or even for taking actions on a grand scale and/or on the world stage. It does mean that each of us is responsible for our own actions and for solving the problems in our own, individual worlds… or, at the very least, thinking outside the box we’ve kept ourselves in and taking appropriate steps to make our lives more authentic and better. And we have to believe we can. While the grand gestures can help, it really is the small everyday gestures and changes that will tip the scales. 
The Shift will happen—is happening—one person, one heart, one soul at a time. It happens when someone has a sudden new understanding and changes how he acts in the world. It happens when someone hits rock bottom so hard or for so long that he finally cries out for help and opens his heart and his mind for another, better way to live in the world. 
It happens when someone has a realization and cries out from a deep, raw place of hurt and pain, “Enough! I deserve better!”  (and realizes that's true!) It happens when a child develops a terrible disease and the distraught parents become instrumental in finding a cure. It happens when a student is raped on campus and she creates a huge movement to make campuses across the country safe for young women.
The Shift happens whenever a horrible, huge disaster occurs, and people around the world open and join their hearts in a new level of love, compassion, and empathy for their fellow human beings, forgetting for a moment their seemingly insurmountable differences. It happens when anyone makes lemonade from the seeming lemons that Life has dished out. It happens when a scientist or inventor or office worker or teenager looks at a problem in the world and has a sudden, clear, insight about how it can be solved, and then brings that solution to the world.
The Shift happens—is happening—every single day, when any person on the planet chooses love over hate, kindness over bullying, optimism over pessimism, supporting over undermining, praise over criticism, helping over apathy, action over moaning and complaining, sharing over greed, collaboration over competition, equality over elitism, unity over separation, and self-responsibility and self-empowerment over victimhood. 
It happens when someone seeks help to become healthy and whole; loves herself enough to set boundaries and take care of herself first; stops living to please others and starts to live authentically; and stops focusing energy and attention on what she cannot affect and focuses time and attention on what she can. It happens when someone recognizes that she has power and begins to wield it in the world for good; and when she withdraws her attention from the external conflicts constantly replayed in the media and, instead, starts seeing all the good in the world.
The Shift happens—is happening—whenever someone empowers himself and takes a stand, speaks up for what is right, stands up to abuse, assists someone who needs help, confronts a bully or abuser, uses his strength and resources to provide for and protect those who are weaker, empowers someone else, uses his privilege to help those less privileged, heals and walks away from dysfunction and manipulation, and refuses to participate in tyranny, bullying, oppression, and elitism. It happens each time anyone decides to vote with his feet and his wallet to support what is good for all and withdraw from anything that is good only for the few.
So the question for the year ahead—the question for 2015— is not “Are we there yet?” The question for the year ahead is, the question that each of us must ask ourselves is, “Am I there yet?” We must ask within, and answer, if we have allowed transformation and, in fact, whether we actually want the Shift or not. And if the answer (however quiet and unwanted) is “No,” we must ask ourselves “Why not?” Do not be afraid to ask the questions or honestly hear the answers. The answer to “Why not?” is always fear:  fear of change, fear of loss, fear of lack of control, fear of the unknown, fear that we won’t like the result, fear that we don’t deserve it, fear that it will happen for everyone except us, fear that we will get what we want only to have it taken away, fear of this, fear of that. 
It is always good—if not, perhaps, pleasant!—to fearlessly and honestly ask these questions and reveal these answers to ourselves, because once we know what is holding us back from within, we can heal it and change it. We can face our fears, find our courage and inner strength, and take responsibility for our lives. And once we face the fear, we see how easily it falls away. We can create the changes we want, or something even better. We can live more authentically, honestly, and directly.  We can stop judging and blaming ourselves and others, and get on with our lives. Once we face down our fears, WE SHIFT and the miracles begin! 
The Shift happens within YOU—within each of us—when we decide to change ourselves and take new actions, even if we are afraid to change at first. When we continue to believe, think, and act the same as we always have, we continue to get what we have been getting. If that’s not working so well for you, it’s time to stop waiting for someone else to change and do it yourself!
Letting go of fear and erroneous beliefs about our limitations, inabilities, incompetence, and unworthiness (and the same of others) are the first steps. These are the old ideas and energies that keep us from connecting to our Inner/Higher Selves and our True Source. They cause interference in our receptors and prevent us from accessing our Truth and what we know. When we started playing this crazy human game of fear, lack, and limitation, we shrouded ourselves in amnesia, to create, in effect, a giant game of blind-man's-bluff. And it is up to each one of us to remove the Veil and see our Magnificent True Selves once again. As more and more people in the world un-Veil, we will reach our tipping point, our so-called “hundredth monkey,” and change will accelerate for everyone.
Refocusing our attention is the next step. The Shift is here and there are miracles everywhere, but we won’t see them, and all the other examples and evidence of the Shift, if we are focusing all of our attention on those things that do not appear to be changing. Those things are the old energies having their last gasp—their curtain call, if you will—on their way out. They really are exiting, stage right, but they are milking it for all it’s worth and getting every last bit of audience participation. And yes, many people do not want to let go of their drama! If you are focusing all of your attention on those dying energies of conflict, greed, and oppression, and wallowing in the “thrill” of fear, you might want to stop asking about when the Shift will come, and look at what you find so compelling in that drama!
There is definitely an ebb and flow to this Shift, too, an expansion and contraction, and we must learn to surf the waves. It takes some practice, and sometimes we get dragged under because we miscalculated.
Each new wave causes more of the outdated energy to come to the surface to be released, personally and for the world at large, and that can show up as violent incidents, overflowing emotions, irritation, and loss. We must experience the breaking up of the old before we can usher in the new, and anything that is not in balance will fall away. Many of us have experienced surprising losses and rifts in relationships as this process has played out. It is merely the dance that we are performing now, and the tempo and the steps are different for each and every person.
2015 is the year when the miracles really will begin on a larger scale and, if we are looking in the right direction, we will see more and more of them. The Shift will become obvious. We will see more and more Shift from oil dependence to solar and other more sustainable forms of energy. We will see more and more amazing and spectacular technological and medical advances. We will see more emphasis on prevention of disease and individual responsibility for lifestyle choices. And yes, we will continue to see the hypocrisy and clay feet of politicians and leaders, and the profit-at-any-cost agendas of large corporations. We will see more and more corruption coming to light, so there can be public outcry and reform. We will see more and more people becoming disgusted with leaders who work for the wealthy, rather than the people, and we will see more demands for change.
In 2015 we will see more and more people letting go of their differences, embracing their similarities, and working together for the greater good. We will see more and more people coming together in groups to create change, more and more people realizing that they must do it themselves. We will see more and more people stepping into their power and taking action to create more freedom and joy in their lives. And many, many people will finally experience meaningful change in their own lives, allowing themselves to have more freedom, love, joy, peace, abundance, and prosperity.
But remember: True, meaningful change starts inside each of us first and often requires actions that may seem very scary until we start taking the steps to do it. Then, all of a sudden, we realize it is all a dance!
The sage warning to be careful what you wish for has never been more important or more true. Watch and see how you wish for something and it suddenly shows up! Our focus and attention create our wishes, consciously or unconsciously, and this year we will get it. We will learn more and more about how we manifest when we pay attention to what we get in our lives. And we will learn about what we really want by getting what we wish for and focus on...seeing if that makes us happy! 
The Shift is here! It’s inside you! The more you notice it inside, the more you will be able to see it “out there.”  
Who Is Ellyn Dye?

I am an Intuitive Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Reconnective Healing® practitioner, and Practical Mystic.  A Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 1985 expanded my psychic abilities and created a link with some very loving—and humorous—Guardians of humanity and the ancient wisdom, who gave me a huge amount of information about life and the evolution of mankind. I bring this knowledge and connection to my clients and audiences, along with over 30 years’ accumulated wisdom and understanding of metaphysics, life on earth, and Who We Really Are.
I am the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key—an adventure about believing in yourself and the power of Love; and I am currently writing a new book, Creating Heaven on Earth... One Soul at a Time; A How-To Manual from the Perspective of a Near-Death Experience.
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All content copyright 2015, E. B. Dye
In this issue:
Take that First Scary Step,
and the Universe will Roll Out
the Red Carpet for You
From my lovely new home at the beach, I can attest to the fact that when we dream big, follow our guidance, look our fears in the eye, gather up our courage, and start taking steps to make those dreams become reality, the Universe rolls out the Red Carpet so we can walk that path in style!
Last year at this time was the "winter of my discontent," when I knew many circumstances of my life were no longer working for me. I had enjoyed my rut for a long time, but over the last few years that nicely decorated rut wasn't really supporting me or making me happy, and I knew that no one else was going to make my life better for me... I had to do that myself! But I didn't know what I wanted, what would make me happier, or how to go about making the necessary changes. And, truth be told, I really didn't want to have to do anything different! I was stuck in my rut and wanted to get out... but I didn't want to have to make the effort to do it!
I think we all get into that place periodically. Part of it is that we have this group illusion that we will get everything in our lives "in place," and then we'll "live happily ever after." Somehow, we have all decided that being static and stagnant will bring us happiness.
Many of us have become terribly risk- and change-averse, and that does not lead to happiness, expansion, or evolution; it merely leads to stagnation, boredom, entropy and, sometimes, misery. Yet we build our little fortresses and seemingly cower behind the walls, pretending we're having a good time and living life to the max in front of our big screen TVs, supporting each other in our ruts via social media. (Be honest, now, and don't tell me that's just me!!)
There are many metaphors and many examples in nature that show us that the only way to continue to thrive and prosper is to CHANGE! The only way to step into our true beauty and magnificence is to allow (and sometimes fight for) our own transformation. The chrysalis becomes tight and confining, and the newly transformed butterfly must fight its way out of that chrysalis in order to spread its wings and fly. The butterfly does not stop itself because it fears the unknown or it might be hard.
When our lives, or situations or relationships in our lives, become tight and confining, the butterfly that we are inside is ready to break out and fly. If we resist the change—the metamorphosis that our inner self is urging us toward—we will slowly wither and die. If we grab our courage around ourselves and step boldly in the direction of the unknown, we can almost hear the applause as legions of Angels and Guides urge us on.
The Universe rewards us when we are courageous. When we take that first, tremulous step out onto that path that we've resisted, the dominoes fall at our feet and we gain momentum.
When we de-program ourselves away from perpetual struggle, and allow the path to fall into place as we move forward, we can use "ease" as our barometer to show us if we are following the right path. When we are resisting the path of transformation because of fear, the path we are holding onto becomes harder and harder. (I think the theory is that it will eventually become so terribly hard that we will finally let go of it!)
When we step onto the path of transformation, the Way becomes magically cleared, as obstacles fall away. The things we thought would be difficult become easy, and Angels—often in human form—come into our lives to assist us just when we need them.
Things like moving to a new city become easy and exciting, instead of difficult, scary, and too hard to contemplate.
I've been enjoying the Red Carpet treatment from the Universe. My actual move was amazingly easy. All the things I worried about being difficult worked out perfectly and pleasantly. Hideous rush-hour gridlock traffic miraculously disappeared, as I breezed along on the express lanes of I-95. Kitties who hate traveling miraculously slept, rather than crying the whole way. And, once here, I began meeting people who are going out of their way to show me around and introduce me to my new home town!
Red Carpet, indeed! If you have been thinking about making a big change, making a change that feels overwhelming, or hard, or scary, I urge you to screw up your courage and take that first step... and watch that Red Carpet roll into place for you, too!
Always remember that God/the Universe/All That Is and all those legions of Angels, and guides and helpers are all just waiting to help us move in the right direction, the direction of metamorphosis, transformation, and change, the direction of joy and prosperity! All we have to do is take that first step! (As some very wise guides once reminded me, taking a step and moving is crucial, because even Wonder Woman has to spin in order to bring about her transformation!!)
The energies we're in now are making change for the better easier than ever before. What are you waiting for? TAKE A CHANCE! MAKE A CHANGE! TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT! GO FOR IT! 
Remember to Love Yourself on Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is almost upon us, stirring up all kinds of feelings about love, who we love, and whether we feel loved or not.
Love really has to begin with ourselves. When we don't truly love and accept ourselves (the good, the bad, and the ugly), we cannot truly love and accept anyone else.
Loving ourselves means we accept and honor all the parts of ourselves. We recognize and appreciate all of our good points, and we recognize and accept those we don't like so much. We embrace who we are, without denial or arrogance, and we KNOW in our hearts that we are all beloved parts of God/the Universe/All That Is.
As Divine Beings who love and respect ourselves, we treat ourselves and each other with honesty, integrity, love, and compassion, and we expect (and demand) to be treated the same way by others. We set appropriate boundaries. We do not betray ourselves and we don't betray others.
And when we truly love ourselves, we no longer have to rely on validation from others —validation that we are lovable, acceptable, worthy, etc., etc.—which frees us from the need to contort ourselves and "give ourselves away" to please someone else. Continually looking outside ourselves for love, approval, acceptance, and validation merely puts us under someone else's power and takes away our autonomy and authenticity.
When we love ourselves, and allow ourselves to feel the unconditional love of the All That Is, we feel complete in that. We feel loved whether we are with a special person or not at any given time.
Next week, we recognize Valentine's Day. Loving others and demonstrating that love is a wonderful, powerful thing. Let's also remember to love ourselves, and demonstrate that love, as well!
Check out last year's Valentine's Day article for another perspective, "The Dark Side of Valentine's Day (It's Not Just About Love)." Here's a quick excerpt:
"We have always been connected to God/Source/Love, the greatest and truest Love there is, the total Loving Acceptance that makes conditional love pale in comparison. Tapping into that Love makes us realize that chasing after conditional love is a losing game, and we can stop playing.
“Finding love” must begin with loving ourselves. We have not been taught how to do that, but we are Beings of Love, after all, and we can surely find our way, once we know where to look. We can begin to love ourselves the way we love our smallest children, wholeheartedly and without conditions. We can respect ourselves, take care of ourselves, forgive ourselves, encourage ourselves, and believe and trust in ourselves. We can take our power back, take responsibility for ourselves, and set loving boundaries."
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Here's my latest review:
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