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Wisdom Of The Earth
WOTE May News

In this issue:
Level I classes
Level II Retreat
The Chalice Work
A New Conversation
Essences for Dreaming
Level I classes
Audre... Santa Fe, NM
Jennifer... Charlotte, NC
Lemia/Josh... Irvine, CA
Barbara... Wynnewood, PA
Tresa... Burlington, WI
Sharon... Stowe, PA
Lemia/Josh.. Miami, FL
Kat... Carbondale, CO
Lisa/Craig..Citronelle, AL
For a complete listing of all of our offerings click here
Level II Retreat
Our next Level II Sacred Aromatherapy Retreat is October 6-11, 2015.  We have made changes to our program from 5 days to 5 1/2 days with an added personal consultation with Barry, Audre or myself, as well a follow up session after the level II.  We are excited with the new additions and hope that we can continue to customize the retreat, so that our students feel held and supported in the process of becoming an advanced aromatherapist. 
If you are interested in attending, please read the information on our website so that you can be sure of your commitment to the process. 
Click here for more information.
The Chalice Work
Our next "Holy Chalice Workshop" will be held here at WOTE December 4-6, 2015.
It is an opportunity to reclaim yourself as the sister-goddess that you are in your full power.   Contact Cynthia for more information. 928-649-9968
A New Conversation
Greetings WOTE Family!
Over the last few months there have been many ceremonies, teachers, and spiritual leaders here in Sedona. Not unusual for this area. And though I have listened and participated in many of these teachings and ceremonies, I find that something is drastically missing.
In many of the conversation here at WOTE, we often talk about the changing energies and the Ascension wave that is upon us. Barry keeps a pulse on what is happening on Mother Earth with all the changes worldwide. We know that we are smack in the middle of the Earth raising her frequencies.
I have to say that for me, there is something more that I seek. When CC and I hosted our Chalice work, we spent a lot of time clearing out old beliefs as well as cleansing our wombs, and then creating the new stories for ourselves. We spent time dreaming and writing our new stories and helping each not to speak from the old wounds. Each time we have had our womb weekend, we have had an interesting manifestation that let us know our dreams were heard.
First, my Tipi Dream Lodge is made of cloth and is aging. Because of that she has started to mildew. But after the sweet conjuring evening, and putting all our dreams and desires for the planet, and ourselves into the center, the Tipi responded by changing the shape of the mildew into diamonds. (See pic)

Secondly, again after an intense dream-time, we had had some roses in water and I left them there until I had an opportunity to dismantle the altar. The water had dried and to my surprise, the dead stems of the roses grew green leaves. (See pic)
This leads me to believe that the dreams of what we desire to create in the new world are a conversation that we must embark upon. We know that in this paradoxical world, the fear is as strong as the light, though the tipping point is on the side of love. We see it everywhere. I really believe that we need to start speaking about what the New Earth would look like. What would a world of love and cooperation be like? If money were not the thing that kept us enslaved, what would we be doing? Where would our wildest imagination take us if we were to create a utopian society? What would we be doing if there were no illness or suffering? Can we imagine a world of artistry and creativity as the norm?

Thank you for indulging me in this pondering. I know the Earth responds to our dreaming and musing. Our imaginations are so powerful. The land here at Wisdom of the Earth is responsive to our letting go, our prayers and our dreams.  Using our beautiful essences will help stretch the imagination and empower us to reach for the stars. We are very powerful Be-ings after all, and have the wherewithal to create the life and the planet that we choose to live in.

Keep dreaming!!!

Cynthia and the WOTE Team
Essences for Dreaming
Speaking about the dream-time would do no good without some helpful suggestions for your own process.  I have compiled a short list of possibilities for you to let go of the old story and dream your own new reality. It's time!
These include:
Mugwort-- will help with the ability to let go of the old and help you dream the new reality.
Hyssop-- facilitates in the process of allowing the core issues to emerge and heal.
Blue Tansy-- brings you into the world of dreams and infinite possibilities.
Oak Moss-- helps you to feel safe and grounded in created your new story.
Rose--  calls in the Divine Feminine part of ourselves that allows us to dream from our heart.
Rosewood--  gives our heart the protection it needs to open fully to our own heart power.
Spikenard-- magically brings us into the dream-time; clearing all the ancient memories, allowing us to perceive a new way of being.
Fir, Siberian Silver-- allows us a new viewpoint with all the sweetness the Earth has to offer.
Sandalwood-- an ancient wisdom keeper than can clear and clean all the past wounds and traumas.
'Are not flowers the stars of the earth, and are not our stars the flowers of the heavens?'
~ A.J. Balfour
Wisdom Of The Earth • 2680 N Page Springs Road • Cornville • AZ • 86325
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