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 Knowing - The Great Teacher

In this issue:
Level I classes
Level II Retreat
Trust your Knowing
The Holy Chalice Work
Level I classes
Izumi (Tokyo, JP)
Mikie (Hokkaido, JP)
Audre (Santa Fe, NM)
Sam (Tesuque, NM)
John (Middletown, CT)
Lemia/Josh @ WOTE
(Sedona, AZ)
Lynn (Portland, OR)
Jennifer (Charlotte. NC)
Siddiqa (Chadds Ford, PA)
Tresa (Burlington, WI)
Lisa/Craig (Citronelle, AL)
Lemia/Josh (Irvine, CA)
Leila (Irvine, CA)
Lindsey (Eagle, CO)
Kat (Blanco, TX)
Lemia/Josh @ WOTE
Sedona, AZ
Lisl (Canton CT)
Tresa (Mt Pleasant, WI)
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Level II Retreat
Our next Level II Sacred Aromatherapy Retreat on October 6-11, 2015 is completely full.  WOTE recommends you register early if you would like to attend the April 12-17, 2016 Retreat. We will start to take registration at the end of September. 
Trust your Knowing
Greetings Dear Hearts,
Have you ever wondered why it is that we do not trust what we feel and know to be true?  I often talk to people who say "I knew I shouldn't have gone there" or "I knew that this would happen, but I didn't trust myself". We have been so programmed by our technological society to always be outside of ourselves.  "They" tell us what we should be wearing, listening to, and feeling.  Religion tells us what we should believe and how we should feel.  Government...well, I won't go there.  We have a society so addicted to the distraction outside themselves, that we can't even drive without our addiction to texting.  And if you have been traveling around in a car this summer, you know how scary it is when people are texting and driving.  They are  distracted and not aware of what is going on right in front of them.  Makes me nuts!
The point to this rant is that I truly believe that our feelings are the way to our truth.  Having time to feel what is going on inside of our hearts is so important.  This is where our truth and our intuition lies.  It is our God-given gift to Know. 
I remember when my sons were teenagers, I told them and their friends that if they were somewhere and had that gut feeling, that they should leave straight away.  I can't tell you how many kids have thanked me, as it saved them from some unpleasant situations. 
When I was a kid, the conditioning was, " Stop crying, or I'll give you something to cry about".  Talk about not allowing your feelings! I used to tell people that I think my feelings, I don't really feel them.  I was so numb and disconnected from my very core.  It created havoc in my life until I finally got connect again to my feelings.
True feeling is the voice of our intuition! When we avoid our feelings, we get sick or make a wrong choices for ourselves, and that leads us to more pain and suffering.  Most of our pain comes from the fact that we did not listen to that voice within.
That voice, that intuition, is a muscle that has to be exercised in order for us to be really in tune to what we feel and know. Gnosis is the Art of Knowing.  Knowing is beyond believing.  You just know.  We are in a time where the outside voices are so LOUD that giving yourself an opportunity to quiet and listen, will be one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself. 
The lesson is about honoring and paying attention to the voice within and having the integrity to listen to the feeling that speaks to us all the time, and then having the courage to act accordingly.
In our Level II classes, we give lots of time for students to get quiet and listen to the voices of the plants and trees, and to trust what they hear.  This can only be done when you gift your Being an opportunity for stillness.  Your Knowing is your greatest ally.  The essences help you get there very quickly.  Any one of them will help you with this process. I like to use Blue Tansy, Palo Santo, Narcissus, and Angelica Root to name just a few. 
So take time as we head into fall, to acquaint yourself with your Knowing and Intuition, and start to make friends with that magnificent part of yourself. You might surprise yourself in finding that your world transforms into a more loving and generous way.  It is your birthright to feel, to know, and to love what is going on inside yourself and the world around you. 
With Love and Respect for your Journey Inward,
The Holy Chalice Work
Our next "Holy Chalice Workshop" will be held on December 4-6, 2015, here at Wisdom of the Earth in Cornville, AZ
This is an opportunity to reclaim yourself as the goddess that you are and becoming comfortable with your full power.  You will be rewriting your story and bringing it into manifestation.  It is powerful work!
The weekend is filling up fast. We only have a few spots left. 
Click Here

Wisdom Of The Earth  |  2680 N Page Springs Road  |  Cornville, AZ 86325  |

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