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New Album from legendary band
The Meditations - 'Jah Always Find A Way'

Since the early ‘70s, The Meditations have been preserving reggae music to its rightful glory. Their popularity was brewing long before becoming an actual group as they individually recorded and backed each other up vocally on solo projects.
'Woman is Like a Shadow' was originally recorded in 1974 at the legendary Channel One Studio in Kingston, JA, but it wasn't until 1976 when the song was originally released that the band solidified and became an actual group. That song was extremely popular in the Dancehalls and sold like crazy on dubplates propelling The Meditations to the top of the music charts. Other songs they released such as 'Running From Jamaica', 'Turn Me Loose' and 'Fly Natty Dread', completely took over the airwaves. Their renowned harmonic signature sound was in heavy demand throughout Jamaica and the U.K.

The Meditations became a favorite of many at home in Jamaica and abroad, and by early ‘77, the group started touring the U.S., but not before making their first appearance in Bermuda, W.I. The foundation was being laid and their ‘rootical’ musical influence was loved, welcomed and well received, even earning them a spot on the historic One Love Peace Concert in Kingston, JA, on April 22, 1978.

Providing background vocals for many greats in the business from Bob Marley & The Wailers to Jimmy Cliff and Gregory Isaacs, just to name a few, The Meditations are considered to be one of the greatest harmony trios of all time.

The Meditations continue to globally perform their classical hits while also recording new music to keep the people skanking. Pushing the Rastafarian Movement forward, they pave the way for many up-and-coming roots-reggae artists.

Through perseverance and commitment to the music, the lead singer and producer, Ansel Cridland, has kept the legacy of the group going strong, and this year, The Meditations present…

'Jah Always Find A Way'
“For over 40 years we've been transforming our thoughts into tangible expressions of our environment. These thoughts have led to many songs over the years: songs of love and happiness and songs of sadness about the harsh realities of life. After all these years we still have so much to say, so now we proudly present to the world a brand-new album entitled, 'Jah Always Find A Way'. It has a timeless feel to it. I say so because some of the songs were recorded eight years ago, but never released until now and they are as relevant as ever. Most of the recordings were done in Kingston, Jamaica, in Harry J Studio Mixing Lab and One Pop Studio. The newly recorded tracks were done at Heavy Beat Recording Studio in Miami, Florida and Subliminal Warfare Studios in Margate, Florida and mixed by Willie Lindo and Kashief Lindo at Heavy Beat Studio.
Great musicians like Sly Dunbar, Sidney Mills, Barnabas, Lloyd Parks, Derrick Barnett, Bubbler, Dwight Pinkney, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Simone Gordon, Michael Gayle, Ansel Collins, the late Philip Smart, the late Ranchie McLean and the late Gladstone Anderson, and so many others, have contributed their time and energy to make this album so special. It's for everyone, especially those seeking that original sound of a time in reggae music when the instruments were live and direct and the love of the music came first.
Our goal was to always be true to self and to the people on a global scale. From the strum of the guitars to the beating of the drums, the message is quite clear: Roots Rock Reggae will forever be here!! We stand with the people and they stand with us. We strive to be the voice of the voiceless. We put our hearts into everything we do. From recording to performing, we want you to be more than just entertained, we want you to be inspired and motivated. So as we also say, let's stand in love and remember that 'Jah Always Find A Way'...
All praise to the Most High JAH and give thanks to Danny Clarke & Winston Watson and the great work we’ve done together. And to all the musicians and the fans, family & friends, more life and good Reggae Music...
1 Love & Raspect To All
From Ansel,
The Meditations
January 2016, New York
Only Available Here From Meditations Music.
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