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An idea I think you're gonna like for 2016.
Hi There!
There's a coloring craze right now. I just colored a coloring page I drew and I understand why. (Benefits of Coloring below).
Running a Coloring Workshop would be a great way to easily add some income, bring joy to people, and have a little fun yourself. Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, Jill Allison Bryan, teams up with Jill Badonsky (that would be me) for a workshop that tells you how to do just that.
Jill Allison Bryan shared with me that she has been doing this for a while now and it is resulting in four figures of income, so you will earn back the cost for the workshop quickly. Adding to this workshop is my art which I hope adds a quirky, fun and fanciful element to what gets to be colored.
Date: March 1, 2016
11 am pacific
12 pm mountain
1  pm  central
2 pm eastern
 We will be meeting by webinar on Zoom for this so space is limited and this WILL fill-up.
$167 covers the cost and includes four PDF coloring sheets, a link to the recording, a detailed outline of the workshop and a subscription to four more Jill Badonsky coloring sheets as they are created.
The two Jills will also be teaching this at Jill Badonsky's Taos Retreat in July, Camp Creative Thunder, which also fills up. Learning this workshop is included in the registration.

Discount for KMC3 members, click here

Tips and Benefits of Coloring
  • Use more than one color when coloring the same space but mix together colors that are close to each other on the rainbow (ROYGBIV) so it doesn't look like mud.
  • Bring harmony to your coloring by coloring different parts of your picture with the same color. For instance something in the middle matches part of the border.
  • Go over some areas a little harder than others for contrast.
  • Color some areas in different directions for contrast.
  • Don't chew on your crayons, it makes your teeth look funny.
What Debbie Said
“Hi Jill, just wanted to say thanks for a fun creative night out. It was so relaxing and fun to get to focus on coloring and conversation. It was also a great reminder that I love to color and that taking time for my creativity makes me feel happier and healthier. I’ll be telling all my friends about your next coloring party!”
~ Debbie
Who ARE These People?
Jill Allison Bryan is a certified Master level Kaizen–Muse® Creativity Coach, founder of Creative Oasis Coaching™ and singer/songwriter who helps people move past creative blocks to make the time and space for creative joy and fulfillment in their busy lives. 
Jill Badonsky is founder and director of the Kaizen–Muse® Creativity Coaching Training, author/illustrator of three books on creativity, inspirational humorist and proud cat owner.
Coloring with Abandon,
Jill and Jill

The Muse is IN  •  3023 1st Avenue  •  San Diego, CA 92103

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