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 WOTE Mid-Winter 2016

In this issue:
Level I Classes
"Words of Wisdom" Newsletter 
Level II-- An Uncommon Experience
~Thich Nhat Hanh~
Level I Classes
Mikie... Kawasaki, JP
Siddiqa... Chadds Ford, PA
IRU... Sedona, AZ
Japanese only
Lynn... Portland, OR
Audre... Arcata, CA
Leila... Irvine, CA
Lemia/Josh... WOTE
Liza... New Britain, PA
Lemia/Josh... Irvine, CA
Kat... Hill Country, TX
Barb... Wynnewood, PA
Iru... Chiba, Japan
Izumi... Kobe, JP
For a complete listing of all of our offerings click here
"Words of Wisdom" Newsletter 
Welcome to the year of the Fire Monkey!
Hold on to your hats because this year is sure to be erratic, uncontrollable, adventurous, magical and totally unpredictable like any good monkey.  The fire represents the burning of the old and what is no longer needed in your life.  Fire is passionate and brings your manifestations into reality.  It's the kind of year, that if you haven't worked on your loving conscious heart, everything that needs to be loved will appear in your life for completion. Also, if you have been working on yourself for YEARS, you will start to see your manifestations coming to fruition rather quickly; but like the monkey, fire cannot be controlled and is erratic, so the trick is to stay connected to your heart and to those in your heart tribe, so that your wishes can come true. 
Speaking of heart, the plants and trees are always ready to give us that extra little lovin'.  In fact, our beautiful "Words of Wisdom" newsletter is ready for your perusal.  It is chocked full of heart-warming information for you to read including:
* Our 4 different Basil's-- Holy, Exotic, Sweet and True
* Rose and the Soul
* Feeling Rhododendron
* The Power of Authenticity
* Being the Shining One
* and so much more...
This is a really wonderful little periodical and all you have to do is click on the link and it will bring up a the pdf for you to read.  Easy, Peasy... Click here
Sending you lots of love from sunny warm AZ.
Cynthia and the WOTE Team
Level II-- An Uncommon Experience

We have just a few spots left in our April 12-19 Level II Sacred Aromatherapy Retreat.  It is such a life transforming experience.  If you have been desiring to go deeper within yourself and connect to the Earth, this is the retreat for you.  We eat healthy, glutten free organic food, bathe in uncommon essences, ceremony with buffalo skins in the medicine wheel, learn consultation skills and much more.  I truly believe that soul groups are called here during this 5 1/2 days and the connections made are life enhancing.
If you are interested, call Cynthia @ 928-649-9968
~Thich Nhat Hanh~
'You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer.'

Wisdom Of The Earth  |  2680 N Page Springs Road  |  Cornville, AZ 86325  |

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