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ACFN Newsletter March 2016
March 23rd 2016

ACFN is Growing
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ACFN Welcomes 2 New Franchisees!!

Feb 2015 Class 
 Congratulations and best of luck to:
Ade M - Toronto
Athar S - Texas
Roxane LaChance - our new VP of Market Research.
Some of you already know that as of last month Roxy became our new VP of Market Research.

Roxy has been with ACFN for almost 7 years and has been the top producer in that department for most of that time.
We have great expectations from Roxy and have confidence that she will lead the Market Research department to new heights. As a Market Research Rep then Assistant Manager and later Co-Manager Roxy set records and the standard to beat at every level. She is a true example of the high quality “home grown” talent here at ACFN.

Congratulations Roxy – we look forward to great things from you and the Market Research team!
Avi Blankroth
Executive Vice President
Beta Version of new app released| Sneak Preview

ACFN is excited to announce our smart phone application, which will soon be up and running for all of our franchisee’s convenience. We designed the APP to help make the drop process easier and make sending in new leads a breeze.  After installing the APP, you will be taken to a login page where you will sign in with the same username and password as the portal. Once logged in, the welcome screen will appear with six different folders which include; Leads Expiring in next 10 days, Drops Due, Re-Drops due in next 60 days, Incomplete Drops, New Leads, and Dropped Leads.  At the bottom of the welcome screen it will show you when the APP was last synced, and if you want to refresh it yourself click the bottom of the screen.
Once you have synced your page you will see how many drops you currently have in the Drops Due folder. Inside of the folder you will find your list of not dropped yet leads. Once you have visited a location you will have two options; option one, Drop location or option two, Franchisee Not Interested. If you went to the location and were not interested you will choose FNI, and then pick your reason on the next page. If you are interested in a location you will choose the drop option. After you click drop, the next page will ask you to name the person you made the drop with, and if they have an existing ATM. If they currently have an ATM you will be asked a series of questions regarding that ATM and you may add any additional notes. If they don’t have an ATM, you will not be asked the series of questions. After this process I will take a look at your Drops and place them either into your Incomplete or Dropped Leads folder. Incomplete Drops are any drops missing information or have questions unanswered.
The APP will allow you to send in new leads instantly, by providing the company name and their phone number in the New Leads folder. After I check your new lead and it’s qualified, I will then add it to your drops due folder. As you are aware you have 30 days to make a drop at a location, we have created a folder called Leads Expiring in the next 10 days, to give you a heads up before they are removed from your list. At your convenience, there is also a folder that provides you with a list of your most current re-drops that must be completed within the next 60 days.
I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback and any suggestions that will make it more user-friendly for you, since you will be the one using the APP the most. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Roxane LaChance
VP of Market Research
Sneak preview of our new app:

First Eight Months with ACFN | Franchisee Review
I have been with ACFN for 8 months now. I have a total of 11 locations w/ ATMs installed. Because I acquired 6 locations from another franchisee, I had a running start and the 5 locations earned from the drop process has been a welcome addition. I have to give much thanks to Gershon and Alex in the tech support department for helping me with the transfer of machines as well as the EMV upgrades which I was able to do on my own. A lot of my success was possible because of the team at ACFN HQ, specifically those that I dealt with directly that helped me get contracts and made everything that much smoother, Jim, Rebecca, Bob, and Mary. Oh don't forget about the accounting department. Communication was and is a very big part of the success we've had. Remember that you are the only one that knows what is going on in your area, and you have to convey that the best way you can to those at HQ working on your account. Just some tips for new franchisees:
  • put in the work
  • stay on top of your leads
  • be persistent.
  • be patient
In addition make sure you are available to take advantage of new opportunities. You never know when you can land a huge deal that may include multiple locations. My goal for the end of the year is to have 20 locations and I am already more than half way there. I look forward to sharing more success stories with you in the future.
ACFN • 111 West Saint John Street, Sixth Floor • San Jose, CA 95113
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