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From Jill Badonsky  April 2018
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Hi Creative Ones,
If you are overwhelmed, just scan the newsletter and find the one thing that's seems to be especially for you. Then breathe, realize how much you've done already,and take it, one tiny step at a time.
To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”
~Mary Oliver
Your ability to be an artist of being alive is dependent on how well you pay attention, to be present to the art all around you, and to lose any attachment to the way things need to look, sound, feel, or taste to be art.
Seeing like an artist opens up new dimensions of life that replace the crap that snags us in crankiness -- it's a lot like freedom (which might be why artists are often called "free spirits"). 
This morning (which was written in April 2016) I was walking the cats in my new little backyard... well, actually they were walking without me, but I looked up to see a crow cleaning himself among the wires. I saw art. 
The photo below was what I saw (and the cats, who are Pay-Attention Experts, saw it too). I'd love for you to share your art discoveries. Smart phones make it easier. Go beyond just "pretty things" and find patterns, negative space, rhythms - stretch yourself into new ways of seeing as if you were a modern artist. If you send one I'll  post it next issue if it meets the above criteria and you will receive a delightful noun. Give it a title.
There's a Crow on the Line, It's For You

From the Mind of a Muse:
What Creativity Foreplay is...

I make a point of engaging in foreplay often: while waiting in line at Trader Joe, stuck in traffic on I-5, and especially when waiting on hold. It gets me excited for what's next.
I also use foreplay quite often with my clients. They love it too. They thank me afterwards. It’s not only one of my favorite coaching tools but one of the most effective as well.
The climax of this NON-OFFENSIVE article is here.
Let's celebrate April with some acrostics,
(which are like acronyms but they use sentences instead of one word per letter):
Liz Fulcher:
Actually, I'm
Pleased with all this spring
Irises, purple and white, now
Line my walkway.


After I go to bed at night
Peace comes to me from the day's surrender.
Recognizing its deliverance,
I begin to welcome the
Lullaby I forgot was there.

Diane O'Connor:
Above the
Planet where
Riddles never cease,
I wonder what
Languages the natives speak.
Two books I highly recommend this month:
I am a Golden Buddha is the true story of how a woman named Jenny Messerle turned her life of self-criticism into a life of self-appreciation and inner peace. This beautiful and wise-beyond her years woman came to my Taos retreat , and I WONDERED why she was so creative and peaceful, now I know! Find it here.
 Mastering Fear: Harnessing Emotion to Achieve Excellence in Work, Health and Relationships
Dr. Robert Maurer is consultant and visiting teacher in the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training. His book is getting accolades from current students and coaches alike. Dr. Maurer has changed the lives of thousands in gentle, kind and easy ways and this is a great book for people who would like to learn to reach out to others.
Camp Creative Thunder in Taos, New Mexico!!
July 17- 21, 2018
Experience creativity, yoga, field trips, gourmet meals, being pampered like a kid. This retreat fills f last year. It's early enough to break it down into smaller payment. This includes a workshop that trains you to run Coloring events.
Check it out. Invest in pampering your creativity and life-time memories and new connections with kindred spirit.
If you want to experience Taos and Creativity in the winter by fireplaces, registration opens soon for:
The Muse in Winter: February 15 -19, 2019  
 Retreats fill, sign-up soon.

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification
KMCC is an intuitive, non-linear, kind and gentle approach to mentoring those who want to make progress with creative pursuits or use creative tools to move ahead in any area of their lives. KMCC coaches work with anyone wants live a more creative life. 
Break through resistance, procrastination, feelings of overwhelm, disabling perfectionism, low self-confidence and self-sabotage toward creative pursuits as well as any are of life with the tools of self-talk, acceptance and the 10 tools of KMCC. Students in this program experience their own creative breakthroughs. More here

Parallel Universe Time 

Mondays 8am/pacific/11am/eastern
A complimentary hour (that means it's free) where creative souls wanting some structure to show-up for their passions or their project-put-offs, hold the space for each other to work on those things. Been going on for 5 years now. No obligations or propaganda.
Bring things to work on. Mondays with Jill at 8 am pacific/ 11 am eastern. Sign-up here

Writing Club
Two original Jill Badonsky writing prompts and inspiration a week to provide simple, fun structure to practice and share writing with a tribe of like-mined writers. No pressure - you can post or keep it to yourself.
CLICK Here One month free to try it at no cost.
Thanks for reading the fine print. You look lovely today. Don't be afraid to do that thing your soul has been asking you to do.     
July border curls and stars

Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. is founder  of the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training, multimedia artist, inspirational humorist, yoga teacher, and author of three books on creativity.

 Look up right now. What around you could consider art?

Savor it, it's your life.

Titles as a Inspiration
Asking a group of people to title an abstract does a number of things:
1. Provides fun conversation and an exercise in creative invention
2. Shows how differently our creative minds work
3. Honors different interpretations.
4. Results in some rich titles you could use for poetry or prose.
Here are a few of my favorite titles for the silly abstract I created up there ^ on Adobe Illustrator when I was chatting on the phone to a friend:
Jukebox on steroids. ~Jill McCarthy
floor plan ~Tracy Dove
Klimpt's Fantasy ~Jeff Doucette
Poetic Colorinth ~Sandra Meier
elephant dreams ~Karen Livesay
The things I think ~Mary Chapple
We're Each Wired Differently ~Connie Dillion
Which one of those could be a springboard for writing for you? Share your writing with me and I'll send you an adjective. ;)
See more titles here, I'll be happy to be your FB friend if we're not already
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes."
- Marcel Proust

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