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Find Your Inner Muse
"I thought your workshop was going to be great - I just didn't know HOW great. I've been to tons of workshops and retreats, have facilitated some myself, and yours far exceeded any expectations I had. Your ability to help us open up, use our inner demons (and joy) to expand our creativity, and grow community in only 5 days is quite amazing. Way to go.  :)" ~Marilyn Venegas
"I loved the diversity of activities, the freedom allowed, the location, the overhead projector -drawing activity, varied locations we had classes, eating together."  ~Mary
"The Muse was definitely IN!! Great place! Variety of activities kept us on the edge of our seats! Having a full day for painting was a delight. Loved being entertained by Kate and Mark. Hey ... you, you're the best!" ~Jo Johnson
I feel so reconnected to myself and re-inspired to get back to my creative passions. Your techniques and your approach are so compassionate and yet totally liberating and helpful. Thanks for giving "me" back to me." ~Margaret
"I am so grateful for the tools you've taught this weekend. I finally understand how I can include the creative process in my life and this makes all the difference in the world."  ~Angela
"This is one of the most important things I've ever done for myself." ~Lailey Jenkins
"This was better for me than years of therapy. Seriously." ~Marilyn
Hi Creativity Seeker, 

Come into enchanting Taos, and be guided deep into your inner reservoir of creativity. 
The Inner Muse is immersion in free-range art, creative and journal writing, smartphone photography, improv, guided meditation, yoga, laughter, incredible food, and connection with kindred spirits to not only find out how to make creative results easier, but how to apply the principles of creativity to finding lasting happiness.
Creative minds from Georgia O'Keefe and D.H. Lawrence to Ansel Adams and Dennis Hopper came to there to rejuvenate their creativity - imagine doing that yourself. The placement is magical in relation to the Sangre de Cristo mountain, the New Mexico sky, and easy access to the dining room where the food is so good, people get quiet. Come experience the inspiration for yourself.
I'm an introvert, so thinking about going to a retreat can be intimidating to me. If you're one too, you can hide in your a room filled with Mabel-charm whenever you like, but if you're someone who is drawn to creativity, chances are you're going to want to hang out with these kindred spirits in a non-competitive environment where you are nurtured, your spirit of adventure is rekindled, and your funny bone is tickled. Taos is enchanting and a good place to reconnect to your creative self, take time to relax among the majesty of mountains, and be pampered for a change.

It's a good time to leave the craziness of the world behind and gift yourself with creativity in one of the most magical places in the country.
Experience creativity in Taos with me!,
Jill Badonsky

What's In It for You
"The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state that makes art inevitable." ~Robert Henri
  • Discover new techniques to reignite or deepen your passion for creative expression. Find out simple tools that move you through resistance, overwhelm, and procrastination.
  • Experience rejuvenation through yoga and guided meditation as it relates to replenishing creativity.
  • Experience a private concert with local singer/songwriters, Kate Mann and Mark Dudrow.
  • Find your creative voice in workshops in art, journal and creative writing, improv, smartphone photography.
  • Special gifts and souvenirs to pamper you with treats.
  • Achieve flow, capture wonder, and cultivate presence.
Registration Cost
REGISTRATION IS CLOSED... Registration for the February retreat is open.
It's early enough to start a low cost payment plan monthly.
Price includes room, gourmet meals, yoga, meditation, creative writing and art workshops and materials, and camp souvenirs for FOUR NIGHTS AND FIVE DAYS.
Email: for more information about that.

Divide the cost by 4 and you'll see what a deal it is for each day. 
Historic House:
Single room: April - $1350
Double rooms: April - $1265
Juniper House:
Single Room: April - $1355
Double Room:  / April - $1220
If you cancel after and we can fill your place, we will refund everything minus $150. If we cannot fill your spot, we cannot refund any monies due to our contract with the Mable Dodge Luhan House.
Please note:  All registrations six weeks prior to start date of the retreat please pay in full at time of registration.
About Jill Badonsky
Jill has been facilitating retreats at Mabel's in Taos for 6 years and around the country for 12 years. She is author/ illustrator of three books on creativity, founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification training, performance poet, and certified yoga teacher. She lives in San Diego with two cats and a bougainvillea.

The Muse is IN  •  3023 1st Avenue  •  San Diego, CA 92103

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