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 Cleverly Defiant Workshops to Help Your Business Flourish  
Hi Creativity Lovers Who Want Business to be Easier,
This is a series of Business Building workshops for the Reluctant Marketer. What I learned a long time ago was that as a sensitive, easily overwhelmed but determined, creative person, I needed to come up with my own approach to marketing and business building. 
I hated marketing when I first started out, so I decided I needed to use my love for creativity to market instead of following painful, overwhelming business plans and high pressured ideas of others. Fifteen years later, marketing is one of my favorite parts of my work.

If your belief system is working against you, you can have all your marketing, business, and social media ducks in a row and you will still sabotage your efforts.

The Company Muse Workshop Dates
Four Mondays, June 10, 17, 24 and on-line support until the fourth session: September 9, 2019 on Zoom
Choose either: 11 am pacific/ 2 eastern or 4 pm pacific/ 7pm eastern

Limited enrollment for personalized attention and support.
This is for you if you have:
  • A belief system that needs a little tweaking, with such depleting thoughts as:
    • There’s not be enough for everyone
    • No one will want my services/art/music/writing
    • The market is flooded
    • Someone is already doing this better than me
    • I’m not good enough
    • I hate asking for money
    • I despise feeling like a salesperson
  • A disdain for marketing.
  • A love for the creative process and desire for marketing to feel as good as creativity feels.
  • Rebelliousness about being told what to do.
  • Desire to have some direction as long as you can do your own thing anyway.
  • Passion for making a living being creative.
  • A tendency to get overwhelmed.
  • A need for community, support, and gentle structure.
$265  If you sign up by June 14, 2019 or are a KMC3 member

$345 after June 14, 2019

Payment plans available
Tax deductible
You Receive:
  • Four on-line live webinars with personalized attention
  • The recordings on Youtube or MP3s
  • Weekly non-overwhelming, on-line resources and support through September
  • A community of support, inspiration, and synergy.
  • A place to show-up for low pressure, small steps that begin to materialize your plan to attract people.
  • Concentrated attention and personalized support on shifting your subconscious belief systems to work for you and making your business come from a place based on who you are and what works for you.
  • Gentle Kaizen-Muse style structure to make it easier to take steps.
  • Techniques you can use with clients wanting to build businesses and stuck

I know I’ll only be successful by presenting my business in a way that feels good to me, not one that makes me uncomfortable because it’s too aggressive, competitive, or someone else’s idea, not mine -- creative rebels are like that.
What does it mean to make your approach to art, writing, business and life --> you?
 participated in so many online and real life coachings to work on my
marketing and selling, but none have gone as deep as our Tuesdays already have. I feel
deeply appreciated as my creative self and the inner material that has kept me from implementing or even finishing the previous coachings is
now finally going
somewhere. I really appreciate your take on this. <3  ~Marie Mikkonen, Artist - Participant in The Company Muse
Why this class works:
  • We address subconscious patterns that can derail your best intentions and keep you from moving forward.
  • The program is designed in small step, non-linear fashion so there's not a lot of pressure and no overwhelm.
  • The class is kept small so you receive individual support for wherever you are in your process from having done nothing at all, to having an up and running marketing plan.
  • Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching tools are applied - What you learn in this program can apply to every other area of your creative life.
  • Jill (that would be me) has been test-driving these techniques since 1997 and will share with you what works.
Here's feedback from participants about a few of the things that helped from the last class:
  • Not feeling alone in my challenges
  • Being in group that's supportive not overwhelming
  • Seeing Kaizen-Muse principles applied to business building
  • Finding out antidotes to comparing myself to everything out there and debunking competition
  • Having a community 
  • Inspiring energy
  • Having money issues, overwhelm, and resistance addressed
Many business programs deal out everything you need to do to be successful, but they don't address the overwhelm, the chaos, self-sabotage, toxic comparison, and immobilizing perfectionism that happens when you're creative. These are normal responses but they need to be tweaked in order for us to succeed. 

In rebellious solidarity,
Jill Badonsky

Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. creator and trainer Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training, multimedia artist, corporate drop-out, former marketing director, author/illustrator of three creativity books including The Muse is IN: AN Owner's Manual to Your Creativity, The Awe-manac and The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)

The Muse is IN  •  3023 1st Avenue  •  San Diego, CA 92103

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