Adding Email Addresses to Your Safe Sender List

About This Feature
Add to your safe senders list is a feature offered by most email providers, such as Gmail or Outlook. It enables you, the subscriber, to better ensure that your favorite emails reach your inbox. By taking this step, you are basically letting your email provider know that you want to receive emails from that particular email address. It also lets the provider know that the email is not spam and prevents them from placing the email in your spam folder.

How to Use This Feature
How you use this feature depends on your email provider. We’ve included instructions for the most popular services.

[+] Outlook (2000 & higher)

[+] AOL(8.0 & higher)

[+] Hotmail

[+] Yahoo

[+] Gmail

[+] MacMail

Best Uses
This feature is a great way to avoid having to sift through unsightly spam for those treasured newsletters that you signed up for.