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 The View from Here. . .
Fall 2016
Change is Upon Us!
What Now?
So… What Was That All About??
Many of us on both ends of the political spectrum woke up on Wednesday morning in shock. And even before the shock wore off, we moved into strong judgment, either embracing or reviling the outcome of this train wreck of an election and everyone who voted. It was, indeed, a kind of train wreck, as two strong, polarized, opposing forces virtually smashed into each other in a hostile year-long crash, and it appears there are many, many wounded as a result, even among those who applaud the outcome. And it's not over!
This was such an acrimonious and downright nasty election cycle that friendships were lost and family members became estranged over it. It seemingly brought out the worst in everyone, as the blaming, finger-pointing, and labeling reached new depths. And that still continues, post-election. It brought out a really ugly side of the American psyche that most of us didn’t want to see. But maybe it was necessary for our collective healing?
When we walk into the kitchen late at night and turn on the light, it can be horrifying to see a bunch of cockroaches scurrying out of sight. Our nice, clean kitchen couldn't possibly be infested with roaches, could it? No, no, no, no, no! Thing is, the roaches were there for awhile, but we were able to deny it, because we weren't seeing them. Just as these not-so-nice feelings and this depth of anger that many are feeling has been there for a long time. We needed to see what was going on under the surface, and bring it out into the Light, so it can be healed and transformed.
And now the work begins! We can and should deplore the rhetoric and the racism, misogyny, and xenophobia that has risen to the surface—and by no means should we tolerate it or view it as "normal" or acceptable. But we must do so without going down to that level. Sadly, many so-called Lightworkers, liberals, caring people, etc., etc., have been adding to the hate rhetoric as they process their grief about the election outcome and their fear of what may come of it. The first thing we have to do is stop reducing our fellow humans to epithets! No true dialog or healing can occur when both sides are hurling insults at each other!
The Great Metaphysical Test
This is a test, if you will, of what we have learned and how we implement the lessons we’ve supposedly been learning all along. What spiritual/metaphysical lessons can be found here? What wisdom and tools can we apply? These lessons and tools may apply more urgently to those who wanted a different election outcome, but they still apply to everyone on the planet, and will continue to apply as we move forward.
1. Letting Go of the Outcome/Attachment/Expectation and, ultimately, Accepting “What Is”—Many will receive an opportunity to practice “letting go of the outcome” and “letting go of attachment.” If you are a Hillary supporter, can you let go of your attachment to the outcome of the election and find peace with it? Many who are out in the streets protesting have not even started that process. Can you let go of your attachment to what you thought “should” happen? Can you give up your attachment to your judgment of “what will happen now”?
Granted, there is a grieving process that must be undergone for many people, particularly for those who were very attached to the outcome and their idea of what “had” to happen. The common phrase “It is what it is” applies, however, and unless something really dramatic happens (which can’t be completely ruled out, under Uranus’ influence), the outcome of the election is just that, and it will be in effect for four years. Changes in Congress, of course, could happen in two years at the mid-term elections.
Those who are happy with the result may get this lesson as time progresses and their expectations of the new President fall short, partly because there are limits to what a President can do, and how quickly, and there may be fighting among the Congressional Republicans as to how to proceed. Campaign promises, like campaign rhetoric of all sorts, is simply that. Most things don’t come to fruition as expected (or feared).
2. Judgment—Can you move away from judgment and enter a state of neutrality and curiosity? Can you leave judgment behind and take the leap into optimism? It may take awhile, depending on how entrenched those judgments are. Accepting “what is” and letting go of strongly held judgments can create more happiness. And when we hold rigidly to our judgments, especially our negative ones, we forget to use our other tools and don’t allow ourselves to entertain other more positive scenarios. The great question of “do you want to be happy or right?” applies here.
3. Trust—Can you Trust that there is more working here than meets the eye, that there is a loving guiding Force in all things, along with great guidance and support? Can you Trust that good can emerge from chaos, even when you can’t imagine how that could be? Can you Trust that somehow All will be Well? Can you allow for Grace to enter?
For those who feel the United States took a giant step backward, do remember that life is a dance and in dancing, one must often take a step back in order to spring forward. Evolution and enlightenment never come in a straight line.
Louise Hay has a wonderful mantra that she says she mutters under her breath non-stop when she faces a challenge, as a reminder of these simple, deep truths: All is Well. Everything is working out for my Highest Good. And I am Safe.
4. Focus on What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want —Almost half of the voting public learned how effective this is! In addition, many who are unhappy with the result are getting this lesson, too, because they were more focused on what they did NOT want (and trying to prevent it) and, therefore, unconsciously fueled the outcome they didn’t want with the energy of their attention on the person they didn't like. We’re also all learning that when we create from anger or fear, we merely create more anger and fear.
We are all magnificent creators, wielding incredible creative energy beyond what most of us can imagine, and our intentions, thoughts, and emotions are the tools we use to create whatever we are focusing our attention on. When we focus on what we want and love, we get more of that; when we focus on what we fear or don’t want, we get more of that. So, what do you want to focus on now? Anguished hand-wringing and sitting around playing “Gee, Ain’t it Awful?” and focusing on the all-too-negative rhetoric or those awful things you are “sure” will happen now, will only help bring them to fruition. Why not focus on watching for the “unexpected best”? Or watch for pleasant surprises, and you will find them! Better yet, focus your attention on actually doing something for the good.
Moving forward, we must all focus our attention and intention on what we want for ourselves and our country as a whole—and, oddly enough, we will agree on many, many things, even if we may disagree on how to achieve them. It’s always best to put out the intention and then leave the details to God/the Universe/All That Is. We think we can and must control everything; but control is an illusion, and often what we think is best is, well, simply wrong! So why not step out of the way and let a Higher Power and Higher Mind work out the details?
5. Be Careful What You Wish For—This is the wisdom of the Ancients! In our ego/minds we think we know what we want and what is best. But we don’t have all the facts (especially in this election cycle!) and we don’t have the bigger picture or the broader perspective needed to really know what is best for us and for the good of all. In the case of this election, no one can see what will transpire over the next four years, we can only wait and see, and determine if our choice, our wish, brought us what we wanted. Wishes are like really focused intentions/attention—wielding our creative power like a laser, especially because our most fervent wishes carry a heavy emotional umph!
Sometimes we get what we wished for, only to find out that we were terribly wrong, and we didn’t understand the ramifications. We often act on impulse and “repent” at leisure! Only time will tell if we wished well, as we watch what the new administration does or does not accomplish. Be careful what you wish for going forward from here! And it never hurts to end each wish with “this or something better” or “for the Highest Good of all,” and then go back to #1 and let go of the outcome.
6. Life is a Mirror and Emotional Release and Healing—We hear that a lot: Life is a mirror. But what the *&%$! does that mean? Sometimes figuring out the meaning is the hardest part, because it’s not always obvious or easy to discern. Sometimes, life hands us back what we dish out to others, so we can experience that from the receiving end. Sometimes, life hands us something that we don’t like, because it reflects something deep inside us that we don’t like and refuse to examine and release. And sometimes, life hands us back what we unconsciously dish out to ourselves, so we can see how we are abusing ourselves. Usually, Life hands us what we need in order to grow (remember the old Rolling Stones song?), even when we can’t see that right away!
Whichever way it shows up, if we don't like it, life is mirroring something in us that needs to be recognized, healed, and transformed, and it generally calls for introspection and emotional release. As far as release is concerned, a foam bat is a good bet! Punching bags are also good! Or shouting in the car (not necessarily at other drivers). When we have suppressed emotions buried inside (that have attracted and been triggered by some outer event), it is very helpful to deliberately release the emotions in a safe and appropriate way. Otherwise, over time, they release themselves in inappropriate ways or resolve themselves into physical illness. When we heal our own pain and release all that repressed/suppressed emotional energy inside ourselves—replacing it with Love energy—we remove those emotional buttons (so others can no longer push them), we stop attracting “outside situations” that reflect that emotional energy, and we help to heal the world. All that violence and hostility “out there” that we saw through the election cycle on both sides? It all comes from suppressed pain.
This election was, in fact, a giant mirror of the state of the country. What this country needs most—along with the people who live here (and the whole word, really)—is massive healing of all the pain, the pain people currently feel and the suppressed pain from every day of living on planet earth in all this density and fear. We have all suffered for being “other” at one time or another, and here we have half the country hating the other half! The best thing we can do is to look to ourselves to see what needs to be healed, and then work on healing it. As we heal ourselves, we help others. As we understand ourselves better, we can understand those “others” better and have more compassion for ourselves and them. And maybe, just maybe, we can come together to develop a society that embraces and lifts everyone up, rather than throwing large segments of people under the bus.
7. Let Go of Fear—For many people, the rhetoric used by President-Elect Trump has caused fear on many levels. Some may fear forced, personal change, such as deportation, which may well come about. Other fears may touch on fear for the future of the country, in terms of potential war or a detrimental change in direction of domestic  policies. Letting go of fear is probably the hardest thing to do, because the reasons for it are, or seem, all too real. Even when faced with actual danger, however, succumbing to fear and negativity makes us less effective and blocks us from thinking clearly or receiving clear guidance.
Focusing on the NOW can help with that. If the fear reflects imminent danger, we can be active and make appropriate preparations and plans. But much of our fear is fear of something bad possibly happening in the future, based on our thoughts and experiences. In those cases, FEAR=False Expectations Appearing Real. In our effort to understand and control the future, we project our “worst case scenario” onto it, so we’ll be “ready” and “right” when it happens. Then we spend so much emotional energy fueling that projection that we actually help to create it for ourselves. Projecting at this point what MIGHT happen is an exercise in futility as well as crazy-making. If we must indulge in playing massive rounds of “What If?” it is far more productive to play it with a positive spin, rather than spinning the gloom and doom and creating more of it (see #4).
As President Obama found, there are very real limits to presidential power and, even in a Congress dominated by one party, there is often strong disagreement about policies and actions. Instead of making yourself crazy now with projections and fears, wait until you see something actually happening and then, instead of playing the victim, empower yourself to make your views known to your representatives or take other necessary steps. When we empower ourselves and take whatever actions we can take, we step out of our fear and our role of victimhood.
Allow for Grace. When we ALLOW for the possibility of a better outcome and look for it, we often see it manifest before our eyes. But we can’t do that if we are drowning in fear and looking for worst-case scenario.
8. It’s Not What Happens, it’s How We Respond—Lots of things happen to us in life that we don’t like. That’s the way life is. Otherwise it would be boring! What works best when life hits us with lemons? Making lemonade! There is ALWAYS something good that can come out of something perceived as bad. Much of the time, we really have to look to find it, and we often have to get off our butts and do something, but that silver lining is always there to be found.
It is always a choice. We can choose to feed and spread the us versus them judgmental and hate-filled rhetoric filling the internet right now, or we can choose to withdraw from that, realize that it's all US (and we're in it together) and think of something pro-active and positive to do.
When we choose to make the most of the things we don’t like, we step out of victimhood, empower ourselves, and we do things to make it better or to create something good from it. For example, if we think certain segments of the population will be hurt by policies and actions of this administration, we can join with others to create or support programs to help them. If we fear the impact on climate change response and environmental issues, we can donate and work to support ecological organizations. We can galvanize now to help create legislation we want and support future candidates that we want. We can make our voices be heard at all levels of government, loudly and consistently. We can stop being Monday-morning quarterbacks, get off our sofas in our nice neighborhoods, and do something. We can vote with our feet and our dollars and our time.
We can realize that we have the power, stop giving our power away to figureheads and "leaders," and start taking steps to create the world that we want.
Breaking Eggs to Make the Omelet
We have to break eggs to make an omelet, and collectively we are right in the middle of the broken-egg part, thanks primarily to the great Uranus/Pluto square and the ongoing Great Shift of the Ages. Those eggs have been cracked and beat up. Meat and veggies have been ruthlessly chopped. It looks like an awful mess, and it’s getting pretty “hot” out there!!
In the end, we will have our omelet and it will be delicious. None of us can predict how long it will take, or how many eggs have to be broken in order to serve everyone, but let’s focus on that outcome. Let's focus not on where we are in this moment (especially if we're unhappy), but on where we want to go and how we want to get there.
Let’s continue our own healing and shining our Light out into the world. Let’s each of us fearlessly play our own unique note in this magnificent symphony of Life, rather than passively listening to the notes played by someone else on the radio. Let's each figure out what we can do, how we can play a more active role in our governing process and in our communities, how we can help create the kind of world that we really want.
Let’s share and play nicely with each other, and be loving—especially with those we don’t understand—and soon we may find that we do understand them, and they understand us! And then we can start cooking together to make a feast for everyone!
If we want to create Heaven on Earth, it is up to each one of us to do our part! We came here at this time to face this challenge! Are you ready to step up to meet it?! 
Who is Ellyn Dye?
I am an Intuitive Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Reconnective Healing® practitioner, and a Practical Mystic.
A Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 1985 expanded my psychic abilities and created an ongoing link with some very loving—and humorous—Guardians of humanity and the ancient wisdom, who gave me a huge amount of information about life and the evolution of mankind, and continue to guide me.
I bring this knowledge and connection to my clients and audiences, along with over 30 years’ accumulated wisdom and understanding of metaphysics, life on earth, and Who We Really Are.
I am the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key—an adventure about believing in yourself and the power of Love; and I am currently writing a new book, Creating Heaven on Earth... One Soul at a Time; A How-To Manual from the Perspective of a Near-Death Experience.
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Happy Holidays, Everyone!
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In this issue:
Change is Upon Us! What Now?
Who is Ellyn Dye?
Happy Holidays, Everyone!
It's All Brought to You by the Great Uranus/Pluto Square
Let There be Peace on Earth, and Let it Begin with Me!
How do we Begin to Make Peace?
On My Website. . .
Website Note:
It's All Brought to You
by the Great
Uranus/Pluto Square
From an astrological viewpoint, and in terms of the Great Shift we are undergoing, this big surprise is no surprise at all. We are still at the effect of Uranus in Aries and its tendency to bring out-of-the-blue-unexpected-huge-changes and revolution, as well as Neptune’s ability—enhanced by its placement in its home sign of Pisces—to cast a fog on thinking and difficulty discerning the truth. Pluto is very active, too, emphasizing entrenched power, greed, and the status quo, not to mention Powers that Be/Elites who have overstepped or run amok at too much cost to the little people.
We are still at the effect of the great Uranus/Pluto square, which is picking up where the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in the late 60s left off. Are you feeling the anti-establishment chaos now? Like the 60s, there is a strong impetus toward dismantling the unsustainable Establishment/Elite paradigm, and this was not the time to be pushing a deeply entrenched Establishment candidate, even one who might have broken the ultimate glass ceiling. This time, it is a very different segment of the population demanding big change, but it is the same demand, nevertheless. "Occupy Wall Street" didn't go away. And big changes still need to be made.
The Uranus/Pluto square brought  several years of deep, internal, and personal upheaval, which has now moved from our inner worlds to the outer world, as the deep impetus and need to break up unsustainable beliefs, habits, patterns, structures, and—yes—institutions, continues.
If we can reserve judgment for just a moment, most of us can probably agree that big changes are needed in government: We’ve had decades of policies that have benefitted one group over another, particularly the wealthy and the corporations, and many that have actually harmed people. There are millions of "terrified poor" with no path out, and the Establishment of both parties has ignored them. They can't, anymore.
We've had endless wars, far too many young men and women returning with physical and emotional injuries and pain (who receive inadequate help), and far, far too many who haven't come back at allnot to mention large swaths of the Middle East laid waste, countless lives lost, and the creation of a breeding ground for terrorists.
We’ve had legislative gridlock from a truly “representative” Congress that has very effectively represented and reflected the great schism and stalemate that has developed among the People. We may not all agree on how to change things, but we can probably agree that change must come on many different levels.
The Great Shift of the Ages and the Uranus/Pluto square are bringing us much-needed change, whether we like it or not, and Uranus is hitting the status quo and our deeply entrenched Establishment and its institutions like a giant wrecking ball.
Our biggest job right now is to be awake, aware, and alert, and to do what we can to make sure that what grows out of the rubble is something that benefits us all, rather than yet another lopsided system that benefits only the few at the top. We don't really need to thrown the baby out with the bathwater; we can clean the baby, and get rid of the dirty water.
And then we can all thrive, which is really what every single soul in this country—and around the world—really wants! 
Let There be
Peace on Earth, and
Let it Begin with Me!
Oddly enough, as I've watched the post-election hysteria on the left, as grief and fear are expressed too often in name-calling, denunciations of "them," and obsessive focus on racist/hate actions by the unhinged few, the one thought that keeps floating around in my head is an old hymn that I've always liked that reminds me of St. Francis of Assisi: Let There be Peace on Earth, and Let it Begin with Me!
One thing we can all agree on (except, perhaps, for those who economically benefit from perpetual war) is that we want all Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men. And as we enter the Season of Good Will, it would probably be good to think about that—and about how our beliefs, attitudes, and actions help or work against peace in our own lives and in the outer world.
Until more people have true peace in their hearts, we will not have peace in the outer world. It has to begin at the personal, individual level because the outer world reflects our inner world, personally and collectively (As within, so without!). And, based on what we saw in the election on both sides, we have a long, long way to go!
Trump’s campaign rhetoric is a direct reflection of the disrespect we have all begun to show each other—and that applies to both ends of the political spectrum. People point self-righteous fingers at “the haters” and don’t realize that three fingers are pointing back at themselves. Us vs. Them thinking has been raised to unbelievable heights—and depths of nastiness—that have grown dramatically since 2000.
The polarization has become so extreme that there is no longer a national dialog, no meaningful national discourse, only judgment, shouting, and labeling.
It is human nature to want to label and pigeon-hole things; it helps us feel like we understand and feel in control. But it feeds into our desire for instant gratification and our tendency to reduce everything to an advertising jingle or 30-second sound bite. These inclinations take us away from our humanity, and leave us in our emotional immaturity that can only understand things in simplistic terms.
This tendency has been aided and abetted to an extraordinary and very detrimental degree by the media, through its pundits and reduction of everything to meaningless sound bites. Instead of thoughtful discussion of the issues, we get labels for the two “sides” of an issue, and proceed to base all discussion on those shortcuts.
It does not serve us as individuals or as a country, because it makes us lazy in our thinking, we lose our understanding and respect for each other, and we probably miss out on many good things because they were labeled-away by the mainstream media. We can't bring meaningful change if we don't really understand all sides of the issues and if we can't talk to each other.
And what is the role of the media?? Sometimes we forget that media's  major role is to sell advertising/ products and please its corporate owners, which more and more includes "selling" political bias (on both sides). And it seems that most of America is buying it. Our "sound-bite" media is turning us into a nation of self-righteous, judgmental bullies, and we saw in Technicolor over the past year how ugly that name calling, labeling, and disrespect of others can look.
With years of the media telling us all Muslims are terrorists, why are we surprised at the support of a candidate who says he will throw Muslims out? Americans saw ourselves on the big screen and most of us didn’t like what we saw. Even worse,  most of us are ready to blame the “others” for it, rather than accept our part in creating this mess.
We need to stop buying it and not only demand more from the media, but also demand more of ourselves. Each of us, no exceptions.
How do we Begin to
Make Peace?
Peace begins with each of us putting down our self-righteousness and our judgments and our fears of each other. We are seeing the damage that superciliousness and elitism of all kinds brings, whether it is economic,  intellectual, or religious/philosophical  elitism.
Let’s start having respect for each other, and recognizing that everyone has a right to his or her own view, and has reasons for them that are equally valid as our reasons for our views, even if we don’t understand them. Let’s start there.
Let’s seek to understand, instead of immediately condemning and dismissing others for their differing views. Let’s ask: Why do you feel that way? Why do you hold that view? What are you afraid might happen? What have you lost or are afraid you might lose? Once we understand the other view, and the foundation under it, perhaps we can move toward a meeting of the minds?
Let’s find common ground where we can, and start from there. We all want peace. We all want a decent life with not only our basic needs met, but also some of our desires fulfilled. We all want good health and loving relationships. We all want meaning in our lives. We all want education and opportunity. And we all love our country and want it—and us—to thrive. That’s a lot of common ground. We may just differ on how to achieve those mutual goals. But if we talk, we might find ways to move ahead together.
Let’s stop labeling and using mass generalizations, and discuss things. Labels reduce everything to one obvious, negative, and often erroneous aspect of something (or someone) that is far more complex.
Mass generalizations attribute one or two characteristics to everyone in a group—or tars them with the same feather (for example, the idea that ALL Muslims are terrorists or that ALL Trump voters are hateful, misogynistic, xenophobic, racists).
Labels and mass generalizations automatically create polarized, simplistic “sides” of an issue, rather than fostering understanding and solution-seeking. They put everything in us vs. them and all or nothing polarity, and that is classic Piscean Age thinking, the thinking that is on its way out.
For example, when the issue of “the bathroom bill” exploded in the media, lines were quickly drawn and sides formed based on whether one was a hater/bigot or loving/open-minded (from one perspective), or whether one was a concerned parent/Christian vs. crazy, dangerous liberal (from the other perspective).
Perhaps some meaningful discussion of the issues and the fears on both sides could have paved the way for understanding and reform/resolution that both sides could embrace. But too many people were too busy slinging labels to stop and actually talk about it. Listening instead of scoffing, disdaining, name-calling, and condemning can go a long way toward making peace.
And it begins with each of us! 
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