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Dr. Laurie Moore
The newsletter now includes a key for the month, inspired by animals.
Key for November~A GIFT AUDIO: HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH ANIMALS: Please email with
"animal communication audio in subject line." Thank you.
Key from a favored issue of the past~
Trade in all Maybe Energy for YES!
A month ago I realized I was being held back by lots of
projects, supposedly going to happen in amorphous times in the possible future.
My life energy was tied up with promises to do projects with people who
said they would be coming through, down the road. I did this to myself. I realized that lots of my internal energy was being taken for ongoingly on hold situations,  inhibiting me from saying YES to other YESes. I decided to drop energy toward anything supposedly revving up, I decided to give all I had only to those committing with me now, in time and space. Immediately I felt clean and clear. I had time for all the YESes in my life. Self-respect, best use of gifts and service. The  YESes quickly multiplied. As soon as I detached from maybes, many new YES, NOW LET'S GOES came right in. Life overflowed in many ways.
There is nothing wrong with people thinking they will do something in the future. It simply is an indicator that doing it isn't fully right for them. But if we give our own energy to promises made without dates and times we are swimming in the amorphousness of the maybe, ourselves. When we let that go, the maybe can later become a yes or no, but our own energy is free for all the YES life wishes to bring NOW.
My teachers the animals rarely involve themselves with maybes. It is either YES or it simply doesn't exist.
I invite you to experiment with this playfully, if and only if the invitation brings you peace or joy! Life is a creative endeavor for ongoing experimentation.
With Gratitude,
Dr. Laurie Moore
 Sessions for animals or humans with Dr. Laurie Moore
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Hello Laurie,

I want to share the outcome of a very kind thing you did for me back in February.  My house had been on the market for 6 months and my chihuahua mix dog had been peeing on the nearly white carpet with increasing frequency.  I was frantic because I would never purchase a house where an animal had been doing that, and I was afraid the house would not sell.  You made the time to give me a FREE 15 minute session, which changed everything.

You explained that my dog was very sad, waiting for my son to return home.  He had moved out right before I put the house on the market.  She was doing the only thing that got my attention.  So I explained to her about him growing up, and he talked with her on speakerphone.  She never peed indoors again.

The house sold shortly after our session, and not having found another home yet, we lived temporarily in a friend's house for two months.  Even though she was alone for long periods, she never peed there, not has she peed in our new home.

As a bonus, my son returned after a year on his own, for at least several months, so she has more company than the year when it was just the two of us.

Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart!

Gina Weiss


"Laurie, the intensive day with you has changed my entire life. I am happy and full all the time. I came to you fully distraught. I didn't really see how you could help.  But the one day with you changed my full life. I did not contact you for a long time as I was enjoying life. The change lasted! Thank you! "
-From a intensive particiant.
Private time in person with Laurie is only available by one-on-one study days and intensives which must be contracted well in advance and are by interview only.
831-477-7007 or for info. session pages for details
All session time is now by phone and Skype.
 Gratitude Shares
Laurie was relentless with assistance that I let go of someone whom I did not truly love. I did and soon found my husband. We have been married for 13 years.
- Sharene
Dr. Laurie told me a certain man would only cause me trouble but I did not listen.
Years later I came back divorced and told her I wished I had. She comforted me saying, "You needed to go through that and you have two beautiful kids. Now you can find the right man and you will be all the more grateful."
I did and have been happily married for years. We had my third child together. Eventually we had a problem so we called Dr. Laurie who said, "this can be easily worked out." In one session it was. I am happily in love with my husband.
- Sarita Gemstone, Social Worker
I came to you first because of my dog. My daughter said it was destiny to meet you. I came to you for myself next.
I had a rift with my son that was devastating. You said to send him love long distance in silence with no expectations. You suggested that I ask life to heal this right away, and give thanks as though it already happened. I did. He called RIGHT AWAY and is visiting this weekend. I did not know it could happen so fast.
Thank you.
Info Here:
I am so  happy to know that the session I gifted to friends with Dr. Laurie Moore was so good for them. As I said to my friend, Dr. Laurie Moore is "THE-BEST-OF-THE-BEST"
in all she does and her Animal Readings, too.  Dr. Laurie is one of the few people that I can truly attest to having the Highest Integrity always, with so much expertise. Of course, Integrity means Honesty as well as she is of the Highest LOVING People on this planet.
I am so blessed to have her in my life. 
~ Pattie Mills, The Connection Magazine 

Wow!  What a beautiful reading and you have our cat pegged, Dr. Laurie Moore! 
Thank you so very much for doing it so quickly and thank you  to Pattie
 with all my heart. Pattie gifted us the session. You have given us hope again.

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